About The Orchid Cliff Chronicles

Welcome to Windenburg! 

You’ve somehow found your way to the homepage of my new Sims 4 story, The Orchid Cliff Chronicles.  I hope you enjoy the stories to come!

Until Get Together is released next week, this page will function primarily as a place holder. Once things kick off, this page will be a hub for character profiles and introductions.

The Orchid Cliff Chronicles has been a twinkle in my eye for quite some time now. It will be a divergence from my existing story, The Hasslich Prettacy, but if you’re observant enough you just might recognize a few familiar faces! The stories you’ll see here have been patiently lingering in the back of my mind, just waiting to be told. And this is my chance to tell them!

The Orchid Cliff Chronicles will be played rotationally on long lifespan. I’ll be switching between a few of my own custom families and a few TBD pre-mades as I explore Get Together and the town of Windenburg.

Above all, The Orchid Cliff Chronicles is meant to function as a literary endeavor – meaning, my focus will be on my writing rather than on the gameplay.  My intention is to experiment with different themes, narratives, plot devices, writing styles, and of course, character development – all things I’ve struggled with in writing a multi-sim legacy on short lifespan.  That said, The Orchid Cliff Chronicles will have a slower pace and is likely to be updated less frequently, in order to allow me time to delve into the writing and get to know our characters.

While Get Together won’t be released until Tuesday, a few of our new Windenburg residents begin their journeys in good old Willow Creek – so look for their introductions, and our first look at Orchid Cliff, over the next few days!

And as always, thanks for reading!