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Duckling to Swan : The Bachelor, Hasslich Edition : Day One (Introductions)


Notes for Day One : Introductions are initiated by me, but I will not cancel subsequent actions – this way the relationships will evolve more organically, and the conversation will end whenever the participants “choose.”  Also, when The Bachelor rolls his first whim for any of the girls, that girl will be deemed “safe” from the Round One elimination.


04-29-16_5-19-34 PM

Well, it’s finally time to get this show on the road, and Derek is so excited to meet the ladies that he practically sprints up to the front door.

Come on, dude, keep your cool, he whispers to himself, smoothing his shirt, Get it together.  He takes a deep breath and wraps his fingers around the door handle when a voice rings out, and interrupts his internal pep talk.

“Hello?!” sings a female voice from behind him.  “Yoohoo! Over here!  Yes you. You must be the bachelor.”  There’s an undeniably lascivious emphasis on the last word.

Derek turns, and finds himself face to face with Norah Churchill.

04-29-16_5-24-32 PM

“I’m Norah,” she intones.  There’s something in her voice that suggests a high degree of elegance.  This one comes from money, he realizes immediately.  “You’re perfectly enchanted to meet me, I’m sure.”

Derek stifles a grin.  “That I am,” he agrees.  “Have you had the chance to look around?”

“Oh, yes,” she says, sounding bored.  “It’s rather primitive, I’m afraid, but what can you expect on from low-budget reality television?”

04-29-16_5-23-51 PM

Derek laughs.  He’s not sure if she’s kidding (she must be kidding, right?) but he excuses himself to head inside.  There are nine ladies to meet tonight, and the sun is already beginning to set.

He makes his way inside the mansion, and as he heads down the hall, a flash of bright red hair catches his eye.

“You must be the bachelor!” Marissa smiles, before offering her name.

04-29-16_5-28-55 PM

“Derek,” he introduces himself in return.  “It’s very nice to meet you, Marissa.”

They sit down on a bench nearby, and Marissa gratefully lets him lead the conversation.  He’s good at small talk, she thinks, and she’s glad that at least one of them is.  If there’s one thing she’s good at, Marissa has learned, it’s putting her foot in her mouth.

04-29-16_5-30-00 PM

Marissa realizes she’s been so worried about saying the right thing, that she hasn’t said anything at all.  Or heard half of what he just said, for that matter.  Quick, think fast! she tells herself, Say something!  Anything!

“Rocket ship woohoo!” she blurts.  “Omigod, omigod.” She buries her face in her hands. “Excuse me, I need to use the bathroom.  I mean – NOT the bathroom!  I don’t go to the bathroom!  Not that I’m constipated or anything!  OMIGOD!”

Derek laughs as he watches her flee down the hall.  A little awkward, he thinks, but awkward can be endearing.

There’s noise coming from down the hall, and Derek follows the sound to the kitchen, where he finds Deven, completely immersed in photographing her Fruit Loops.

04-29-16_5-34-30 PM

“Not exactly gourmet,” he teases her, “but definitely colorful. I’m Derek – the uh… the bachelor.”

“Deven,” she replies curtly.  “I can do a lot better than Fruit Loops, you know.”

“I’ll bet.”  Derek grins, but Deven does not return the smile.  This one might be a tough nut to crack.

04-29-16_5-36-15 PM

But Deven surprises him.  She cocks and eyebrow and continues, “There was this TINY incident with some grilled cheese yesterday, okay?  Gourmet grilled cheese, obviously.  But, uh, I’m just keeping it simple until the producers stock us with some quality ingredients.”

“Right,” Derek tosses her a mischievous grin, hoping she’ll take the bait.  And luckily, she does.

04-29-16_5-36-40 PM

Deven lets out a genuine belly laugh, and Derek thinks that maybe – just maybe – she’s not such a tough cookie after all.

Later, Derek wanders the second floor halls, looking for the bedroom that will be his headquarters for the next few weeks, when he spots a dark-haired beauty with a sad look on her face.

04-29-16_6-24-17 PM

“Are you okay?” he asks, thinking maybe she’s homesick already.  “I’m Derek.”

Walburga sniffles and sighs heavily.  She isn’t homesick, she’s just feeling blue, which is not unfamiliar territory for her.

“I’m…. fine,” she says in a way that makes it clear she’s anything but.  “I’m Walburga Mortis.  You can call me Miss Mortis, I guess.” She frowns.

Derek’s mouth also turns down at the corners.  She’s very formal, this Miss Mortis.  He’s about to open his mouth to respond, when she bursts into tears, crying all over her plate and getting her hot dog soggy.

04-29-16_6-23-53 PM

“Just…just…leave me,” she wails.  And so he does.

Derek realizes now that he’s tired.  He’s only met four of the nine women, but it’s midnight already, according to his watch.  He needs his sleep – the other women will just have to wait until morning.

Derek drags himself into his temporary bedroom, and flops onto the bed.  He’s just about to kick off his shoes, when a pretty blonde bounces into the room – unannounced.

“Um… hi?” he greets the blonde with some hesitation.

“Hi!  I’m Lexie, and you must be Derek.  Word gets around fast in a house with nine women!”

