The Bachelor Experiment : Day Seventeen

It’s late afternoon on Day Seventeen, and Corey and Namika are ready to head off for their 24-hour date.  Luckily for them, there’s nowhere more romantic than a beautiful tropical island (“My Tropical Island” – original by Cbear1313, reno by gothkittymimi).

03-19-16_10-28-33 PM

The sun is shining and the heat is rising, and as the date begins, Namika formulates her plan of attack.  She and Corey have only just arrived, but Namika immediately takes off on her own to explore the beautiful tropical paradise – leaving Corey in the dust, gaping after her.

03-19-16_10-29-27 PM

Corey, of course, has other plans, and he rolls a whim to cloudgaze with Namika.  He’s not on a tropical island with a gorgeous woman to hang out alone, after all, and being the Bachelor does have its perks – namely, getting your way all the time.  So I send him after Namika to initiate the interaction.

03-19-16_10-31-57 PM

Things are going smoothly, and it doesn’t take long for the romantic atmosphere to have an effect on Corey.  It looks like he wants to get this show on the road, because he rolls a whim to kiss Namika.  As always, I’m more than happy to oblige.

Sadly, Namika is not happy to oblige.  It seems this is step one in her extremely predictable and very risky game of hard to get.  She brushes him off with a look of disgust, and Corey is not only humiliated, but perplexed.  He thought Namika liked him!

03-19-16_10-33-50 PM

But Namika apologizes half-heartedly, complaining of a headache.  She says she’s just not feeling herself.  Corey buys it hook, line, and sinker – but I wonder if there’s more to this than meets the eye.

03-19-16_10-34-21 PM

Corey is an understanding (i.e. naive) kind of gent, though, so he accepts her apology and they move on seamlessly from the unfortunate moment.  Maybe there’s hope for this date after all.

Recovering from the embarrassment of Namika’s rejection, Corey launches into a dramatic story, and his date quickly perks up.  Namika seems fascinated by Corey’s storytelling prowess, and before long, they’re all smiles once again.

03-19-16_10-34-11 PM

Namika suggests they take a selfie to document their time together in the tropics, and the lean in close to get the shot.  She leans her head against his shoulder as they review the photo.  What’s all this hot and cold about, Namika?

03-19-16_10-34-55 PM

At this point, Namika decides to check out a little more of the lot, and she heads off on her own again.  Corey follows close behind, and they stop beside a small bridge.

03-19-16_10-40-45 PM

They chat awhile with the flowers and the water as their backdrop, and Corey gets Namika laughing while he tries to figure out how to score that kiss.  Despite the previous shut down, he still has the whim to plant one on her, and now he’s even thinking about rocket ship woohoo.

03-19-16_10-39-40 PM

Namika seems to be in a good mood, and Corey decides to take his chances.  And so, he tries again…

But Namika still isn’t having it.

03-19-16_10-39-06 PM

03-19-16_10-39-25 PM

Having been rejected twice now, Corey is fed up.  He turns and trudges away from Namika without meeting her eyes.  He needs a drink now – and a little space couldn’t hurt, either.  He actually rolls a whim to be friendly with Jessamine now, and I think maybe Namika is digging her own grave here.

But as he mixes his drink, Corey begins to feel a little better – inspired, even!  He smiles for the first time in hours, his apparent talent for mixology giving him a much-needed confidence boost.

But it isn’t long before Namika follows him to the bar, and I can only hope she won’t crush him again.

03-19-16_10-43-20 PM

Namika slides onto the bar stool, and surprisingly, opens with a flirtatious wave.  Corey is caught off guard, but he’s thrilled to see that Namika is finally coming around.  He returns her wave with a suggestive wave of his own – lucky for Namika, Corey is quick to forgive a pretty face.

03-19-16_10-44-38 PM

03-19-16_10-46-29 PM

When their tropical drinks are empty, Corey feels his stomach grumble and he looks at his watch, surprised to find that the hour for dinner has long passed. But Namika is hungry, too, and so Corey pulls out all the stops – nothing fancier or more romantic than a grilled cheese dinner!  Or at least so he hopes…

And in the end, it seems Namika is quite impressed, because suddenly, she’s full of compliments.

03-19-16_10-49-04 PM

They finish up their sandwiches and happily launch into easy conversation.

03-19-16_10-52-44 PM

Corey shares a secret…

03-19-16_10-53-43 PM

Namika offers a hug…

03-19-16_10-53-23 PM

And there’s even a fair bit of flirting!

03-19-16_10-54-16 PM

But when Corey leans in for the kiss….

03-19-16_10-54-37 PM

03-19-16_10-52-13 PM

Talk about mixed signals!

Namika storms out of the room and outside to the pool.  Corey is feeling exhausted by now – his energy is in the red, and who could blame him?  Namika’s mind games would tire anyone, I think.

But Corey is determined to find out what’s going on.  What happened to the fun, spirited, carefree girl he fell for on that hike?  What happened to the easy chemistry that sparked between them?

