The Bachelor Experiment : Day Seven

It’s the morning of Day Seven and the contestants are reeling from Elimination the night before. No one expected Sandy to be the one to leave, and to make matters worse, she’s been calling them all incessantly since her departure.  The ladies all know they’re not allowed to answer, but they miss their friend.

For Colleen, however, the emotional roller coaster of the morning goes beyond Sandy’s departure from the mansion.

02-15-16_12-02-57 PM

I think she’s regretting the way she rebuffed Corey last night.  She knows the public rejection has only hurt her chances with the bachelor, and she’s clearly distraught.

02-15-16_12-02-29 PM

The other women chin up, though, and use the morning to fulfill their Corey-related whims.

Roskva rolls a whim for a friendly hug.  Still trying to work up to that kiss.

02-15-16_12-09-16 PM

Jessamine rolls a whim to tell him a joke…

02-16-16_5-42-43 PM

And Paige rolls a whim to be friendly.  She tries, but Colleen (in her copycat yoga pants!) wedges her way between the two of them.  She wants to apologize for last night, but Corey only looks past her to Paige.

02-16-16_5-46-40 PM

But it’s Namika that Corey seeks out autonomously.  She’s working out in the gym, and Corey is more than happy to watch keep her company.

02-15-16_12-05-51 PM

Corey just hopes she doesn’t tire herself out too much, because he knows that she’ll need her strength for today’s challenge.

At noon, he calls all the contestants out to the lawn for a test of stamina.  Corey’s aspiration is for a big happy family, after all, and he’s looking for a woman who can keep up with a football team of kids.

02-15-16_12-11-15 PM

I put the game on pause and direct all the contestants to “workout” on the treadmill.  Only Namika has been working out all morning, so her only option is “push the limits.” I wonder if this could be a detriment for her, but Namika is up for the challenge.

I press play, and they’re off.

02-15-16_12-19-18 PM

Right off the bat, Colleen is looking exhausted, but she’s trying to hang in there.  She needs to make a good impression today, to make up for her behavior last night.

02-15-16_12-14-37 PM

02-15-16_12-19-42 PM

Paige is looking tuckered out too.  Our not-so-charming princess isn’t used to much physical activity, and she’s disgusted by the sweat that’s dripping down her neck.

02-15-16_12-16-25 PM

For awhile it looks like a toss up between Paige and Colleen, and in the end, it’s Paige who gives up first.  She’s not proud of herself, but we all knew that exertion is just not her thing.  No man is worth B.O., as far as Paige is concerned.

02-15-16_12-22-36 PM

But she only beats Colleen by a hair.  Colleen hung in just long enough to not be dead last.  By the look on her face, I think she considers that a personal victory.

02-15-16_12-21-12 PM

Meanwhile, the rest of the contestants are going strong.  Show off that she is, Jessamine makes a point of running at a steep incline.  She’s sure she’s got this one in the bag.

02-15-16_12-14-58 PM

02-15-16_12-21-42 PM

And sure enough, Roskva falters next…

02-15-16_12-22-13 PM

And it’s down to Jessamine and Namika.  Namika, who started at a disadvantage, is going strong.

And as it turns out, slow and steady wins the race.

02-15-16_12-23-58 PM

02-15-16_12-23-25 PM

Corey congratulates the winner, and the other girls gather around.

02-15-16_12-31-06 PM

Jessamine does not take well to losing.  She gets the dumbbell thought bubble, and launches into an animated story.  She tells everyone that the only reason she “lost” is because her workout was so much harder than Namika’s.

02-15-16_12-26-27 PM

Namika just looks at her like, Yeah but no.

02-15-16_12-25-18 PM

Jessamine randomly flips into a flirty mood at this point.  She’s working awfully hard to get Corey’s attention, but he seems not to notice.

02-15-16_12-29-35 PM

Shortly thereafter, Corey goes to find something to eat, and Jessamine takes this as an opportunity for some alone time.  She initiates a “deep conversation.”  My guess is she’s voicing her concern over the intensity of his feelings for her.  In typical Jessamine fashion, she gets a fishing thought bubble and I take that literally.  She’s definitely the type to go fishing for compliments!

02-16-16_5-38-57 PM

Jessamine is not satisfied with the outcome of this conversation, though, because she leaves the table in a tense mood.  She goes and finds Paige, who is also feeling tense, and they attempt to relieve some stress with some yoga.

02-16-16_5-37-08 PM

Apparently, it works for Paige, because as the sun begins to set, she rolls a whim to go stargazing with Corey.  Elimination Three is tomorrow, and Paige knows her fate is hanging in the balance.  It’s time to make a move.

02-16-16_6-13-35 PM




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5 responses to “The Bachelor Experiment : Day Seven

  1. It’s getting interesting! I wonder what Paige will get up to. And I’m starting to really like Namika! Interested to see how it plays out 😀

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  2. “No man is worth B.O., as far as Paige is concerned.” Amen, sister.

    I love how distinct all the ladies’ personalities are. Jessamine is hilarious, in her Type A glory. Excited to see the one-on-one with Namika–I like her!


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