The Bachelor Experiment : Day Twelve (Elimination #4)

It’s Day Twelve, and the morning of Elimination #4.  Fortunately for Corey (and unfortunately for one of the ladies), there is no doubt in his mind as to who to send home.  It’s not an easy thing, breaking hearts – but such is the life of The Bachelor.

The morning passes quickly, as everyone sleeps in.  By the time they all wake up, it’s time for me to tend to their needs bars and get the ceremony started.

03-03-16_9-31-17 PM

Corey stands at the front of the ceremony hall, in a confident mood.  I’m glad to see he’s feeling good about his decision, because his relationship panel tells the whole story.  It’s an easy choice this time around, but as Corey looks at the four remaining women, he feels an underlying sense of regret.  They all look so beautiful, dressed to the nines, and he has truly formed a bond with each of them.

03-03-16_7-31-33 PM

The women stare at him intently, waiting for him to speak.  Only Jessamine is distracted by a string of dirty thoughts – her thought bubble shows she’s thinking about rocket ship woohoo!  But who could blame her?  Corey does look dashing in his formal wear tonight, and Jessamine is sure that after their kiss, her name will be the first to be called.

The room quiets, and Corey calls the name of his first choice: Namika.  This comes as no surprise to me, of course, but Jessamine and Roskva are both visibly pained.  Neither of them know that Corey has kissed all three of them, and both Roskva and Jessamine believed that the kiss was a sign of good things to come.

But Corey’s friendship bar with Namika is about 75% full, and their romance bar is about 50% full, making it the highest romance bar in the mansion.  They are currently listed as “lovebirds.”

Namika makes her way to the front as the others look on.

03-03-16_7-33-13 PM

I’ve nixed the whole rose-giving thing at the eliminations to avoid damaging Corey’s romantic relationships with the other women.  So I direct Corey to give Namika a friendly hug, which she happily returns.  But it’s clear that the other contestants are less than enthused – Corey’s obvious preference for Namika is more than a little discouraging.

03-03-16_7-35-02 PM

Namika pulls away from Corey, and as they chat, a money thought bubble appears over her head.

03-03-16_7-35-25 PM

Maybe she’s asking if there’s a cash prize for this thing, or how much Corey is actually worth.  Namika’s only going through the motions at this point – she’s got this thing in the bag, as far as she’s concerned. All that’s left to do is suss out the details – you know, choose a wedding dress, compile the guest list, and figure out exactly how rich she’ll be once they say “I do.”

03-03-16_9-01-10 PM

She saunters off with a dazed look on her face.  Good news about the money thing, I think.  Tall, dark, and handsome, good kisser, AND a life of luxury?  What’s not to love?

Once Namika is out of sight, Corey takes a deep breath and calls the next contestant:  Jessamine. She makes her way to the front, where Corey greets her with a warm hug.

03-03-16_9-04-05 PM

But as they pull away, Corey is shocked by the look on her face.  He thought she would be happy to stay, but Jessamine is visibly tense.

03-03-16_9-05-34 PM

I look at her moodlets, and see that she’s peeved that she hasn’t gotten more romantic attention lately.  As a romantic, the lack of romance really gets under her skin.  And as a drama llama, she chooses this moment to rake Corey over the coals.  Not cool, Jessamine.  Not cool.

But despite her drama queen tendencies, Corey still really likes Jessamine.  His romance bar with her is lower than Namika’s, but their friendship bar is higher, and they are listed as “lovebirds.” Corey feels bad that Jessamine is feeling neglected, and wants to make it up to her.

He autonomously initiates the “Ask Risque Question” interaction, which only irritates Jessamine further.  She wants romance, not a cheesy pick up line!

03-03-16_9-07-39 PM

Corey is dumbfounded, of course, and is left wondering what went wrong.  He only wanted to make things right!

03-03-16_9-08-14 PM

But finally, Jessamine comes to her senses, realizing that she’s probably just blown her last chance with The Bachelor.

03-03-16_9-10-08 PM

She blinks back tears, and I can’t help but feel sorry for her – just look at that face! But then again – maybe the pouty face is just more drama.  Maybe she’s just fishing for more attention from Corey?

Nonetheless, she trots off feeling sorry for herself, and leaves Corey alone with the last two contestants.

