The Bachelor Experiment : Day Thirteen

On the morning of Day Thirteen, Namika wakes up to an empty bed.

03-03-16_9-44-27 PM

She was so sure this would work!  Not that Namika has anything to worry about. With only those two silly blondes left, she’s not exactly feeling threatened by the competition.  But still, Namika heard somewhere that when you sleep with someone, they form an attachment to you.  Apparently Corey is immune to science or something, she thinks.  It never occurs to her that he chose not to sleep next to her at all.  Oh well – Namika sighs.  It was worth a try.

Namika shakes it off and goes off in search of Corey.  She’s rolled a whim to “Be Funny” with him, and she wants to make sure that she’s the first one to make him laugh today.

03-03-16_9-46-25 PM

After their giggles subside, Namika goes to shower and dress, and Jessamine has woken up.  Since Corey rolled an overnight whim to flirt with her, I send him to complete the whim.

03-03-16_9-49-48 PM

Jessamine heaves a sigh of relief.  So her antics last night weren’t so disastrous after all.

Finally, Roskva wakes up and rolls a whim to be funny with Corey.  She makes a conscious decision to leave her garter belt on (hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!), and she gets a big, genuine belly laugh out of him as per usual.

Namika wanders through the living room and watches out of the corner of her eye.  Amateur, she thinks, as she sizes up Roskva.  Namika is unconcerned.

03-03-16_9-55-50 PM

But while Corey has enjoyed yet another morning of flirting with half-dressed women, it’s time to begin today’s competition.  The winner will be the lucky recipient of a one-on-one date tomorrow, and for Jessamine especially, there’s a lot on the line.  Out of the three women left, she is the only one who has not yet had a one-on-one date with The Bachelor.

I struggled with how to approach this next competition.  Part of me thinks I should just send Jessamine on the date, since she hasn’t had one yet, but another part of me thinks that’s unfair to the other girls, who had to win their dates.  In the end, I go with the competition, but that brings another internal debate, because I’m not sure what the competition should be.  In the end, I settle on a bartending contest.

03-05-16_10-29-26 PM

This seems fair, as I haven’t looked at any of the girls’ skill levels and don’t know if any of them would be slated to win.  I direct the three contestants to “make their favorite drink,” which adds an element of surprise that I like.  The contestant with the highest quality drink will win the date.

Right off the bat, things are looking a little hairy for Jessamine…

03-05-16_10-30-06 PM

Unsurprisingly, Namika seems more confident.

03-05-16_10-30-33 PM

And Roskva, who hesitates at first, ultimately looks like she’s got things under control.

03-05-16_10-31-52 PM

But in the end, I’m at a crossroads.  There is no clear-cut winner.

03-05-16_10-34-06 PM.png

Rovksa and Jessamine both make good quality Juice On The Rocks, and Namika makes a good quality Flaming Zesty Salt.

So I send Corey over to make his favorite drink.  Maybe the one whose taste in juice matches his should be the winner?

Corey makes a mess of the bar…

03-05-16_10-36-50 PM

and ends up with a Flaming Zest Salt – just like Namika!

03-05-16_10-37-30 PM

By my own rationale, that makes Namika the winner.  But that presents a problem, because Namika is already in the lead, and Jessamine and Roskva are basically at a tie.  If I send Corey on a second date with Namika, he still won’t know whether to keep Jessamine or Roskva.  So I come up with an alternate plan…

The contestants will face off at the chess table.  Corey doesn’t want a dummy for a girlfriend, so he decides to put their logic skills to the test.  I consider leaving Namika out of the chess competition entirely, but that seems wrong.  I promise myself that if Namika wins the chess tournament as well, she’ll get her date and I’ll find another way to get Corey to decide between Roskva and Jessamine.

I pit Namika against Jessamine for the first game.

03-06-16_12-49-45 PM

And (luckily for me), Jessamine comes out on top, giving her a victory moodlet and putting her in a confident mood.

03-06-16_12-51-48 PM

Namika slinks off, and I send Roskva to play against Jessamine.

