Founder Gen. Index

Founder Generation Index

Chapter 1: I’m Gonna Make This Place Your Home

Chapter 2 : I’ve Got Friends in High Places

Chapter 3 : Secrets

Chapter 4 : Grainna Gets Her Groove Back

Chapter 5 : Hey Baby Hey Baby Hey

Chapter 6 : Shock to the System

Chapter 7 : Do You Want to Know a Secret?

Chapter 8 : Oops, I Did it Again

Chapter 9 : Spark the Fire

Chapter 10 : Suspicious Minds

Chapter 11 : How Blue Can You Get

Chapter 12 : Oops, I Did it Again (and again)

Chapter 13 : Growing Older But Not Up

Chapter 14 : You’ve Got A Friend In Me

Chapter 15 : Sister, Do You Know My Name?

Chapter 16 : Regrets, I’ve Had A Few

Chapter 17 : Love Will Keep Us Alive

Chapter 18 : Can’t Fight This Feeling

Chapter 19 : Born To Run

Chapter 20 : Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not?

Chapter 21 : The News


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