04-29-16_5-39-50 PM

“Ya don’t say!” Derek mumbles groggily.  He is exhausted, but a second look at Lexie brings him back to life.  Not that it matters, because Lexie is chattering on animatedly with little to no encouragement, and before he knows it, she joins him on the bed.

“This whole thing is just so romantic!” she gushes.  “Have you seen the gardens in the backyard?  I mean, it’s JUST like my favorite book.  Have you ever been to Shang Simla?  Or Champs Les Sims?  I haven’t – not yet – but someday I will, and it will be the most romantic thing ever, don’t you think? I’ve always wanted to go somewhere exotic with my one true love!”

Derek shifts uncomfortably at the meaningful look she shoots him.

04-29-16_5-40-27 PM

“I’m sure it would be very romantic,” he agrees, as he ushers her out the door.  It’s been a long day, even for an outgoing guy like Derek, and it’s time for him to get some rest.

The next morning, Derek rolls out of bed and stumbles to the patio for some breakfast.  He’s feeling a bit tense, but that changes instantly when Priya joins him at the table.

04-29-16_6-36-25 PM

“Will you grace me with your presence, Your Highness?” she teases lightly.  Priya is not happy to have been overlooked last night, but she will never let Derek know that.  Feeding the male ego is not part of her strategy for this competition.

Derek has the decency to look guilty.  “Sorry about that,” he appeases her.  “It was just so late….”

“I understand!” she smiles brightly.  “But if you’ll excuse me, I have to complete my daily logic puzzles.  Gotta keep my mind sharp, you know!”

04-29-16_6-38-25 PM

Hard to get, as it turns out, is part of Priya’s strategy.  And Derek, predictably, is intrigued.

But with Priya gone, Derek wanders to the kitchen for a cup of coffee.  He’s sipping happily away when Cam walks in.  She’s in a world of her own, and she jumps when Derek says, “Good morning.”

Cam laughs at her own jumpiness, and cheerfully introduces herself.  She’s been up since the crack of dawn, and she’s excited to finally be meeting the bachelor.

04-29-16_6-43-09 PM

“I’m Camille,” she says, “but no one ever calls me that.  You can just call me Cam.”

Derek nods his head in agreement.  “Okay, Cam.  I like the sound of that.  It suits you.”

Cam knows how to talk to guys.  Or at least to her brothers, and before she can stop herself, she tells Derek her favorite gross joke – the one her brothers love.  She holds her breath briefly, waiting for Derek’s reaction (this is exactly the kind of thing Kira told her NOT to do), but Derek bursts out laughing.  And Cam decides then and there, that he’s her kind of guy.

04-29-16_6-43-23 PM

When Cam leaves the kitchen, Derek looks at his watch and realizes that there are still two more women he needs to meet.

He runs into Emmeline first, outside on the patio.  She greets him with a shimmy and a spin, and before she even offers her name, she says, “Why bother keeping these other girls around, Derek?  I mean, we already know I’ve got this in the bag.  I mean – look at me!  And look at them.” She cocks an eyebrow in apparent disgust.

04-29-16_6-48-03 PM

Derek isn’t quite sure what to make of her attitude – but he thinks she’s not wrong about her looks.

Emmeline joins him at the table and leans in close.

04-29-16_6-49-12 PM

“I’ll make this easy on you, Derek,” she whispers.  “I know you have to play this little game – rules and all, I get it.  But I’m not some jealous little twit, okay?  We both know who you’re coming home to at the end of all this.”

Derek’s eyes widen – he’s never met a woman as forward as Emmeline.  Part of him recoils at her advances – she hasn’t exactly been nice about the other women, after all – but there’s another part of him, he realizes, that’s drawn to her confidence.  He regards her, eyeing her up and down, because, MY PLUM, that dress! — when Cam approaches them at the table.

04-29-16_6-49-37 PM

Perhaps Cam isn’t quite as innocent or naive as everyone thinks.  Her presence breaks up their little rendezvous, and breaks Derek from Emmeline’s spell.

“Wow!” he says, looking at his watch, “I need to go make my last introduction.  It’s been nice talking to you, Emmeline.” He goes off in search of Eiline, leaving Cam and Emmeline alone.

04-29-16_6-51-28 PM

“Listen up, you little nitwit,” Emmeline spews, “I don’t know what you think you’re doing here, but you might as well just admit defeat now.  It’ll be easier on your fragile ego later on, when Derek sends your tomboy plum home.  He needs a real woman, which clearly, you are not.”

Cam doesn’t even blink.  She’s no stranger to smack talk, but she determines not to lower herself to this nonsense.  And so she only smiles, and turns her back on the venomous blonde.

Meanwhile, Derek has finally caught up with Eiline outside in the gardens, not far from Eiline’s favorite hiding spot.

“You must be Derek,” she says quietly, and Derek thinks he likes the softness of her voice.

04-29-16_6-54-43 PM

They chat amicably for awhile – Eilene shares her love of painting and Derek shares his love for books, and the two bond quickly over their mutual passion for the arts.  They have a lot in common, as it turns out.  Plus, Derek thinks, he likes the smell of her shampoo.

04-29-16_6-53-49 PM

But as the sun begins to set, Derek looks up at the sky and on a whim, realizes that what he wants most right now is to cloudgaze – with Priya Dewan.

