The Bachelor Experiment : Day Eight

It’s Day Eight of The Bachelor Experiment, and Namika wakes up feeling confident.  I freaking love this girl, but she hasn’t rolled any whims for Corey overnight, and I’m wondering if that bodes well for their one-on-one date.

02-16-16_8-49-03 PM

A few of the other contestants have rolled whims for Corey, though.  Jessamine has rolled a whim to be friendly, so I send her to initiate the “brighten day” interaction.  Corey responds well, and Jessamine seems placated in the face of his date with Namika.  She’s feeling a little threatened, I think, because she gets the “moving boxes” thought bubble.   Jessamine needs to procure a date of her own if she doesn’t want to be sent packing.  She is one of only three contestants with a romance bar for Corey, but that won’t do her much good if she doesn’t get some alone time with him soon.

02-16-16_9-30-31 PM

Paige, too, rolls a whim for Corey, but she would rather “be funny.”  After their stargazing session the previous night, their friendship bar has skyrocketed, and they have become Good Friends.  I was hoping for a more romantic whim from Paige, but I send her to tell an inside joke, and their friendship blossoms just a little more.

It’s clear that Corey has always been attracted to Paige, but she’s determined to prove that there’s more her than a sexy hourglass figure.

02-16-16_10-06-58 PM

But Corey is feeling hungry, and he knows he’ll need sustenance before his big hiking date with Namika.  He says goodbye to Paige and heads to the kitchen, where he finds his date for the day.  They chat autonomously until Roskva enters the room.

02-16-16_9-22-56 PM

Roskva is determined to get Corey’s attention before he leaves for his date, and she rolls a whim to hug him.  She has literally wedged herself between the Namika and Corey, but Namika is unfazed.  She’s still feeling confident, and she knows she has the rest of the day to spend alone with Corey.  Roskva’s paltry little hug is nothing compared to what Namika has planned for Corey today.

02-16-16_9-22-03 PM

The hour is drawing near, so I send Namika and Corey to take care of a few needs before I send them off for their date.  Corey is using the bathroom when Colleen, suddenly desperate for a few moments alone with the bachelor, takes matters into her own hands – privacy be plummed.

02-16-16_5-49-10 PM

02-16-16_5-49-49 PM

But Colleen loses her nerve at the last minute.  She wanted to ask him for reassurance, but now, she thinks that sounds needy and insecure.  And maybe – just maybe – approaching him in the middle of a poo isn’t exactly appropriate.  So she just whistles as she washes her hands, and pretends she doesn’t see him sitting there on the toilet.  She keeps her eyes averted, quickly dries her hands, and leaves the room.  Corey’s dignity is spared, and I’m pleased to see him leave for his date in a happy mood.


Namika and Corey arrive at a camp site, and Namika is thrilled to learn that Corey has planned their date in Granite Falls.  She is an active sim after all, and hiking is right up her alley.

02-16-16_9-01-50 PM

They chat autonomously for a few minutes, but it isn’t long before Namika flips into a flirty mood.  Maybe it’s the flowers, or the birds and the bees, or maybe there’s just something in the air.  But Namika rolls a whim to flirt with Corey, and I’m happy to oblige.

02-16-16_9-07-51 PM

Corey feels his breath catch in his throat.  Namika is more beautiful than he’d even realized, with those striking blue eyes and long dark hair.  This small flirtation – this iota of encouragement – is all Corey needs to start feeling flirty himself.

And this is all it takes for things to really heat up.

All I do from here is fulfill whims, and direct them to go on their hike (i.e., relocate for some prettier scenery).  The rest is absolutely autonomous.

02-16-16_9-17-42 PM

02-16-16_9-08-39 PM

02-16-16_9-07-27 PM

02-16-16_9-13-28 PM

02-16-16_9-11-35 PM

02-16-16_9-16-27 PM

02-16-16_9-16-50 PM

02-16-16_9-02-01 PM

These two seriously cannot keep their hands off one another!  They roll whim after whim for one another, to be flirty, friendly, and funny, and they both have the “Totally Digging Me” moodlet.  I keep waiting for one of them to roll a First Kiss whim, but sadly, the dates ends before it can happen.

