The Bachelor Experiment : Day Nine (Elimination #3)

On the morning of Elimination 3, Corey wakes up feeling nervous.  It’s time to send another girl home, and he still hasn’t decided who it will be.  Luckily, the ceremony isn’t scheduled to begin until sunset, giving Corey a few more hours to make up his mind.

It’s still very early morning, and the sun is just rising over the horizon.  Corey thinks he has a precious few minutes to himself before the day begins, but Jessamine is also an early riser and has rolled a whim to cloudgaze with Corey.

02-26-16_9-21-45 PM

Corey, ever the gentleman, spends the next hour laying beside Jessamine, making out shapes in the sky.

But Namika wakes soon after, and on the heels of their successful date yesterday, she rolls a whim to embrace Corey.  She waits patiently until Jessamine departs, and then moves in for the kill.

02-26-16_9-23-50 PM

They pull away, and Corey feels a rumble in his stomach. The morning has slipped away from him.  The bachelor has a long day ahead of him, and he’ll need to spend most of it with the two candidates for elimination.  This may be his last chance for breakfast, and so he heads to the kitchen in search of food – but he intercepted by Roskva, who autonomously strikes up a conversation.

Can we sit? she asks, and Corey agrees. Roskva is well aware that she’s on the chopping block, and she sees this rare moment alone as an opportunity to sway Corey in her favor.  But Corey gets a yellow heart thought bubble, confirming what I already know – he still doesn’t see Roskva as anything more than a close friend.

02-26-16_9-19-56 PM

Their moment alone is, of course, short-lived, as the rest of the household is beginning to wake up.  Jessamine joins them in the living room, and Roskva, feeling dejected, trudges off for the yoga mats.

But if Jessamine was hoping for her own private moment with the bachelor, she is sorely disappointed.  Namika is more than confident of her place in Corey’s heart, but she’s not taking any chances with the blonde who first caught his attention.

02-26-16_9-16-16 PM

For once, drama llama Jessamine doesn’t burst into tears.

But Corey still hasn’t had any breakfast, or any lunch for that matter – it’s well past noon by now and elimination is drawing near.  Hunger be plummed, Corey sets off in search of Paige.

I have him initiate a flirt interaction with her, and Paige (romantic that she is) responds well.

02-16-16_9-53-28 PM

02-16-16_9-54-18 PM

This little interlude wins Paige a few more romance points, and some more friendship points as well.  But it’s only fair for Corey to allow Roskva the same chance, and so he goes looking for her next.

Corey initiates a flirt interaction with Roskva, and she is clearly tickled by his attentions.

02-16-16_9-49-32 PM

They sit to chat, and for a brief moment Roskva thinks she might be able to save her own skin.  She gets a pink heart thought bubble – there’s no question she has a crush.  But no sooner does she sit down next to Corey than Namika saunters up and joins them.

02-16-16_9-51-02 PM

Namika immediately launches into a dramatic story, drawing Corey’s attention away from Roskva.  Namika is all friendly smiles to Corey’s face, but when he’s not looking, Namika taunts Roskva, flashing her crazy eyes at her.

02-16-16_9-51-48 PM

But Roskva is a class act, and though she gets a thought bubble with Namika’s face X’ed out, she doesn’t retaliate.

What neither of the girls know is that Corey is actually checking the time.  There are only two hours left before elimination, and still, Roskva and Paige are neck and neck – one of them IS ahead, but only marginally.  I decide to intervene, and send them to face off through a dance off.

02-16-16_9-58-46 PM

02-16-16_9-58-14 PM

But Corey never even notices, and the dance-off is a bust, leaving Corey to send one of them home, however uncertain he may be.


When the hour arrives, the contestants all gather in the ceremony hall to wait for Corey.  Paige shows up looking tense already, and Roskva has to remind her to change into her formal wear.  It seems an unlikely friendship has formed between the two – desperate times call for desperate measures!

02-26-16_9-27-01 PM

Roskva chats cheerily to Paige, but it quickly becomes clear that her happy mood was nothing but an act. Roskva is even more tense than Paige.

02-26-16_9-29-28 PM

The contestants all sit to wait, and Roskva is visibly frazzled.  Try as she might, she just can’t seem to contort her face into a smile.  Colleen, too, looks less than confident, and even Jessamine seems unsure.  Only Namika seems cool and collected.  She arrived feeling energized, in the knowledge of her triumph.