He finds Priya inside, hanging out with Lexie in the party room.  This is a little awkward, he admits to himself, but then this is how this competition works, isn’t it?  He might as well get used to it now.

04-29-16_6-58-51 PM

Priya agrees to the cloudgazing, but by the time they make it outside, it’s already dusk, and more like stargazing.

04-29-16_7-01-59 PM

Not that it matters to Derek.  He hasn’t known Priya for long, but he knows he won’t be sending her home at Elimination.

04-29-16_7-04-57 PM

“Priya,” he says to her, “I have really enjoyed our time together tonight, and I want you to know that you are safe from Elimination.”


04-29-16_7-07-27 PM

Did you expect any less?  Of course I’m safe from elimination.  I’m a genius.  Like I said, it’s all about the strategy.


04-29-16_7-14-11 PM

Well, at least I know I’m keeping Priya around.  She’s just so genuine and sweet.  Which isn’t to say I know who I’ll wind up sending home.  Far from it, actually.  The women are all so different, and I really haven’t had time to get to know them all yet.  But tomorrow’s another day – maybe The Welcome Party will bring some clarity…



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Duckling to Swan: The Bachelor, Hasslich Edition – Meet the Bachelor!


Now that we’ve met all of our lovely bachelorettes, it’s time to meet the man of the hour, The Hasslich Bachelor!



04-28-16_6-12-47 PM

See that guy right there?  The one with the sweet hair?  Yeah, that’s me. I’m pretty sure this picture is supposed to make me look mysterious, or suave or something, but I’m an honest guy, so here’s the truth.  I don’t know how to play the piano, and the only thing happening in this picture is me bashing random keys and damaging my eardrums.

And this picture?

04-28-16_6-14-45 PM

I think it’s supposed to be romantic.  It’s supposed to make me look serious, contemplative, like I’m considering the levity of this whole “Duckling to Swan” thing, picturing my future wife and hypothetical children, and imagining the amazing ways in which my life is about to change.  In reality?  I just have to pee, and that fountain is only making things worse.

Here’s the thing, though.  I might not know how to play the piano, and I might not be mysterious, or suave, or even particularly deep. But I am a romantic.  And that’s why I’m here.

See, I’ve always believed in love.  My parents are the best example of love I’ve ever seen, and because of them I know what a marriage should be.

This is my mom and dad on their wedding day:

12-05-15_2-46-34 PM

Well, that’s my mom, anyway.  Tabitha Hasslich-Locke.  The goofy guy in the llama suit is my dad, Tom Locke.  Here’s a better picture of him, taken at my cousin Aurora’s wedding, way back before I was even born! This is what my dad really looked like back then, on the rare occasion he wasn’t wearing the llama suit:

12-03-15_7-56-36 PM

My parents have been married (and happily so) for very a long time now. They have always put each other first and been there for each other through thick and thin, and even though they’re both old and gray now, they’re almost always holding hands, and even making out when they think no one can see.

They’re a perfect match, and they have never tried to change one other, which is really something, all things considered. See, my dad is REALLY shy.  To this day, he has trouble expressing himself unless he’s in the llama suit.  But he would do anything for my mom, and my mom accepts him and loves him for exactly who he is, llama suit and all.  That’s the kind of love I’m looking for.

My name is Derek Hasslich-Locke….

04-28-16_6-09-07 PM

…and I’m here to find my soulmate.  That sounded cheesy, didn’t it?  But it’s the truth, and like I said, I’m an honest kind of guy.  I’m looking for the girl I can’t imagine my life without, who loves me for me, quirks and all.  And maybe – if I’m really honest – a woman who’s easy on the eyes, if you know what I mean.  I know I’m a Hasslich and all, but I’m still a guy, amirite?

Am I prepared for this whole “bachelor” thing?  Probably not.  I know how these things go down, I’m not above a little reality TV every now and again.  It’s all about the drama, the cattiness, the jealousy.  But it’s not easy finding your soulmate in a town where you’re related to 80% of the population – being a Hasslich has its perks for sure, but a plethora of dating options isn’t one of them.  “Duckling to Swan,” sadly enough, is my best chance at finding the girl of my dreams.

So here I am, ready to roll.  The moment I’ve been waiting for has almost arrived, when I’ll finally get to meet the nine bachelorettes!  I won’t say I have low expectations, exactly – I just don’t know what to expect.  Luckily, I didn’t inherit my dad’s social anxiety, or I’d be running around this mansion in a monkey suit or something.  But I’m pretty outgoing, actually more like my mom – and I’m hoping to use that to my advantage.  I know there’s bound to be a few awkward moments here or there, but my small talk game is top notch.

04-28-16_6-08-30 PM

So what else about me?  Oh, right.  I’m a bookworm, though most people are surprised by that, and I’m an outdoor enthusiast, too.

And one last thing –  I’m nervous as plum.

04-28-16_6-07-35 PM


Next time …. the competition finally begins!





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Duckling to Swan : The Bachelor, Hasslich Edition : Meet the Bachelorettes!