03-03-16_9-11-19 PM


03-03-16_9-02-31 PM

And, of course, this is the hard part. Corey doesn’t relish this, but the time has come, and he doesn’t question himself at all.  He calls the name of the final contestant:  Roskva.

Colleen looks hurt, but Roskva jumps up in excitement.

03-03-16_9-12-27 PM


Maybe their kiss meant something to him after all!  She throws her arms around Corey in a friendly hug, though her pink heart thought bubble makes it clear she wants more.

03-03-16_9-13-26 PM

They chat briefly, and Roskva expresses her thanks for being invited to stay another round.  Corey gets a vacuum in his speech bubble – he appreciates how Roskva is always cleaning up the mansion.  They are listed as “Just Good Friends,” but Corey’s romance bar with Roskva is just about equal with Jessamine’s.  And as a domestic sim, Corey finds himself drawn to Roskva’s family-oriented side.  She would make a good wife, he thinks.

03-03-16_9-14-10 PM

Roskva leaves…

03-03-16_9-15-58 PM

…and Corey is left to say goodbye to Colleen.  She is clearly not happy with this outcome.  I kid you not, Colleen was in a happy mood the entire ceremony – right up until now, when I have her approach Corey, and she flips into a tense mood, which she makes absolutely no attempt to hide.

03-03-16_9-23-09 PM

03-03-16_9-23-29 PM

But Corey keeps his cool an explains that he thinks they’re better off as just good friends – which is exactly how they’re listed in his relationship panel (the small romance bar they once had has now disappeared – for Corey, at least).

03-03-16_9-23-43 PM

Colleen drops her head in her hands, and tries to regain her composure.

03-03-16_9-23-55 PM

Finally, he offers her a friendly hug, and is pleasantly surprised that she accepts.

03-03-16_9-22-20 PM

Corey sighs with relief – he does care about Colleen (their friendship bar is very high!), but he just doesn’t feel a spark with her the way he does with the other girls.

Colleen seems to understand, and makes a show of accepting their newfound “friendship,” but the look on her face makes it clear it’s just pretense.  Corey is pretty much dead to her now.

03-03-16_9-19-53 PM

Colleen turns to leave – as she makes her way through the mansion, she contemplates stealing a thing or two, just to make a point.  She is a kleptomaniac, after all.

03-03-16_9-20-55 PM

Goodbye, Colleen.  You can steal a million knick knacks, but you can’t steal Corey’s heart.

03-03-16_9-25-43 PM

03-03-16_9-26-35 PM


…………Later that night…………..

Jessamine is unable to sleep.  She regrets her behavior at Elimination tonight, and is afraid she may have just dug her own grave.  She truly likes Corey, and wants to make it up to him, so she cooks up his favorite – grilled pineapple – and brings it to his room as a peace offering (i.e., I realize there’s an autonomous “compliment Corey’s appearance” in her queue, so I follow her).

03-03-16_9-34-23 PM


Jessamine knocks softly, but gets no response – so she eases the door open quietly.  This girl really has no regard for privacy.

03-03-16_9-34-53 PM

As she enters the room, she finds Corey sound asleep in his bed.  She thoughtfully decides not to wake him, and the “compliment appearance” action cancels itself.  Instead, she digs into the grilled fruit herself as she stands at the foot of his bed and watches him sleep.  Seriously – creeper much?

03-03-16_9-36-36 PM

She waits around for awhile, hoping for something to happen – maybe he’ll say her name in his sleep! But eventually, Jessamine gets bored and leaves.  Corey is gorgeous and all, but she has more interesting things to do (like maybe, get some sleep herself).

But Jessamine isn’t Corey’s only secret visitor tonight.  When she’s sure Jessamine and Roskva are asleep, Namika tiptoes quietly into Corey’s room and slips into bed beside him.

03-03-16_9-40-20 PM

03-03-16_9-40-48 PM

She wiggles down under the covers and snuggles up close to him before she drifts off to sleep.

But Corey is no fool.  Literally one minute after Namika is asleep, Corey jumps out of bed.  He’ll find somewhere else to sleep tonight….

03-03-16_9-41-13 PM

….and foiled again, Namika is none the wiser.



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