Fairsfield : An Uglacy Rotational

If you haven’t checked out The Elstree Prettacy yet, then you’re really missing out.   Sabreene’s story, which revolves around the adorable Merriweather Elstree, actually began with an uglacy – and if you’re reading my prettacy (The Hasslich Prettacy), you probably already know that Roxas Hasslich is currently married to Merri’s sister Beth (and lives on with the Elstrees!), and Coralie Hasslich is married to Merri’s cousin, Kody Wells. Having the chance to play with Beth and Kody, as well as my own cast of imperfectly perfect characters -and hearing more and more about Sabreene’s original uglacy – got me thinking about starting an Uglacy Rotational of my own.  So here we are!

Welcome to Fairsfield!  I have literally no idea how this will turn out, what my writing style will be, or how often this will be updated – but this seems like too much fun not to share. There are six founding families, all of which have already had in-game births to get things started.  All marriages will be arranged, and but I’m still trying to decide whether marriages can only occur between founding families, or if townies will be fair game.

So for today, I’ll just start with my founding families:


[The Capricciosas]

02-20-16_9-26-43 PM.png

This is Rez and Eva Capriciossa.  I’m sure you’re familiar with Eva already – she is hot-headed, materialistic, and romantic with the Serial Romantic aspiration.  You probably don’t recognize Rez, but he comes from my Hasslich save, and is the son of Axel Hasslich and his wife Peyton.  Peyton’s genealogy can be traced back to both Liberty Lee/Don Lothario and Travis Scott/Summer Holiday, so Rez carries all of their genetics as well as the Hasslich genes.  Rez is a geek, a goofball, and insane with the Joke Star aspiration.  I originally intended to marry him to another founder (Joselyn Beard, who you’ll meet later), but Rez and Eva got off to such a great start that I couldn’t keep them apart.

The couple are parents to twins (the very first children born to the uglacy!), Zelda and Zachary, and Eva has just given birth to their youngest, Myles.  As a longer with the Social butterfly aspiration, Zelda is a mixed bag.  Zachary is a genius with the Artistic Prodigy aspiration.

02-20-16_9-27-54 PM

02-20-16_9-28-00 PM

02-20-16_9-28-17 PM

02-20-16_9-28-10 PM

[The Mavericks]

02-20-16_9-16-01 PM

This is Lee and Annabelle Maverick.  Lee was originally a townie here in Fairsfield, and Annabelle comes from another save, where she was born in game.  Annabelle Maverick (nee Pancakes) is actually descended of both the Pancakes and the Landgraabs – I think you can still see the Landgraab in her.  Lee is a clumsy, foodie, snob with the Renaissance Sim aspiration and Annabelle is gloomy, outgoing, and neat with the Bodybuilder aspiration.

Annabelle is currently pregnant with the couple’s second child.  Their oldest is Maggie Maverick, who is squeamish with the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration.

02-20-16_8-43-08 PM

02-20-16_8-43-32 PM

02-20-16_8-44-05 PM

[The Beards]

02-19-16_9-16-00 PM.png

This is Gordon and Joselyn Beard.  Joselyn is the townie from my Hasslich save that I originally intended for Rez.  She is materialistic, squeamish, and family-oriented with the Musical Genius aspiration.  Gordon is a slob, a bro, and self-assured and he has the Big Happy Family aspiration.

These two have a daughter named Bridgitte and an infant son named Joshua.  Bridgitte loves the outdoors and has the Artistic Prodigy aspiration.

02-20-16_9-48-21 PM

02-20-16_9-48-14 PM

02-20-16_9-48-07 PM

[The Clouds]

02-19-16_9-50-31 PM.png

This is Stephen and Tatiana Cloud.  They were both original Fairsfield townies, and Stephen was a cafe barista with a penchant for wearing hot pink lipstick.  Stephen is a neat, perfectionist, kleptomaniac with the Master Mixologist aspiration, and Tatiana is a cheerful, perfectionist, snob with the Bodybuilder aspiration.  These two can’t keep their hands off each other, but when I recently returned to the household, I found that Tatiana has somewhat of a fling going on with Rez Capricciosa!  So the drama begins…

Stephen and Tatiana currently have one son, Ryder (a loner with the Artistic Prodigy aspiration), and Tatiana is due with their second child any minute now!

02-20-16_9-57-39 PM

02-20-16_9-57-47 PM

02-20-16_9-57-33 PM

[The Oulettes]

02-20-16_10-01-58 PM

This is Gulliver and Maaike Oulette.  Obviously you recognize Maaike, who comes from the Free Spirits household.  She’s a creative, bookworm, snob with the Bestselling Author aspiration.  I picked Maaike (like Eva Capricciosa) for her strong, unique features.  Gulliver is an original Fairsfield townie – he’s a mean, self-assured geek with the Serial Romantic aspiration.  I think Maaike might have her work cut out for her with this one.

The couple’s daughter, Leilani, is cheerful with the Artistic Prodigy aspiration, and she definitely inherited her mom’s nose.  Maaike has also just given birth to their son Clifford.

02-20-16_10-03-15 PM

02-20-16_10-03-21 PM

02-20-16_10-03-08 PM

[The Painters]

02-20-16_10-16-03 PM.png

Lastly, this is Jose and Tianna Painter.  Both were original Fairsfield townies.  Tianna is good and Jose is evil, so these two make an interesting couple.  Tianna is also a music lover and a snob with the Mansion Baron aspiration, and Jose has the loner and squeamish traits and the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration.  Here’s hoping their mutual love of money will be enough to keep their marriage happy.

Tianna is about to give birth to the couple’s second baby.  Their first child is a son, Winston, who is outgoing with the Artistic Prodigy aspiration.

02-20-16_10-16-26 PM

02-20-16_10-16-21 PM

02-20-16_10-16-36 PM

So there it is!  The six founding families.  Next update I’ll be focusing in on just one of them (just don’t ask me which because I haven’t decided yet!).




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2 responses to “Fairsfield : An Uglacy Rotational

  1. Adorable kids–and what a great mix of pre-mades, Townies, and born-in-game Sims! 🙂 (Love those Landgraab genetics!)

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  2. Oh, this is going to be so much fun to see! Such a great collection of families to start things out with!

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