Welcome to Duckling to Swan : The Bachelor, Hasslich Edition!  First off, I want to give a huge thanks to everyone over at the Sims Forum who submitted and voted for our beautiful bachelorettes.  I’m super excited to introduce you to our NINE gorgeous bachelorettes, our handsome bachelor, and to see how this competition plays out!  Secondly, I need to give credit to the creator of the amazing build being used for the challenge: Modern 1 Million Mansion by Luna3001!

Now, without further ado, let’s meet the ladies!


In a three way tie for 7th place….. Eiline KellerCongratulations, Marialein!



04-22-16_7-46-32 PM

Am I really the first one here?  I mean, the place looks empty, but just look at the size of this house!  There could be a firing squad hiding in there, and I’d never know the difference.  On second thought, maybe there is a firing squad in there.  A firing squad of crazy women, just itching to eliminate the weakest link.  Which is me, obviously.  I’m the weakest link.  I cringe and I wonder, not for the first time – what am I even doing here?  I don’t know how to be friends with women.  And I really don’t know how to flirt with men.  This whole thing is totally out of my element. Maybe I should just turn around and march right on home…

But no.  I square my shoulders.  I’m not really that intimidated….am I?

I take a deep breath and determine to stay.  I tiptoe through the house, heaving a sigh of relief when I realize that I really am alone.  So far, anyway.  I make my way to the backyard and find an absolutely breathtaking garden, and for the first time, I smile.  The perfect hiding place!

I can do this, I convince myself.  I’ll just hide here behind this plant for a little while.  Just until I stop shaking.

04-22-16_7-49-27 PM

In a third place tie for 7th place……. Lexie GundersonCongratulations, Maladi777!


04-22-16_7-52-35 PM

The first thing I see when I arrive at the mansion is a gorgeous pond and waterfall, and immediately it reminds me of the setting of one of my favorite books – so clearly, I take it as a sign that this is exactly where I am meant to be right now – fate and all that, you know?  The water sparkles and glitters and I can barely tear my eyes away from the stunning beauty of it all!  This whole bachelor thing is just so exciting.  A real epic adventure!  I wonder what the girls will be like, but mostly I’m curious to meet this mysterious bachelor.  I’ve heard all about the Hasslich family, and they’re all so exotic.  The thought of it thrills me, and I can’t help but grin.

 It will be just like a romance novel, I can sense it already.  And I – naturally – will be the leading lady.

04-22-16_7-53-49 PM

In a three-way tie for 7th place……Marissa Harp! Congratulations, IchigoUsagi!


04-22-16_8-14-46 PM

I knock at the front door of the mansion, but no one answers, so I slip in unannounced.  A little awkward, if I do say so myself.  And I’m the queen of awkward, so I should know.  I was expecting a welcome wagon, or maybe a butler.  Whatever – I’ll just show myself around, I guess.

I start up the stairs and stumble over my own two feet, grasping for the railing. No one’s ever accused me of being graceful, that’s for sure.  I glance around and hope no one saw my misstep, but there’s no need to worry, because there’s not a soul in sight.

I’m more cautious as I climb the rest of the stairs, and when I make it safely to the next level, I spot a fully stocked bar across the room.  I’m liking this place already!

Nothing like a good stiff drink to calm the nerves.  So I help myself.

04-22-16_8-19-05 PM

In sixth place, Deven Jones!  Congratulations, Sterretjeee!


04-22-16_8-15-18 PM

Look, I don’t do drama and I don’t do catty bullplum, either.  I’m not here to make friends.  I have two of those at home, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s more than enough.  But I’m not here to stir up trouble, either.  Like I said, I don’t do drama.  My plan of attack is lay low and keep my distance, which should be easy.  I’ve got a lot of practice in that department.

I’m here to meet the bachelor, end of story.  If he likes me, fine.  If he hates me, whatever.  I’m not out to impress – what you see is what you get.

I guess it would be nice if he liked me, though.  Don’t tell anyone I said that.

So anyway, I don’t do drama and I don’t do games. But I do do food.  So when I walk through the front door and my stomach grumbles, I make a beeline for the kitchen.  A fancy place like this must have some pretty fancy food, right?

04-22-16_8-18-42 PM

Well – not exactly.  Grilled cheese will have to do, so I set to work.

04-22-16_8-21-06 PM

Turns out I’m better at eating the food than I am at cooking it.  I panic and scream, and to my great relief, a bouncy redhead bounds through the door and extinguishes me.

04-22-16_8-22-05 PM

She’s exactly the the kind of peppy little cheer freak I would usually avoid.  But she just saved my life, plummit, and now I have to be nice to her.

04-22-16_8-33-27 PM

So much for keeping my distance.


In fifth place…..Norah Churchill!  Congratulations, Twiggy!


04-22-16_10-00-43 PM.png

I stand on the front doorstep of the mansion and pull out my compact mirror.  A last look at my reflection only proves what I already know to be true – I look stunning, as usual – perfectly pulled together, and elegant in a subtly sexy way.  Men have always been helpless to resist me, and the bachelor will be no exception.  The question is whether he will be worth my time.

I smile at my reflection, and wink in the mirror before heading inside. At first glance, the place is indeed impressive.  Large and spacious, which is a good start, of course, but size isn’t the only thing that matters.  Style and elegance are key, and I quickly realize that this place is in serious need of redecorating.  Sub-par accommodations, I note, and what is that smoky stench in the air?

