The Bachelor Experiment : Day Ten



It’s the day after Elimination #3, and there are only four ladies left.  I’ve made an executive decision to shake things up a little this round.  Instead of the standard competition and one-on-one date, Corey will spend an equal amount of time alone with each of the contestants over the next two days.  The “dates” will last for four hours each, and occur in the structure pictured above.  I built it specifically for this purpose – there’s a small kitchen, bathroom, and sitting area downstairs, and a grill, hot tub, and dining set on the deck upstairs.  I’ve used the flirty painting Jessamine made back during the painting competition, and enabled the flirty aura.  And just to set the mood even further, both Corey and his dates will be instructed to take a steamy shower beforehand.  The door will be locked, so they won’t be interrupted.

It’s about 11am, and since Colleen is the only contestant whose needs are already fulfilled, I choose her for the first date.  I send Corey and Colleen to go take their steamy showers, and then I lock them inside the Chateau d’ Amour, where Corey begins the date (as he will begin all the dates) with the “offer rose” interaction.

Colleen looks disgusted at first, and I actually worry she might reject him.


Luckily, she comes to her senses.  Maybe she’s just allergic to flowers and had to sneeze?  One way or the other, Colleen ultimately seems pleased with the rose.


I think Colleen is feeling flirtatious (and least that’s what her current emotion says!), but from the look on her face I really can’t tell if she’s flirting or cringing.


They sit down together on the couch to chat, and things don’t get much better from there.


They talk, and talk, and talk, and talk.  There are speech bubbles and thought bubbles of all kinds, but nothing that seems romantic in nature.  Despite their flirty moods, these two just don’t seem interested in flirting with each other.  And then, when they’re all talked out, they sit side by side in an awkward silence.

Finally, there’s an autonomous friendly hug initiated by Colleen, which Corey happily accepts.


Still, I can’t help but wonder what’s going on here.  They do already have a romance bar (however small), but no one is making a move!

Instead, they decide to square off in a game of darts.


And it’s during this friendly competition that both of their moods flip back to “Happy” instead of “Flirty.”

They pass the rest of the date this way, and by the time the four hours is up, they’ve just about maxed out their friendship bar.  Their romance bar, on the other hand, remains static.

In a latch ditch attempt to light the spark, I decide that all dates will end with an “embrace” interaction, initiated by the contestant.  So Colleen goes for it, but Corey recoils.


I guess friendly hugs are okay by him, but a romantic embrace would be pushing it.  Needless to say, the date doesn’t end on a high note.



And so the two part ways, and Colleen slinks back to the house feeling embarrassed.


I give Corey a chance to regroup (i.e., fulfill his needs) and then I send him and Roskva off to go take their steamy showers – separately of course!  By the time their date begins, the sun has already set, and two meet up on the rooftop, feeling flirtatious.  I lock the door behind them, and the date begins.

As with Colleen, Corey starts off with the offer of a rose, and with that, a romance bar finally appears for Roskva and Corey!


A whole bunch of completely autonomous flirting ensures, taking both me and Roskva by surprise!

Something has clicked for Corey.  It seems he’s finally seeing Roskva in a romantic light.  Not only that, but the rocket ship woohoo thought bubble appears over his head.  Corey’s gone from zero to sixty in about one second here.

He autonomously blows her a kiss, and giggling, Roskva jumps to catch it.


Corey continues to take the lead (Roskva is happy to let him chase her for once!).  He compliments her appearance, and initiates and hug.



Finally, Roskva takes some initiative of her own and autonomously caresses Corey’s cheek.  It happens so fast and unexpectedly that I miss it…but I do manage to get this screenshot of Corey looking at her like…..that.


This is when I realize that Roskva now has the option to have her “First Kiss With Corey.”  She has been gunning for this for so long, and the whim has been pinned for what feels like forever…! Who am I to stand in the way of a whim?  I instruct her to initiate the kiss…


And Roskva lands the very first kiss with Corey!  Score one for Roskva!

The date is just about over now, and both of their needs are suffering – though they’re both still feeling flirty.  I decide to cut the date just a little short so they can get some rest – this date was such a success that a few extra minutes won’t make much of a difference.

Roskva initiates the romantic embrace with Corey…


And the two reluctantly part ways for the evening, with Roskva rolling a whim for hot tub woohoo and Corey still thinking about rocket ship woohoo.  No doubt about it – a fire definitely lit for these two tonight!

But meanwhile, Colleen walks out to the fountain, where she stands facing the Chateau, watching forlornly from a distance.  I can’t help but laugh out loud at this, it is so creepy and weird!  It’s completely autonomous and she just stands there like a weirdo, still apparently depressed about Corey’s rejection of her hug.


And on the third floor of the mansion, Namika decides to take a more active approach.  She picks the lock to Corey’s door, slips on her silky negligee, and climbs into his bed, where she lies in wait.









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3 responses to “The Bachelor Experiment : Day Ten

  1. Oh, I like this approach! Is it something you’d consider trying again in your Hasslich bachelor challenge? And yay for some romance for Roskva at last! It was nice to see Corey taking the initiative this time.

    I laughed at Colleen standing by the fountain ha! Poor girl.

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    • I think it’s this approach is a definite win – I would absolutely use it in the Hasslich Bachelor. I’m glad I chose the timing I did. I think any sooner and it would have been not only very time consuming, but also too manipulative and “cheaty” in terms of autonomy. Waiting until Corey has autonomously narrowed it down to four girls made it feel like I wasn’t choosing for him or pushing too hard – just “setting the mood” for the women he already likes on his own.

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