Duckling to Swan : The Bachelor, Hasslich Edition : Meet the Bachelorettes!


Welcome to Duckling to Swan : The Bachelor, Hasslich Edition!  First off, I want to give a huge thanks to everyone over at the Sims Forum who submitted and voted for our beautiful bachelorettes.  I’m super excited to introduce you to our NINE gorgeous bachelorettes, our handsome bachelor, and to see how this competition plays out!  Secondly, I need to give credit to the creator of the amazing build being used for the challenge: Modern 1 Million Mansion by Luna3001!

Now, without further ado, let’s meet the ladies!


In a three way tie for 7th place….. Eiline KellerCongratulations, Marialein!



04-22-16_7-46-32 PM

Am I really the first one here?  I mean, the place looks empty, but just look at the size of this house!  There could be a firing squad hiding in there, and I’d never know the difference.  On second thought, maybe there is a firing squad in there.  A firing squad of crazy women, just itching to eliminate the weakest link.  Which is me, obviously.  I’m the weakest link.  I cringe and I wonder, not for the first time – what am I even doing here?  I don’t know how to be friends with women.  And I really don’t know how to flirt with men.  This whole thing is totally out of my element. Maybe I should just turn around and march right on home…

But no.  I square my shoulders.  I’m not really that intimidated….am I?

I take a deep breath and determine to stay.  I tiptoe through the house, heaving a sigh of relief when I realize that I really am alone.  So far, anyway.  I make my way to the backyard and find an absolutely breathtaking garden, and for the first time, I smile.  The perfect hiding place!

I can do this, I convince myself.  I’ll just hide here behind this plant for a little while.  Just until I stop shaking.

04-22-16_7-49-27 PM

In a third place tie for 7th place……. Lexie GundersonCongratulations, Maladi777!


04-22-16_7-52-35 PM

The first thing I see when I arrive at the mansion is a gorgeous pond and waterfall, and immediately it reminds me of the setting of one of my favorite books – so clearly, I take it as a sign that this is exactly where I am meant to be right now – fate and all that, you know?  The water sparkles and glitters and I can barely tear my eyes away from the stunning beauty of it all!  This whole bachelor thing is just so exciting.  A real epic adventure!  I wonder what the girls will be like, but mostly I’m curious to meet this mysterious bachelor.  I’ve heard all about the Hasslich family, and they’re all so exotic.  The thought of it thrills me, and I can’t help but grin.

 It will be just like a romance novel, I can sense it already.  And I – naturally – will be the leading lady.

04-22-16_7-53-49 PM

In a three-way tie for 7th place……Marissa Harp! Congratulations, IchigoUsagi!


04-22-16_8-14-46 PM

I knock at the front door of the mansion, but no one answers, so I slip in unannounced.  A little awkward, if I do say so myself.  And I’m the queen of awkward, so I should know.  I was expecting a welcome wagon, or maybe a butler.  Whatever – I’ll just show myself around, I guess.

I start up the stairs and stumble over my own two feet, grasping for the railing. No one’s ever accused me of being graceful, that’s for sure.  I glance around and hope no one saw my misstep, but there’s no need to worry, because there’s not a soul in sight.

I’m more cautious as I climb the rest of the stairs, and when I make it safely to the next level, I spot a fully stocked bar across the room.  I’m liking this place already!

Nothing like a good stiff drink to calm the nerves.  So I help myself.

04-22-16_8-19-05 PM

In sixth place, Deven Jones!  Congratulations, Sterretjeee!


04-22-16_8-15-18 PM

Look, I don’t do drama and I don’t do catty bullplum, either.  I’m not here to make friends.  I have two of those at home, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s more than enough.  But I’m not here to stir up trouble, either.  Like I said, I don’t do drama.  My plan of attack is lay low and keep my distance, which should be easy.  I’ve got a lot of practice in that department.

I’m here to meet the bachelor, end of story.  If he likes me, fine.  If he hates me, whatever.  I’m not out to impress – what you see is what you get.

I guess it would be nice if he liked me, though.  Don’t tell anyone I said that.

So anyway, I don’t do drama and I don’t do games. But I do do food.  So when I walk through the front door and my stomach grumbles, I make a beeline for the kitchen.  A fancy place like this must have some pretty fancy food, right?

04-22-16_8-18-42 PM

Well – not exactly.  Grilled cheese will have to do, so I set to work.

04-22-16_8-21-06 PM

Turns out I’m better at eating the food than I am at cooking it.  I panic and scream, and to my great relief, a bouncy redhead bounds through the door and extinguishes me.

04-22-16_8-22-05 PM

She’s exactly the the kind of peppy little cheer freak I would usually avoid.  But she just saved my life, plummit, and now I have to be nice to her.

04-22-16_8-33-27 PM

So much for keeping my distance.


In fifth place…..Norah Churchill!  Congratulations, Twiggy!


04-22-16_10-00-43 PM.png

I stand on the front doorstep of the mansion and pull out my compact mirror.  A last look at my reflection only proves what I already know to be true – I look stunning, as usual – perfectly pulled together, and elegant in a subtly sexy way.  Men have always been helpless to resist me, and the bachelor will be no exception.  The question is whether he will be worth my time.