But I suppose I can rough it for a few days until I decide if this bachelor is sub-par as well. It won’t take long.  I know exactly what I want, and I refuse to accept anything less than perfection.

04-22-16_10-01-13 PM


In fourth place….. Emmeline Frost!  Congratulations, Lupus95!


04-22-16_10-23-53 PM.png

When I enter the mansion, an uproar of laughter erupts from inside, and I follow the voices to the kitchen.  The competition, I see.  Not much of it, though, if you ask me, which comes as no shock.  Emmeline Frost does not compete, and especially not with the likes of them.  That silly little redhead can’t get out of her own way – unrefined is the kindest description I can think of, and that’s to put it mildly.  A girl applying for a woman’s job.

And then there’s the other one – the pretentious pretender in pearls, nose so high in the air she can’t see her own inferiority.

I nod in their general direction – it can’t hurt to be cordial, after all – but I sweep by them without so much as a word.  I’m not here to make friends.  I’m here to win, whatever the cost.

And Emmeline Frost always wins.

04-22-16_10-25-40 PM

In third place……Camille (Cam) Hayes!  Congratulations, IchigoUsagi!


04-22-16_10-44-42 PM

Twenty minutes in this swanky mansion and already I feel like the elephant in the room.  I mean, not an actual elephant, that would be dumb.  What I mean is, I feel like the out of place oddball, the one that sticks out like a sore thumb.  I barely even know these girls yet, but just looking at them I feel under-dressed.  That blonde chick makes everyone look like a slob, in that skintight bandaid she’s wearing – but even the other girls are wearing skirts.  All but that Deven girl – I think I like her already.

Maybe I didn’t get the dress-up memo.  Or maybe I did, come to think of it.  Did Kira mention something about high heels and lipstick?  Kira’s my brother’s fiance.  She took me shopping before I came here (read: RETAIL TORTURE), tried to give me all that girly-girl advice.  Glitter and tutus, or at least that’s what I imagine she said.  I was only half-listening, but standing here now in my boots and t-shirt, I kind of regret tuning her out.

I’ll check my suitcase later to see if she packed me some lipstick.  But right now, there’s not much to do but climb the ladder and dive (or cannonball) in.

04-22-16_10-46-40 PM

In second place…..Priya Dewan!  Congratulations, Sterretjeee!


04-22-16_11-07-32 PM.png

Statistically speaking, my chances of winning this competition are one in ten.  But anyone with half a brain knows that statistics are frequently misleading, which in this case, they are.  In reality, my chances of winning this competition are far better than one in ten.  Why, you ask?  Because most of these women think that this is a game of beauty and chemistry and compatibility.  This will be their downfall.

What these women don’t know is that this is actually a game of logic and strategy.  And that they’re competing against a veritable genius with a blueprint for quantifiable success (that would be me).

Of course, my hope is that the bachelor is a man of true substance – a man who values intelligence over aesthetics.  But even if he isn’t, I still don’t doubt my success.  I’m a double threat, after all – a complete package of beauty and brains.

All I need to do is focus.

04-22-16_11-08-32 PM

And lastly, in first place….. Walburga Mortis!  Congratulations, Lupus95!


04-22-16_11-05-43 PM

Why am I here, you ask?  Why am I anywhere?  Why am I here at the mansion?  Or why am I here in this particular astral plane, inhabiting my current physical body?  The answer is I don’t know, nor am I meant to know.  That’s what my grandmother always said.  We’re not meant to know all the answers – the truth would blow up our brains! Okay, okay, that last part is my own little addition, but I think it keeps in the spirit of what grandma was saying.

Look, a lot of people think I’m crazy.  Evil, even.  But what is evil, anyway?  Is the world really so black and white?  Is there really no gray?  Even evil, crazy people want love.  Want to belong.  And I’m not really so different that I wouldn’t want that.

I know all about the Hasslich family – not that I put a spell on them or anything, if that’s what you’re wondering.  Though I could if I wanted to.  Now that I think of it, maybe a voodoo doll would give me a leg up in this competition… Nevermind, back to the point! I know all about the Hasslich family.  And if blue people and aliens can find love, then I don’t see why I can’t too.

Now if you’ll excuse me, please – I have a voodoo doll to find.

04-22-16_11-04-30 PM

Stay tuned this weekend to meet the mysterious Hasslich Bachelor!


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Duckling to Swan : The Bachelor, Hasslich Edition – Voting is Open!


Voting is now open for Duckling to Swan: The Bachelor, Hasslich Edition!  A HUGE thanks to everyone who submitted – you guys are AMAZING!

Please head over to the “Duckling to Swan” thread over on the Sims Forums to meet our lovely hopefuls, and to vote for your SEVEN favorite bachelorettes!

Or, if you’re already familiar with our eligible bachelorettes, you can cast your vote directly HERE!

Voting will remain open through Thursday, April 21, and multiple votes (ONE PER PERSON PER DAY) are encouraged.  Happy voting!


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A Personal Announcement

Hey guys, it’s me, Peachy!

