The Bachelor Experiment : Day Five

It’s Day Five of our competition, and Roskva springs out of bed.  Today is her one-on-one date with the bachelor, and she is determined to make it count.  Last night, Roskva rolled a whim to have her first kiss with Corey.  She does not have a romance bar for him, and he does not have one for her (I checked).  I think maybe Roskva is jumping the gun, but she wants to get that kiss before any of the other ladies can beat her to it.  The first kiss is the key to winning Corey’s heart, she’s sure, and this date is her only chance to get it.

02-09-16_9-14-31 PM

But the other contestants know what Roskva has in mind, and they are already plotting against her.

Corey is eating his breakfast alone when Jessamine sits down to join him.  She comments on the beautiful day they’re having, and asks innocently what’s in store for his date with Roskva.  Corey gets the book thought bubble, and I think this is appropriate – Roskva is quiet and creative and the library seems like a suitable setting for their date.  When Corey tells Jessamine this, she laughs.  Such a shame to waste this gorgeous day inside a library with Roskva, she says.  How boring!

02-09-16_9-16-01 PM

But Corey doesn’t bite.  He tells Jessamine that he quite likes the library, actually, and that he looks forward to getting to know Roskva.  As the only contestant who has a romance bar for Corey, Jessamine is visibly annoyed.  He has a romance bar for her, too, she knows, and she was sure this one-on-one date was only for show.  Now she’s not so sure.

Jessamine gets up abruptly and leaves the table.  If he would rather spend his day with boring Roskva and boring books, then she wants no part of it anyway.

02-09-16_9-17-24 PM

With Jessamine gone, Corey finds himself a sitting duck once again.  Paige spots him from across the room, and promptly swoops in, spotting Roskva as she takes a seat.

She’s wearing that on a one-on-one date? Paige thinks.  Does this girl ever change her clothes?

Paige is pantsless again and she thinks this gives her a leg up.  She gets a speech bubble with Roskva’s face.

Nice granny skirt, Paige says pointedly, hoping to embarrass Roskva in front of Corey.

02-09-16_9-19-34 PM

Corey only looks at her and frowns.  He doesn’t seem to like this side of Paige.  He tells Roskva to meet him outside after breakfast, and excuses himself from the table to change.

When Corey and Roskva arrive at the library, Corey knows right away that this was the right venue for their date.  Roskva stares up at the old building in fascination, a wide grin fixed on her face.

02-09-16_9-25-07 PM

They walk inside together, and Roskva wastes no time, immediately going in for a hug.  She needs to establish a foundation for physical contact if she’s going to get that kiss.  She keeps him close for just a hair too long, but Corey doesn’t seem to mind.

02-09-16_9-27-49 PM

These two get along very well, and they immediately delve into conversation.  They tell engaging stories and get to know one another…

02-09-16_9-27-13 PM

Roskva tells a joke about aliens, and again impresses Corey with her wicked sense of humor.  He really seems to laugh harder with Roskva than with anyone else.

02-09-16_9-29-56 PM

Still giggling from Roskva’s jokes, Corey becomes playful and shares his mischievous side…

02-09-16_9-33-43 PM

Roskva laughs at his crazy eyes, as Corey knew she would.  Roskva might come off serious, but she’s a closet goofball and he knows it.

Surrounded by literary masterpieces, Roskva becomes inspired.  She shares her ideas, and Corey is receptive.  She has brains as well as beauty, he thinks.  Combined with her sense of humor, Roskva is the whole package.

02-09-16_9-32-24 PM

Why, then, is he not feeling a romantic connection?

Roskva and Corey have not rolled any whims for one another, and they have not initiated any romantic interactions.  However, they have both rolled a whim to dance to stereo music, and so I send them outside to do just that.  Their date is ending soon, and I think maybe this is the push they need.

02-09-16_9-40-03 PM

But for some strange reason, neither of them makes a move to slow dance.  Color this awkward.

Roskva takes the reins now, and I think she’s angling to get that kiss.  She asks him to take a selfie to document the occasion, and leans close while she snaps the photo.  She makes sure to touch her cheek against his, but Corey doesn’t take the bait.

02-09-16_9-42-24 PM

But Roskva is not deterred, and as she thanks him for a wonderful date, she pulls him in for another close hug.

02-09-16_9-43-38 PM

Can I tell you something? he asks.

Roskva nods .  This is it!

I had a great time with you today, Corey says.

02-09-16_9-41-48 PM

She looks up at him, batting her eyes.  She tilts her face to his.

Corey smiles at her.  You’re smart and funny and beautiful, he says.  And I’m glad we’ve become such good friends!

02-09-16_9-41-19 PM


Roskva is not thrilled with the outcome of her date with Corey.  They became good friends in the process, and Roskva’s friendship bar with the bachelor is now higher than anyone else in the mansion.  But she didn’t get her kiss, and she is sure she’s been friend-zoned.

Still, Roskva’s not quite ready to give up.  She came home from her date feeling tense, but after a relaxing yoga session, Roskva is feeling energized.  She runs up to Corey and the words tumble out in excitement.  Maybe she misinterpreted his feelings, after all.

02-11-16_5-45-53 PM

Or maybe not.  Corey, who has just gotten up from a nap, invites Roskva for a “friendly game of foosball.”

02-11-16_5-45-11 PM

Roskva bristles at the word “friendly,” and tells him to find someone else to play.  She’s not in a very friendly mood right now.

I leave everyone to their own devices for the evening, and Colleen is the first to roll a whim for Corey.  She’s feeling particularly frisky, and rolls a whim to flirt with the bachelor.


02-09-16_9-53-29 PM

Corey happily accepts her attentions, and they engage in a autonomous conversation even after I cancel their initial interaction (I always cancel the interaction that follows a directed action, to keep things fair).

02-09-16_9-54-11 PM

They are chatting away when I notice that Namika (who is wandering around the house somewhere unsupervised) has rolled a whim to be friendly with Corey.  I send her to fulfill the action, and watch Corey chat with Collen while I wait for Namika to arrive.

02-09-16_9-55-04 PM


Looks like someone’s been skinny dipping?!

Colleen’s shock is written all over her face, and Corey – gentleman that he is – tries to avert his gaze.

Free spirit that she is, Namika doesn’t blink.  She stands in front of them in all her glory, and then sidles up close to Corey.  She has a secret to tell him.

02-09-16_9-56-13 PM

I saw your hot dog yesterday, she whispers, giggling, So now you get to see my cantaloupes!  Fair is fair!

Colleen stares at them.  She’s not sure if she’s furious or merely uncomfortable, but she knows she’s fed up.  She can’t hope to compete with a naked girl – but Colleen isn’t willing to compromise her values that way.  Not yet, anyway.

02-09-16_9-57-26 PM

Alone at last, Namika pulls Corey in for a long, tight hug.  She’s playing innocent, like this is perfectly normal.  Perfectly natural.

02-09-16_9-58-49 PM

But Namika knows exactly what she’s doing.

02-09-16_10-00-03 PM

Just look at that face.



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  1. I like Roskva. She seems like a down-to-earth gal. Hope she can escape the friendzone!

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