But Namika is not discouraged.  This date has been everything she hoped it would be, and then some.  She sees the longing in Corey’s eyes when he looks at her, and she knows exactly what it means.  Namika can sleep easy tonight. She will get that kiss soon.  She’s sure of it.


When Corey and Namika return to the mansion, Colleen is impatiently waiting for Namika.  She enthusiastically asks for all the details, but really she’s just fishing for information.  Of course, she doesn’t like what Namika has to say, and she gets a thought bubble of Namika’s face with an X over it.  Colleen, like Jessamine, is beginning to feel threatened.

02-16-16_8-47-47 PM

02-16-16_8-46-30 PM

But just as tensions are beginning to rise,  the fire alarm sounds and everyone rushes to the balcony, panic-stricken.

02-16-16_9-45-03 PM

Paige has started a fire on the grill.

Of course, we know by now that Corey is our hero, and he is quick to extinguish the fire.  The ladies huddle around behind him, and Jessamine clings to him, taking full advantage of the opportunity to press her yellow-underwear-clad body up against his.

02-16-16_9-44-41 PM

When the fire is out, the ladies disperse, but Corey is feeling confident from his heroics.  He rolls a whim to be flirty with Namika, and predictably, the interaction is happily reciprocated.  Still no First Kiss whim, but I think it’s only a matter of time.

02-16-16_9-47-44 PM

Corey turns and wanders off with a goofy grin on his face.  Namika turns to look at the charred remains of the grill.

02-16-16_9-45-29 PM

And she laughs.  No sense in taking things too seriously.  This girl knows how to keep things light!

02-16-16_9-46-11 PM

All in all, it’s been a good day for Namika.  She’s had a fabulous date with Corey, considerably upped their friendship bar, their romance bar, and her chances of obliterating the competition.  Elimination #3 is tomorrow, but Namika has nothing to worry about, and she knows it.

Suddenly playful, Namika heads off to play in the bath.

02-16-16_9-40-10 PM

But while Namika spends Elimination Eve feeling giddy and carefree, Corey still has a decision to make.  He feels confident in his top few choices, but as the days tick by and his relationships with the contestants grow, the question of who to send home has never been more difficult.

The bachelor has a tough night ahead of him, and even tougher elimination ceremony to face tomorrow.  But for now, Corey decides, the best he can do is keep calm and eat hot dogs.

02-16-16_10-04-13 PM






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7 responses to “The Bachelor Experiment : Day Eight

  1. lol @ that picture of Colleen washing her hands while Corey is using the toilet! I’m so glad that the date with Namika went well, they looked like they were having such a good time! I’ll be interested to see who ends up getting the first kiss!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That date with Namika looked like it played out incredibly! She’s super cool, so I approve heh. Excited to see who gets the boot next time!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. All caught up on the happenings in the Bachelor estate again, yay! I think it is awesome how all the personalities of the ladfies shine thru so well in this challenge. great job there I feel Corey is the one I got to know the least which makes it even more interesting to me to see the next elimination 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • You know it never occurred to me that we should get to know Corey!! You’ve just given me an idea 🙂 I’m very glad you mentioned this – I’m planning to do another Bachelor/Bachelorette series soon with a sim from my prettacy and (hopefully!) contestants submitted through the forums. This is a tidbit I will be taking forward!

      Liked by 1 person

      • My pleasure, peachykeen 🙂 I have so much reading up to do on stories here and catching up on the Hasslich’s is definitely among them. I am sampling though to keep up a little. But now especially I am looking forward to more Bachelor/Bachelorette action. Will keep an eye out and may even submit a sim if I see the call to arms 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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