04-02-16_9-21-39 PM.png

I know I’ve been kind of MIA lately, and since this community has become such a wonderful part of my life over the past year, I wanted to let you guys know why…

I have some big news to share!  Mr. Peachy and I have recently discovered that we are expecting our first (real life) nooboo!

04-02-16_9-20-56 PM

This is a super exciting time for us, but it’s still pretty early – I’m just getting through the first trimester, and we haven’t even told most of our friends or family yet.

My belly definitely does not look like this yet:

04-02-16_9-19-55 PM

But the first trimester symptoms are in full swing – everything from fatigue to morning sickness and then some.  Hence the delay in my posts lately!

I fully intend to keep up with The Hasslich Prettacy, and am REALLY excited to begin Duckling to Swan – The Bachelor, Hasslich Edition (still accepting bachelorettes through April 13th!).  But my posts over the next few weeks will probably be a little less regular than they’ve been in the past.

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I hope you guys will bear with me through this time, and as always, I thank you all for reading the crazy little stories I write here.

Love and Llamas,

Peachy x0x0



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The Bachelor Experiment : Day Eighteen (Final Elimination!)

With both 24-hour dates until his belt, Corey returns to the mansion with a decision to make.  His time with Namika did not go the way he’d expected, and all those rejections have him questioning his own judgement.  Had he really misread Namika so badly?  He’d sensed such chemistry between them!  But now, Corey thinks – he must’ve been mistaken. And he wonders – had he made the wrong choice at the last elimination?  His thoughts drift briefly to Roskva, stunning in her sparkling blue gown, before shaking the image away.  No, he reminds himself – regardless of Namika, his feelings for Roskva run no deeper than friendship.  Letting her go was the right thing to do….

But Corey is exhausted now, and he trudges gloomily up to his bedroom.  Surprise registers on his face when he finds the beautiful brunette, sleeping peacefully in his bed.

04-02-16_12-39-20 PM

This has to mean something, he thinks to himself. She must have feelings for me if she wants to sleep in my bed!

04-02-16_12-40-35 PM

And suddenly Corey feels himself perk up just a bit.  He smiles sleepily at her beautiful face before climbing into bed beside her.

04-02-16_12-40-44 PM


Meanwhile, Jessamine sits alone and eats her dinner.  The “party” thought bubble above her head tells me she’s feeling optimistic about tomorrow’s elimination.  She chews slowly, fantasizing about the celebration they’ll have after Corey has officially chosen her as his leading lady.  Drinks and dancing and decorations, she thinks – and maybe – dare she dream it?  A wedding dress?

04-02-16_12-42-04 PM

As Jessamine feels her belly fill up, she wonders again where Corey has gotten to.  She’d been hoping to spend some time with him before the end of the night, but she can’t seem to find him anywhere!  She’s searched all over the mansion – everywhere but his room, that is.

Come to think of it, she hasn’t seen Namika lately, either.  And a dark, pained look crosses her face before she trudges off to bed, alone again.


It’s the middle of the night, and Corey can’t sleep.  He tosses and turns, suddenly uncomfortable with Namika’s warm body in his bed.  He thinks now of Jessamine, and springs out of bed – this isn’t fair to her.

His stomach grumbles, and Corey realizes he hasn’t eaten in hours.  He stumbles down to the kitchen and finds himself something to eat.

04-02-16_12-45-28 PM

His thoughts wander from Jessamine to Namika, and then from Namika back to Jessamine.  Being the Bachelor is a lot harder than he’d thought.  Corey thinks of Jessamine, and of the wonderful date they had together.  He’d never felt closer to her than he did that day in the village!  He felt so at ease with her, so comfortable – so free to be himself.  Just imagining Jessamine – smiling, cheerful, cute-as-a-button – he rolls a whim to be friendly with her.  But then there’s Namika, he thinks – sexy, exciting, hot-and-cold Namika, who keeps him on his toes and always has him guessing.  Life would never be boring with Namika, he thinks.

Corey is tugged from his thoughts when he hears footsteps behind him.

04-02-16_1-18-43 PM

Namika, of course.  She’d stirred when Corey got out of bed, and woke up with two whims for the Bachelor – one to be funny, and one, naturally, to kiss him (now you want to kiss him, Namika?  Really?).

She slides into the chair next to him, and opens with a joke.  Corey reacts well, and Namika heaves a sigh of relief.  So she hadn’t pushed him too far away after all!

04-02-16_1-19-55 PM

She’s gathering the courage to plant that kiss on him, when Corey excuses himself from the table.  He’s in desperate need of a shower (and by the trash bag thought bubble over Namika’s head, I’m sure she’s noticed).  The kiss will have to wait.

But not for long.

As soon as Corey is out of the shower, Namika pounces.  Corey is taken off guard, confused at first, but the feeling of her lips on his and her body against his chest overwhelms him, and Corey surrenders to the kiss.

Namika thinks of rocket ship woohoo.

04-02-16_1-24-50 PM

He pulls away, dazed, and then slowly, his senses return, and he eyes her warily.  What’s changed between yesterday and today, he wonders?

04-02-16_1-24-54 PM

Namika chats with him easily, as if all of this is normal.  As if she hadn’t rejected him six times just the previous day.

And then, suddenly, she (autonomously) launches herself at him again, hungry for another kiss.