03-06-16_1-16-19 PM

Roskva puts up a good fight, but in the end, Jessamine claims victory again. And again, actually, because in a moment of temptation, I give Roskva a second chance to beat Jessamine.  I just can’t help but want to help our underdog along! But Roskva succumbs again to Jessamine’s superior chess skills, and I know that Jessamine is indeed the winner.

I direct Corey to congratulate Jessamine with a friendly hug.

03-06-16_1-19-59 PM

While Jessamine flips into a flirty mood and bats her eyelashes at Corey, Namika and Roskva are chatting nearby.

03-06-16_1-21-36 PM

Namika, energized from her workout earlier, attempts to “rile up” Roskva.  Namika sees Jessamine as her biggest competition, and is not happy about her rival’s one-on-one date tomorrow.  But she doesn’t want Corey to think she’s feeling jealous, or threatened or insecure…because she’s totally not.  Really.  She’s not.

03-06-16_1-22-32 PM

Still, Namika plants the bug in Roskva’s ear – she “inspires” Roskva, so to speak – to break up the little love fest going on between Corey and Jessamine.

And Roskva buys it, hook line and sinker.

03-06-16_1-23-11 PM

Roskva marches straight over to Corey and interrupts the little love fest.  And fortunately for her, Jessamine excuses herself to use the bathroom…

03-06-16_1-24-30 PM

Leaving Roskva with a little on one one time with The Bachelor.


03-06-16_1-26-31 PM

But her moment in the sun doesn’t last very long.  Corey is hungry, and when his stomach growls, he leaves Roskva in the dust.  She drops for a set of push ups in a last ditch attempt to catch his attention, but Corey is gone.

03-06-16_1-28-19 PM

But Roskva is feeling energized, and she isn’t quite ready to give up.  She’s already lost tomorrow’s date, and she knows that she’ll need to work harder than ever if she wants to make it through the next Elimination ceremony.  So she springs to her feet, and follows Corey in pursuit of an autonomous hug.

03-06-16_1-30-46 PM

When Corey sits down to eat, Roskva initiates a flirt interaction…

03-06-16_1-31-58 PM

And then joins him at the table, where they enjoy a little alone time.

03-06-16_1-32-40 PM

03-06-16_1-31-12 PM

I keep waiting for one of the to initiate a romantic interaction.  I mean, come on guys!  Roskva made the first move already, but things are not exactly heating up.  It isn’t long before Corey stands to leave, and I see that he’s rolled two romantic whims – only, they’re both for Jessamine.

The first one is rather telling.  Corey rolls the whim to ask Jessamine to be his girlfriend.  This is the first time he’s rolled this particular whim for anyone in the house, and if you recall, Jessamine was also the only contestant that Corey rolled a whim to have a First Kiss with.  He does seem to be exceptionally attracted to her.

03-06-16_1-35-03 PM

Poor Roskva!

But luckily for her, Corey can’t ask Jessamine to be his girlfriend – it would break the rules of the competition.  Unluckily for Roskva, Corey also rolls a whim to Be Mischievous to Jessamine.  This is a whim that can be fulfilled, and as per my rules, I direct him to go trick Jessamine with a hand buzzer.

03-06-16_1-35-09 PM

Which leaves Roskva alone on the balcony, wondering what went wrong.


Corey finds Jessamine in a flirty mood (and she’s rolled a whim to woohoo).  He tricks her with the hand buzzer first, and then they spend some time chatting under the stars.

03-06-16_1-37-52 PM

Jessamine even reveals a deep secret.  I am very curious what it is!

03-06-16_1-40-27 PM

Eventually, the two part ways and Corey heads to bed.  He’s had a long day.  Jessamine, on the other hand, joins Namika and Roskva for a movie.

03-06-16_1-44-58 PM

Soon, Namika declares she is tired, and is going to bed.

Roskva shakes her head silently.  She knows exactly what Namika has in mind.

03-06-16_1-45-31 PM

And sure enough, Namika is a woman on a mission.

03-06-16_1-46-24 PM

Only this time, Corey lets her stay.  Her mama always told her, persistence pays off!

03-06-16_1-47-24 PM

As she drifts off to sleep, Namika touches her foot lightly to his, and she smiles.  Maybe this is love after all.




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