The Bachelor Experiment : Day Six (Elimination 2)

It’s 4am on the morning of Day Six, and Roskva is already awake.  She gets up and takes a look around the house.  It seems that everyone else is still asleep.  Everyone besides Corey, that is.  She sees a light under his door and hears the fall of his footsteps, so she knows he must be up,too.

Roskva’s date yesterday landed her firmly in the friend zone, and with Elimination #2 only hours away, she knows this might be her last chance make an impression on Corey.  Roskva woke up in a flirty mood with a whim to use the hot tub, so she slips into her skimpiest bikini and heads out to the hot tub, where she knows Corey can see her from his bedroom window.

02-13-16_9-57-33 PM

Sure enough, Corey takes the bait.  They are good friends now, after all.  That, and he isn’t blind. The orange bikini is Corey catnip.

02-13-16_9-58-25 PM

Roskva flips her hair and fans herself, eyeing him flirtatiously.  She’s still working on that kiss, but she won’t throw herself at him.  Corey will need to make the first move.

02-13-16_9-59-01 PM

But Corey doesn’t seem to know what he wants.  He joined Roskva in the hot tub autonomously, but he can’t take the heat .  Our fickle bachelor gets out just as quickly as he got in, and Roskva’s hopes are (temporarily) dashed.

She’s not giving up, though.  Roskva is a woman on a mission.

02-13-16_10-01-42 PM

She throws him her sexiest look, bedroom eyes and all.  Roskva is really turning it on now.  The sun is coming up, and the other girls are bound to be awake soon – her chance is slipping away.  Roskva bats her eyelashes, tosses her hair, pops out her hip.  She’s pulling out all the stops.  Surely Corey will feel something romantic for her now!

But Corey only cracks a joke, spoiling the mood.

02-13-16_10-01-29 PM

Roskva laughs, but she cringes inwardly and walks away.  She’s at her breaking point, and when she runs into Sandy her frustrations boil to the surface.

02-14-16_5-56-31 PM

Sandy listens sympathetically, but she has a plan of her own.

Meanwhile, the other women are waking up with their own whims to interact with the bachelor.  Jessamine rolls a whim to be funny with Corey, and so she meets him by the pool to tell him a joke.

02-14-16_6-00-46 PM

She cracks herself up!

But Paige is swimming nearby, and she’s not about to let Jessamine play the comedian.  She’s rolled her own whim to be funny with Corey, and she promptly swoops in.  Since she’s in a flirty mood, I direct her to tell a dirty joke.

02-14-16_5-58-18 PM

Corey sits and chats with Paige on the edge of the pool, but when she gets up and leaves, she is quickly replaced by both Jessamine and Colleen.  Colleen has rolled a whim to flirt with Corey, and she’s more than happy to fulfill that whim in front of Jessamine.

02-14-16_6-03-10 PM

And while Corey can’t tear his eyes away from Jessamine, he responds very well to Colleen. This flirt interaction finally establishes a romance bar between Colleen and Corey.

Jessamine is quick to notice the chemistry between the two, and uncharacteristically removes herself from the situation without a fountain of tears.

With Jessamine gone, Colleen decides she’s done what she set out to do, and she too heads back inside the mansion.  This is just as well for Sandy, who finally gets her turn to flirt with the bachelor and fulfill her morning whim.  She looks upset that the other women beat her to the punch, but late is better than never.

02-14-16_6-05-10 PM

She quickly changes into her bikini and sits down next to him with a flirtatious wave.  But Corey is not having any of it.  He brushes Sandy off flippantly, the disgust plain on his face.  I don’t know what she did to him, but the bachelor sure is running cold with Sandy right now.

02-14-16_6-07-53 PM


Mortified, Sandy breaks out into a nervous rash.

02-14-16_6-07-53 PM

Elimination #2 sure isn’t looking good for Sweet Sandy right now.  She immediately gets up and runs off in embarrassment.  She finds Roskva eating lunch, and they commiserate about their bad luck with the bachelor.  Roskva sympathizes, but she is secretly happy to hear about Sandy’s epic flirt fail.  Roskva is sure she’s on the chopping block at Elimination tonight, but maybe Typhoid Mary will go home instead.  She tries to hide her smile.

02-14-16_6-16-54 PM

Elimination is just a few hours off now and I realize that two of our contestants are neck and neck.  Corey has a decision to make, and so I direct him to initiate the flirt interaction with each of the contestants.  Hopefully this will be effective as a tie-breaker.

The first contestant he runs into is Jessamine, so I have him stop and flirt with her first.  She’s glad he hasn’t forgotten about her, and is predictably receptive to his advances.

02-14-16_6-18-49 PM

But when Namika passes by a moment later and I direct Corey to initiate the flirt interaction with her next, Jessamine is less than thrilled.

02-14-16_6-20-12 PM

Namika responds well to the flirt, but Jessamine gets the money suitcase thought bubble and starts flapping her mouth.  I’m pretty sure she’s trying to convince Corey that Namika is a gold-digger.

02-14-16_6-20-47 PM

Namika shoots an amused glance at Corey while Jessamine drones on.

Corey heads into the next room and flirts with Paige, who responds positively.