But Corey’s thinking now – thinking about all those rejections, about the humiliation he’d felt each time she pushed him away.  And with her lips just centimeters from his, Corey shoves her back.

04-02-16_1-25-56 PM

“I just don’t get it, Namika!” he says.  “You run so hot-and-cold! Yesterday you want nothing to do with me, and now this?”

Namika pales.  “I care about you, Corey,” she says finally.  “I just don’t like competing for you, I guess,” she admits.  “I’m not acting myself.”

04-02-16_1-26-23 PM

Corey sighs.  Can he really blame her?  How would he react if it were him in her shoes?  But Corey hesitates, and asks himself – how can he be sure that the Namika he knows is the real Namika?


Meanwhile, Jessamine rises from bed and listens to the silence around her.  She’s sure she knows where Namika slept last night, and Jessamine is feeling determined. Today is a new day, she thinks.  And of course, it’s her last chance.

04-02-16_1-28-07 PM

Whatever developed on Namika and Corey’s 24-hour date, Jessamine knows she has to make her presence known.  She has no choice but to demand his attention.

And she knows no better way to do that than with a hot, steamy (autonomous) kiss.

04-02-16_1-30-47 PM

Corey eagerly falls into her arms, liking the familiar scent of her and the way she relaxes into the kiss.  This feels easy, he thinks.  It feels right. 

04-02-16_1-32-11 PM


It’s afternoon by now, and as Jessamine prepares herself a gourmet lunch, she’s beginning to feel very confident.  Whether it’s because of her skills in the kitchen or her faith in Corey’s feelings for her, I don’t really know.

Jessamine picks up her plate, and instead of heading outside to the picnic table or to the dining room table, she goes in search of Corey, and settles in next to him as he fiddles around on the computer.

04-02-16_1-59-05 PM

They chat amicably, and Corey is able to fulfill his whim to be friendly with Jessamine.

04-02-16_2-00-11 PM

Meanwhile, Namika is spinning a web of her own.  She (autonomously) seeks Corey out for a romantic embrace, but her aim isn’t to rile Jessamine.  After Corey’s rejection of her kiss, Namika needs to show Corey just how much he means to her….and that means an intimate, private moment.

Namika leads Corey downstairs, away from prying eyes, and draws him into her arms.

04-02-16_2-02-25 PM

Luckily, Corey allows it, but he doesn’t stick around long to chat.  Instead, he heads upstairs, where Jessamine makes room for him next to her on the couch.

04-02-16_2-14-19 PM

She blows a kiss…

04-02-16_2-04-23 PM

He blows a kiss….

04-02-16_2-12-38 PM

And then Namika enters the room.  She approaches Corey, and I notice that there’s an autonomous action in her queue for another embrace.

04-02-16_2-05-16 PM

She’s feeling slighted that Corey left high and dry, especially in favor of Jessamine’s company.  And so now, Namika’s aim is to rile the competition.

But Jessamine is onto her, and beats her to the punch.

04-02-16_2-05-23 PM

All it takes is one (autonomous) blown kiss, and Namika’s face falls.

04-02-16_2-05-34 PM

But she’s not giving up yet.  Namika reaches out in pursuit of the embrace…

but Corey, with Jessamine just a few feet away, shrugs off Namika’s advances.

04-02-16_2-06-56 PM

Where Jessamine should feel vindicated, her drama queen tendencies come to the surface.  Despite Corey’s rejection of Namika, Jessamine suddenly feels betrayed.  Both women are feeling very sad, and they each have the “drifting love” moodlet.  It seems tensions are running high, and everyone is beginning to buckle under the pressure of it all.

04-02-16_2-07-28 PM

Moments later, I see that Namika’s phone is ringing and I look to see who’s calling.  Surprise, surprise – it’s our old friend Paige, and she wants to come over for a visit!  In the interest of drama, I hit accept, and soon Paige arrives on the doorstep.

She immediately settles in for a little pow-wow with Namika, and it becomes obvious who she’s rooting for here.

04-02-16_2-10-53 PM

She gives Namika a little pep talk, but as soon as she finds herself alone, Paige wanders off in search of Corey, and I see that she’s in a flirty mood.  Maybe she’s not on Namika’s side here, after all!

04-02-16_2-17-22 PM

But Corey isn’t interested in Paige, especially not after the unkind words she had for him the day she was eliminated.  Still, he feels badly for hurting her, and so he chats with her for a bit, catching up.

When Paige’s visit comes to an end, she throws a flirty wink at Corey before hugging Namika goodbye.

04-02-16_2-19-20 PM

She squeezes Namika’s hand reassuringly, and then passes Jessamine in the hall as she heads for the door.

Paige looks Jessamine up and down, sizing her up.  “If you think he’d choose you over her,” she whispers, “you’re kidding yourself.  Just look at her, Jessamine.  And then look in the mirror.”

04-02-16_3-52-21 PM

And with that, Paige is gone.


The day draws on and finally, it is time for the final Elimination Ceremony to begin.

04-02-16_6-57-16 PM.png

Corey stands before the women, and he knows exactly what must be done.  He takes a deep breath, and calls the name of the first woman : Namika.