02-26-16_9-32-26 PM

When Corey finally arrives, a hush falls in the ceremony room.  Corey is still hungry, and he is visibly troubled.  He’s made up his mind, but it was an extremely close call.  He can only open he’s making the right decision tonight.

02-26-16_9-42-31 PM

Corey takes a deep breath, and predictably, calls Namika’s name first.  Their date the previous day was an undeniable success.  Corey wonders now why he didn’t notice her sooner, but as Namika presses against him in a long embrace, he feels increasingly glad they’ve had the chance to connect.

02-26-16_9-35-36 PM

None of the other women look particularly happy with this development, and Namika shoots a murderous look at Colleen as she returns to the mansion.  She’s all giggles and butterflies in front of Corey, but there’s a side of Namika he hasn’t seen!

02-26-16_9-37-58 PM

But as soon as she’s out of sight, Namika’s face lights up, and she floats back inside with a bounce in her step.  First rose of the night – just as she expected.

02-26-16_9-38-25 PM


Corey calls Jessamine next.  While she’s fallen in the standings after Namika’s quick climb to the top, Corey is still highly attracted to Jessamine and has rolled numerous whims for her.  She puts on a happy face and manages not to throw a tantrum over being called second, which I think is actually a pretty big moment for Jessamine.

02-26-16_9-39-56 PM

But as she turns and walks back inside, the look on her face tells me she’s only barely holding it together.  Likewise, Corey’s stress headache is only getting worse.

02-26-16_9-41-59 PM

But our bachelor rallies, and next to be called is Colleen.  Their romance bar is only just barely there, but it’s obvious that Corey feels a spark.

02-26-16_9-44-13 PM

Paige and Roskva are officially panicked. Well, Roskva is, anyway.  Paige just looks stunned – I think she was expecting a miracle.

But as Colleen turns and walks back to the mansion, she looks down at Paige with smug satisfaction.  I get the sense Colleen is gunning for Paige to go home…

02-26-16_9-45-42 PM

But in the end, Colleen is just glad she’s safe, for tonight.  Her position here in the mansion may be precarious, but Colleen is determined to be the last woman standing.

02-26-16_9-45-55 PM

Corey is left now with only Roskva and Paige.  He takes a deep breath, and calls the name of the last girl…

And it’s Roskva.  She jumps to her feet and joins him at the front.

02-26-16_9-48-54 PM

02-26-16_9-48-21 PM

Neither Paige nor Roskva have a romance bar with Corey, but Roskva’s friendship bar is just a smidgen higher.  It’s enough to save her, and she breathes a sigh of relief, grateful for another chance.  She knows if Corey only gives her a chance, he’ll feel the undeniable chemistry between them.

02-26-16_9-49-19 PM

But Paige….well, Paige is furious.

02-26-16_9-49-41 PM

02-26-16_9-49-57 PM

As Roskva walks off, she glances back at Corey and Paige.  She saw the look on Paige’s face, and she knows that Corey is in for an earful.

02-26-16_9-50-54 PM

Meanwhile, Paige sits, raging in silence.  Corey’s head is pounding and he knows that Paige will not accept this defeat with grace.  He is dreading this confrontation.

02-26-16_9-51-33 PM

Finally, he turns to look at her, and with that she flies at him.

02-26-16_9-52-44 PM

“You pitiful excuse for a man!” she proclaims.  “You wouldn’t know a real woman when you see one!  You want one of those silly little girls, be my guest! But this real woman’s body?” – she silhouettes her figure – “is off limits for little boys like you.”

Paige turns in a huff and stalks away, leaving Corey shuffling his feet.

02-26-16_9-53-13 PM

Paige makes her way through the mansion, and heads for the front door.

02-26-16_9-54-13 PM

02-26-16_9-55-06 PM

Roskva, for one, won’t be sorry to see her go.  So much for that budding friendship.

02-26-16_9-56-54 PM

02-26-16_9-57-31 PM

So long, Paige.








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5 responses to “The Bachelor Experiment : Day Nine (Elimination #3)

  1. Such a superb chapter! I absolutely loved the elimination part. The pictures were excellent; the facial expressions priceless. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooooh, it’s getting closer and closer! Down to four! Paige was so pretty, but always seemed to have attitude. I’m still liking Namika, but I’m interested to see how it plays out for him… you never know what will happen!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Paige was just too much woman for Corey 😉

    Nah, but I’m glad Roskva gets to stay. She’s a sweetheart and is definitely one of the most genuine of the girls. Another fun update!


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