02-14-16_6-22-35 PM

Colleen enters the room a moment later, and Corey winks in her direction.  They gain a few romance points, but Colleen looks like she’s on to him, and Paige bristles in indignation.

02-14-16_6-25-12 PM

02-14-16_6-25-02 PM

Corey seems to notice Colleen’s suspicious stare, and so he heads off to flirt with Roskva instead.

02-14-16_6-30-42 PM

Only Roskva doesn’t take well to his advances, either.  Given the earlier friend-zone treatment, she’s skeptical and doubting his sincerity.  Roskva doesn’t like this hot-and-gold game he’s playing, even if he is the bachelor.

But Corey is oblivious, and next he sets his sights on Sandy.  Maybe his earlier rejection of her was a little harsh, after all.

02-14-16_6-27-26 PM

But Sandy must still be reeling from her humiliation earlier.  She’s in a happy mood now, but she sure hasn’t forgotten the way he turned her down by the pool.  Her temper flares and she throws a hand up in his face, brushing him off in a dramatic huff.  Sassy Sandy strikes again!

But has she sealed her fate?  Or will she skate by on the heels of friend-zoned Roskva?  Or will Corey surprise us all and keep them both?

02-14-16_6-28-29 PM


As Elimination 2 begins, the contestants gather in the ceremony hall.

02-15-16_10-38-58 AM

Jessamine and Colleen are both feeling flirty, and remarkably, Sandy looks hopeful even after her altercation with Corey…

02-15-16_10-40-04 AM

…but Paige becomes visibly tense as the moment draws near.

02-15-16_10-36-51 AM

She’s tired of being picked third, or fourth, or… anything but first, really.

Corey takes his place, looking dashing in his new suit, and the room quiets when he clears his throat.

02-15-16_10-40-35 AM


02-15-16_10-41-01 AM

Unsurprisingly, he calls Jessamine first.  She was the first of the contestants to establish a romance bar with Corey, and their friendship bar is also strong.  I decide that Corey will offer a rose to the contestants he is already romantic with, and that he will use “compliment appearance” on any contestant he hasn’t established a romance bar with yet.  Unfortunately, the “offer rose” transaction isn’t available yet, so I settle for “embrace” instead.

Jessamine comes forward, thrilled that she’s been called first this time around.

02-15-16_10-41-47 AM

She squeals and falls into Corey’s embrace, before heading back into the mansion.

The next to be called is Colleen.  Corey knows now that his feelings for her are deeper than friendship, and his attraction to her has only grown, as evidenced by their brand-new romance bar.  Colleen comes to the front, but when Corey attempts to embrace her, she shocks everyone an refuses!


02-15-16_11-10-23 AM

I think she’s peeved she’s slipped in the standings and that she just had to witness him embrace her biggest competition.  Colleen tries to ease the blow with a selfie (which is strange, because I keep free will off for the ceremony, and I did NOT direct this)…

02-15-16_11-12-01 AM

But when she turns and walks back into the mansion, she leaves a mortified Corey in her wake.

02-15-16_11-14-26 AM

With Sandy, Paige, Roskva, and Namika left, Corey surprises everyone when he calls Roskva’s name next.  She’s been yapping all day about how she’s been friend-zoned. But while she and Corey have still not developed a romance bar, they are on the brink of becoming best friends.  Corey is looking for his soul mate, and he knows that sometimes, love begins with friendship.  Maybe this thing with Roskva deserves a closer look.

Roskva smiles and gets the bassinet thought bubble as she approaches the front, but when Corey compliments her appearance, Roskva is visibly annoyed.  From the look on her face, I think she’s beyond frustrated with his games by now.


02-15-16_11-17-13 AM

Still, she accepts the offer to stay and gives him a friendly hug before she wanders back to the mansion.

02-15-16_11-20-20 AM

Paige, Sandy, and Namika are left, and all three of them are beginning to worry.  Namika heaves a sigh of relief when her name is called next.  This has nothing to do with her melons, I swear.

02-15-16_11-21-24 AM

Fortunately, Namika knows how to accept a compliment, and when Corey tells her she looks beautiful, she responds very well.  So well, in fact, that this interaction spawns a romance bar for Corey and Namika.

02-15-16_11-22-13 AM

She walks away looking smug…

02-15-16_11-24-34 AM

Leaving just Paige and Sandy alone with Corey.

02-15-16_11-25-15 AM

Corey seems a bit turned off by Paige’s nasty streak, but since her face has never been X’ed out in his thought bubbles, the choice here seems clear.

Corey calls Paige next.  I think she’s so relieved to be called at all that for now, she’s not too ticked off about being picked last.

02-15-16_11-27-04 AM

Paige walks back into the mansion and Corey is left with Sandy.

02-15-16_11-30-05 AM

Are you sure about this? she asks with a seductive look.

Corey falters for a moment.  He remembers watching her Best Butt walk away after the painting contest and almost changes his mind.

02-15-16_11-32-42 AM

But Corey stands his ground.  He doesn’t feel it for Sandy, and their timing is all wrong.  Maybe in an alternate universe somewhere, but in this reality, Sandy is not for him.

Sweet Sandy packs her bags and says her goodbyes, and she leaves the mansion for good.

02-15-16_11-34-54 AM







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