I smile at my reflection, and wink in the mirror before heading inside. At first glance, the place is indeed impressive.  Large and spacious, which is a good start, of course, but size isn’t the only thing that matters.  Style and elegance are key, and I quickly realize that this place is in serious need of redecorating.  Sub-par accommodations, I note, and what is that smoky stench in the air?

But I suppose I can rough it for a few days until I decide if this bachelor is sub-par as well. It won’t take long.  I know exactly what I want, and I refuse to accept anything less than perfection.

04-22-16_10-01-13 PM


In fourth place….. Emmeline Frost!  Congratulations, Lupus95!


04-22-16_10-23-53 PM.png

When I enter the mansion, an uproar of laughter erupts from inside, and I follow the voices to the kitchen.  The competition, I see.  Not much of it, though, if you ask me, which comes as no shock.  Emmeline Frost does not compete, and especially not with the likes of them.  That silly little redhead can’t get out of her own way – unrefined is the kindest description I can think of, and that’s to put it mildly.  A girl applying for a woman’s job.

And then there’s the other one – the pretentious pretender in pearls, nose so high in the air she can’t see her own inferiority.

I nod in their general direction – it can’t hurt to be cordial, after all – but I sweep by them without so much as a word.  I’m not here to make friends.  I’m here to win, whatever the cost.

And Emmeline Frost always wins.

04-22-16_10-25-40 PM

In third place……Camille (Cam) Hayes!  Congratulations, IchigoUsagi!


04-22-16_10-44-42 PM

Twenty minutes in this swanky mansion and already I feel like the elephant in the room.  I mean, not an actual elephant, that would be dumb.  What I mean is, I feel like the out of place oddball, the one that sticks out like a sore thumb.  I barely even know these girls yet, but just looking at them I feel under-dressed.  That blonde chick makes everyone look like a slob, in that skintight bandaid she’s wearing – but even the other girls are wearing skirts.  All but that Deven girl – I think I like her already.

Maybe I didn’t get the dress-up memo.  Or maybe I did, come to think of it.  Did Kira mention something about high heels and lipstick?  Kira’s my brother’s fiance.  She took me shopping before I came here (read: RETAIL TORTURE), tried to give me all that girly-girl advice.  Glitter and tutus, or at least that’s what I imagine she said.  I was only half-listening, but standing here now in my boots and t-shirt, I kind of regret tuning her out.

I’ll check my suitcase later to see if she packed me some lipstick.  But right now, there’s not much to do but climb the ladder and dive (or cannonball) in.

04-22-16_10-46-40 PM

In second place…..Priya Dewan!  Congratulations, Sterretjeee!


04-22-16_11-07-32 PM.png

Statistically speaking, my chances of winning this competition are one in ten.  But anyone with half a brain knows that statistics are frequently misleading, which in this case, they are.  In reality, my chances of winning this competition are far better than one in ten.  Why, you ask?  Because most of these women think that this is a game of beauty and chemistry and compatibility.  This will be their downfall.

What these women don’t know is that this is actually a game of logic and strategy.  And that they’re competing against a veritable genius with a blueprint for quantifiable success (that would be me).

Of course, my hope is that the bachelor is a man of true substance – a man who values intelligence over aesthetics.  But even if he isn’t, I still don’t doubt my success.  I’m a double threat, after all – a complete package of beauty and brains.

All I need to do is focus.

04-22-16_11-08-32 PM

And lastly, in first place….. Walburga Mortis!  Congratulations, Lupus95!


04-22-16_11-05-43 PM

Why am I here, you ask?  Why am I anywhere?  Why am I here at the mansion?  Or why am I here in this particular astral plane, inhabiting my current physical body?  The answer is I don’t know, nor am I meant to know.  That’s what my grandmother always said.  We’re not meant to know all the answers – the truth would blow up our brains! Okay, okay, that last part is my own little addition, but I think it keeps in the spirit of what grandma was saying.

Look, a lot of people think I’m crazy.  Evil, even.  But what is evil, anyway?  Is the world really so black and white?  Is there really no gray?  Even evil, crazy people want love.  Want to belong.  And I’m not really so different that I wouldn’t want that.

I know all about the Hasslich family – not that I put a spell on them or anything, if that’s what you’re wondering.  Though I could if I wanted to.  Now that I think of it, maybe a voodoo doll would give me a leg up in this competition… Nevermind, back to the point! I know all about the Hasslich family.  And if blue people and aliens can find love, then I don’t see why I can’t too.

Now if you’ll excuse me, please – I have a voodoo doll to find.

04-22-16_11-04-30 PM

Stay tuned this weekend to meet the mysterious Hasslich Bachelor!



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5 responses to “Duckling to Swan : The Bachelor, Hasslich Edition : Meet the Bachelorettes!

  1. Love it! Next we meet our bachelor, right? 🙂

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  2. Great introduction of the winning contestants! I feel the bachelor is in for a treat. I hope he can handle them ladies and am looking forward to meeting him. 🙂

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  3. Awesome start! I can’t wait to see the bachelor. He’s certainly got his hands full. 🙂

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