She stands, smiling broadly, and casts her eyes skyward.  Of course he’s chosen  her!

04-02-16_6-54-01 PM

She approaches Corey triumphantly, as Jessamine looks on sadly.

04-02-16_6-57-35 PM

Corey turns his gaze to Namika.  “Namika,” he begins slowly, “You are an amazing woman.  Your spirit and fire are second to none, and you are a force to be reckoned with.  There’s no doubt that a life with you would be full of excitement and adventure.”

Namika smiles up at him expectantly, but Corey’s expression turns suddenly serious.  “Any man would be lucky to have you,” he continues.  “But…. that man isn’t me.  I’m sorry, Namika.”

(Corey has a speech bubble with an axe in it – because he’s giving her the axe!)

04-02-16_6-58-27 PM

04-02-16_6-58-47 PM

Shocked, tears spring to her eyes.  The rejection stings like a slap to the face.  She buries her face in her hands, desperately reaching for the right response.  She’s angry, she realizes – fuming.  How could he reject her like this?  And for Jessamine?!

04-02-16_6-59-44 PM

But as she takes a deep breath, Namika realizes something.  She’s angry, yes, but because she has lost the competition, not because she’s lost Corey.  She picks up her head and smiles.

“Whatever,” she says to him flippantly.  “There’s a million fish in the sea, Corey.  And you’re just a minnow.  I’m looking for a shark.”

04-02-16_7-01-38 PM

Farewell, Namika Phan.  I hope your shark has a lot of teeth.

04-02-16_7-03-01 PM


Meanwhile, back in the ceremony room…

04-02-16_7-05-12 PM

Corey draws away from Jessamine and looks her in the eyes.  “I knew from the beginning it would be you,” he tells her.  “With you, I’m happy and comfortable, and I can truly be myself.  I’ve never met a woman like you before, Jessamine.  Will you do me the honor of becoming my…..girlfriend?”

04-02-16_7-05-27 PM

Jessamine is giddy – perhaps a bit disappointed in the lack of proposal, but she’ll be Corey’s girlfriend any day, and she tells him as much.

04-02-16_7-08-03 PM

Corey kisses her on the cheek and then smiles down at her again.  “You might have won the competition, Jessamine, but I think I’m the real winner today.”


For reference, here are the final standings as per Corey’s romantic relationship panel:

04-02-16_6-11-13 PM.png

Namika lost a TON of romance points from all of those kiss rejections on her 24-hour date, but Corey’s rejection of her embrace (the one in front of Jessamine) was what really sealed the deal.


Later that evening, Corey and Jessamine are alone in the mansion.  They’ll have to vacate in the morning, but they still have a few hours to themselves, and Corey asks Jessamine to meet him outside by the cliff.

He still has one last trick up his sleeve.

04-02-16_7-17-55 PM

04-02-16_7-17-39 PM

04-02-16_7-18-35 PM

04-02-16_7-19-22 PM

And they both lived happily ever after 😉


So, now that my Bachelor Experiment has come to a close, here are my thoughts on the experience.

  • Jessamine was the only contestant who was MY sim.  I really don’t think I favored her at all (in fact, quite the opposite), but it’s kind of strange that Corey and Jessamine were the only two sims in this competition who were created by me…and they fell for each other.  Though I don’t think this affected the outcome, I’m incredibly thankful for all the bachelorettes that have been submitted for my Duckling to Swan: The Bachelor, Hasslich Edition so that I won’t have to submit any of my own!
  • The more diverse personalities in a Bachelor Challenge, the better.  When I chose the contestants for this challenge, I basically just downloaded based on girls I thought were cute.  Unfortunately, they mostly all had “positive” traits.  I think that the more hot-headed, jealous, etc sims involved, the more the drama and the better the story!
  •  I originally wanted to give roses at each elimination ceremony, but quickly realized that was a terrible idea.  Without player interference, it can be really tough to get the romantic ball rolling – giving roses only creates jealousy and hurts the already fragile romantic relationships that develop.
  • The best ideas I had through this challenge were the one-on-one flirty dates, and then the 24-hour dates in the end.  I was glad that I waited until there were only 4 girls left for the flirty dates, because I’d been able to ascertain that Corey was at least somewhat romantically interested in each of them BEFORE I meddled.  I didn’t want to manufacture a romance where there otherwise would be none.  But the flirty dates really did help to differentiate between the girls and Corey’s feelings for each of them.

In the end, I had a TON of fun with this!  I do wish we had some kind of real attraction system for this type of challenge, but even lacking that, a Bachelor Challenge can work out with the right amount of patience, and a small amount of player interference/pushing.

I will be moving Corey and Jessamine into a household in my main save (The Hasslich Prettacy) so that maybe someday, one of my spares can marry their beautiful offspring!  Which is maybe a little weird, because, guess what?  Jessamine is ACTUALLY a made over version of my absolute favorite Hasslich lady, Emmeline!

Anyway, Corey and Jessamine are uploaded to the gallery under #bachelorexperiment.

If you enjoyed my Bachelor Experiment, and would like to participate in my next round of The Bachelor, please visit my thread on The Sims Forums – Duckling to Swan – The Bachelor, Hasslich Edition – to submit a bachelorette of your own!

Thanks for reading!



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