He follows Namika outside, and joins her on the edge of the pool.

03-19-16_10-41-16 PM

“I think maybe we should talk, Namika,” he begins.

03-19-16_10-41-38 PM

But Namika doesn’t walk to talk.  She shoots him a sideways look, and without a word, she’s gone.

03-19-16_10-42-05 PM

Corey sighs heavily, defeated.  It’s late, he’s tired, and Namika isn’t acting like the Namika he thought he knew.  He shakes his head sadly, and retires to bed.


03-19-16_11-05-52 PM


Early the next morning, Namika wakes grumpily to a crick in her neck.  Having spent the night cramped up on an outdoor ottoman, it comes as no surprise she’s feeling stiff and sore.

03-19-16_11-04-51 PM

03-19-16_11-05-30 PM

But it’s all worth it in the end, she reminds herself.  It’s all part of the plan.  She considers her next move carefully, and rolls a whim to cloudgaze with Corey, who dutifully joins her on the concrete.

03-19-16_10-59-07 PM

Afterwards, the conversation begins to flow and the pair is off to a good start.  A new dawn, a new day, right?

03-19-16_11-00-55 PM

Corey thinks he’s got Namika buttered up pretty good by now, so it’s probably the perfect time to finally get that kiss.  Third time’s a charm, right?


03-19-16_11-02-42 PM

03-19-16_11-02-48 PM

Namika is SO not having it, she even shoved him out of the frame!  (Actually, I was so sure it would work this time that it happened too fast for me to catch it).

Once again, Corey is leaving feeling humiliated and rejected, and he’s wondering if Namika is really worth all this pain.

03-19-16_11-03-16 PM

Corey looks at her warily and then walks away with a heavy heart.

Namika, on the other hand, puffs her chest and watches with satisfaction as he goes.  Operation Hard-To-Get is going exactly as planned, she thinks, cocking an eyebrow.

03-19-16_11-01-44 PM

But I wonder — has she pushed him too far?


Namika spends the next few hours practicing her yoga routine while she gives Corey a little space to cool off.

03-19-16_11-07-16 PM

The date is drawing to a close, and Namika is ready to bring her game to its conclusion as well.  The next time Corey tries to kiss her will be the time she lets him kiss her – and she’s sure he’ll be that much more smitten, having finally caught the mouse.  Men always want what they can’t have, she reminds herself, and Corey’s continual advances (despite her continual rejections) only go to prove her point.

It’s time to make herself available, she decides, so Namika goes to the game room, where Corey is certain to find her, clad in a crop top and tight-fitting yoga pants.

She watches TV while she waits…

03-19-16_11-08-35 PM

And waits some more, until she begins to grow impatient.

03-19-16_11-08-53 PM

And just when she wonders if she should relocate, Corey enters the room.  And he’s feeling frisky.

He offers her a hug, and Namika jumps at the chance to get close.  It won’t be long now, she thinks, until his lips are on hers!

03-19-16_11-12-36 PM


She lingers a bit, but Corey gently extracts himself from the hug, engaging her in conversation instead.

03-19-16_11-12-07 PM

But Namika is tired of talking.  She’s ready for her kiss now, and she bats her eyelashes and looks up at him, doe-eyed, willing him to lean in.

03-19-16_11-11-30 PM

When Corey grabs her hand, Namika’s heart flutters in her chest.  This is it!  This is her moment!

03-19-16_11-11-07 PM

Namika closes her eyes and tilts her chin up, waiting…

But Corey’s lips land not on hers, but on the back of her hand.

03-19-16_11-10-08 PM

Afterwards, Corey heads off for the bathroom, leaving Namika to wonder what just happened.  He’d been trying to kiss her for the past 24 hours!  What had changed?  Had she actually pushed him too far?  Had she blown her last chance with The Bachelor?

Namika sighs and goes to shower.  The date is over in just a few hours now, and she might as well clean herself up, ready herself for her inevitable defeat at Elimination tomorrow.

But when she’s showered and dressed and mere minutes from the end of the date, Corey seeks her out again, and compliments her appearance.

03-19-16_11-26-27 PM

Namika rallies internally.  It’s not over til it’s over! she thinks.

She pulls him in for a long, close embrace, and struggles with an internal debate – should she wait for him to try to kiss her again, or should she just go for it herself? (note: she can’t go for it herself, because she hasn’t rolled the whim to kiss Corey).

03-19-16_11-23-11 PM

They’re both in flirty moods now and I’m playing beat the clock as the seconds tick by.  Just as I’m about to instruct Corey to try to kiss her one last time, the date ends and I’m forced to send them home.

Still, Namika looks confident as she exits the premises, and Corey seems intrigued by the entire experience.

03-19-16_11-24-56 PM

Namika smirks as she walks out the door.

I’ve got him just where I want him, she thinks.  Watch out, Jessamine!












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