The Bachelor Experiment : Day Fourteen

03-06-16_1-49-23 PM

It’s Day Fourteen and Corey jumps out of bed in a happy mood.  It’s the day of his date with Jessamine, and it’s obvious that he’s looking forward to it.

Namika is still sound asleep on “her” side of the bed, and Corey takes the moment of privacy to book the plans for today’s date.

03-06-16_1-50-18 PM

He tiptoes out of the room in search of breakfast, careful not to wake Namika.

But Namika stirs, sensing the emptiness of the bed, and follows Corey to the breakfast table.  She’s rolled a whim to “be friendly” with him, and so she settles into the chair next to him and makes some small talk.  Namika isn’t about to send Corey off on his one-on-one with Jessamine without first reminding him of her exceptional charm and beauty.

Corey thinks of llamas as he digs into his mac and cheese.  I don’t see the connection, but maybe the mac and cheese uses llama milk instead of cow milk?

Namika just stares at him, searching his face for signs of dread for his impending date.  She can’t imagine that Corey actually wants to spend time alone with Jessamine.  But such are the rules of The Bachelor, and Namika assures himself that he’s only playing the part he signed up for.

03-06-16_2-06-30 PM

But Corey’s happy mood does nothing to comfort Namika, and soon she’s off in a huff.  Which is fine, because it’s time for Corey’s date to begin anyway.

Knowing that Jessamine loves the outdoors, Corey has planned for a date at The Bluffs.  He knows Jessamine will enjoy the scenery, and maybe – just maybe – Corey is hoping for a little skinny dip in the pond.

When they arrive, he starts off the date on a good note, offering Jessamine a friendly hug.

03-07-16_7-22-12 PM

Both Corey and Jessamine are in a happy mood, but Jessamine wants to heat things up.  In an effort to steer things in a romantic direction, she compliments his appearance.  And who could blame her?  Corey does look dashing in that denim shirt.

03-07-16_7-22-45 PM

Autonomous chatting ensues, until I intervene – for scenery purposes, I send them down the hill to continue their date.

They share another friendly hug…

03-07-16_7-34-37 PM

And Jessamine compliments Corey again.  She’s really laying it on thick, now – “You’re so good-looking, Corey!” she muses.

03-07-16_7-33-52 PM

“Oh no, Jessamine – you are!”

03-07-16_7-32-53 PM

And Jessamine can’t argue with that.  She’s so flattered that she blows him a kiss.

03-07-16_7-34-51 PM

And of course, Corey responds in turn.  Ever heard of mirroring?  Yeah, well, these two are the perfect example.

03-07-16_7-33-14 PM

At the very least, they’re on the same page.  Corey must be feeling particularly close to Jessamine, because he reveals his deepest, darkest secret to her – something about a back ache?

03-07-16_7-35-01 PM

Whatever it is, Jessamine looks momentarily perturbed, but she quickly puts her game face on.

And what a game face it is! She flirts…

03-07-16_7-24-29 PM

And he flirts back…

03-07-16_7-28-45 PM

And suddenly Jessamine is moving in for the kill.  It’s time for her to tell Corey her deepest, dirtiest secret…

03-07-16_7-35-31 PM

And Corey is, of course, nothing less than enchanted.  Still, the date is coming to an end and neither of them have been feeling particularly amorous.  Neither of them has flipped into a flirty mood, and much to Corey’s dismay, there has been no skinny dipping.

In a last ditch effort to turn up the heat, Jessamine turns on the charm.

03-07-16_7-36-13 PM

03-07-16_7-36-28 PM

And ends the date with a sweet but demure peck on the cheek.

03-07-16_7-36-59 PM

Sure, she was hoping for something a little more racy, but this will have to do.

As their date concludes, Corey seems content, wrapped up in his phone as usual.  But Jessamine seems rather frustrated.  She sighs in annoyance and leaves Corey alone with his phone, taking the trash with her.

03-07-16_7-37-17 PM

Oh, no, Corey, she thinks to herself in exasperation.  No, it’s okay, really! Thanks for offering, but I’ll take out the trash.  You just go ahead and check Simbook.  Again. 


Back at the mansion, later that night, Corey spends some time with Roskva.

03-07-16_7-44-13 PM

I’ll admit, I use this opportunity to give them both a little nudge, to really see what’s between them.

03-07-16_7-42-17 PM

Corey is flattered by Roskva’s flirtation, but he doesn’t make a move in return.

Unfortunately for Roskva, their little interlude is (intentionally) interrupted by Jessamine, who is determined to make her presence known.  Roskva closes her eyes and tries to compose herself.

03-07-16_7-46-43 PM

She considers calling it a night, but in the end, she rallies.  Roskva is all too aware of tomorrow’s elimination, and she knows her time is running short.  She’s got to make her impression on Corey, now, Jessamine or no Jessamine.

And so she throws her hat in the ring.

03-07-16_7-46-50 PM

Jessamine cringes.  How could he?  After their special date today, how could he entertain a flirtation with Roskva right in front of her face?  She gets up noisily, intentionally creating a scene, and dramatically flops into a nearby chair.

“I’ll just give you two some space,” she grumbles.

But as Roskva chats happily with Corey, Jessamine’s anger only rises.

03-07-16_7-47-59 PM

03-07-16_7-48-14 PM

Jessamine rages, flailing her arms and shooting daggers their way.  But Roskva and Corey are far too busy to notice.

03-07-16_7-49-34 PM

The way they look at each other, it’s like they’re the only two people in the room.

And soon enough, they are.  Because Jessamine has had enough and storms off to bed.


Corey and Roskva pass the evening together, seemingly enjoying each other’s company.

03-07-16_7-47-09 PM

They talk late into the night, but finally, it’s time for bed, and they both head off in separate directions.

Corey trudges up to his bedroom, knowing that he has a tough decision to make and a long day ahead of him tomorrow.  There’s not much sleep in his future tonight, he thinks.

And sure enough, Namika also thinks there’s not much sleep in his future tonight.  She’s been suspiciously absent all night, and I can’t help but wonder what she’s up to.

Namika tiptoes to Corey’s bedroom (her bedroom, really, at this point).  But when she turns the handle, she finds the door is locked.

03-07-16_7-55-37 PM

She can’t believe it.  Corey has locked her out.

03-07-16_7-55-26 PM

Namika seethes.  How dare he?!  What does this mean?  Could someone else be in there with him?

No, she assures herself.  Certainly not.  Because who could compare with her?  But still, she thinks – something between them has changed…

03-07-16_7-55-09 PM

And she doesn’t like it one bit.





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2 responses to “The Bachelor Experiment : Day Fourteen

  1. Wow, the heat is really on now, isn’t it? Those faces the girls make when either of them hoggs his attention are priceless. Looking forward to elimination (does that make me a bad person?) lol

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