The Bachelor Experiment : Day Four

02-07-16_8-53-33 PM.png

On the morning of Day Three, Corey wakes up and stands at the window of his third floor suite.  The view from here is fantastic, but if he’s learned anything over the past three days, it’s that this is nothing compared to the view downstairs.  These ladies sure do like to eat breakfast in their underwear, and Corey decides that this morning, he’s going to join the party.

He brushes his teeth and heads to the grill wearing his heart boxers.  If any of these women are feeling ambivalent towards him, they won’t be for much longer.  If there’s one thing Corey knows, it’s that ladies love heart boxers and hot dogs for breakfast.

Corey is manning the grill when he looks up to see Nakima on the other side of the window.  Unsurprisingly, she’s wearing a red lacy negligee.  And she’s staring at his hot dog.

02-07-16_8-58-00 PM

Corey blushes and looks down, and then he realizes….. Nakima is staring at an actual hot dog.  She must be hungry.  Still, Corey feels self-conscious, and he pulls on a pair of pants before taking the hot dogs to the table, where Nakima meets him with a plate of macaroni and cheese.

So she wasn’t looking at a hot dog after all…

02-07-16_8-59-48 PM

The two eat in companionable silence.  Or maybe it’s an awkward silence, I can’t really tell.  They don’t seem particularly comfortable with one another, but Corey can’t take his eyes off her.  Namika won’t meet his gaze, but maybe she just can’t look him in the eye after he caught her staring at his hot dog hot dog.

But when Paige catches wind of their private rendezvous, she makes a beeline to the table.  She’ll put an end to this little interlude real quick.

02-07-16_9-01-25 PM

Subtlety is not Paige’s strong suit.  She shoots a venomous glare at Namika, willing her to leave, but Namika is not so easily intimidated.  She stands her ground.  Even if she can’t speak to Corey right now, sitting with him in silence is better than not sitting with him at all.

02-07-16_9-02-18 PM

But Paige’s tactics backfire, and Corey politely excuses himself from the table.  This strange hot dog breakfast has only gotten stranger.

Besides, he has arrangements to make for today’s competition.

02-07-16_9-04-23 PM

Corey heads out to the yard and sets up an easel for each of the women.  He’s known them only three days so far, and yet Elimination #2 is on the horizon already.  Corey needs a better understanding of who these women are – their hopes and their dreams, what makes them tick – before the next elimination.  And what better way to do that, than through art?  Corey is sure that the paintings will provide him with the information he needs to make the right decision.  It’s also a fair way to decide who to ask on a one-on-one date tomorrow.

02-07-16_9-09-19 PM

The ladies join him in the yard and immediately get to work.  But one easel is decidedly empty.

Paige is incensed after her run-in with Namika, and she doesn’t take well to being summoned this way.  Men chase Paige, not the other way around.  She fumes in the kitchen and waits for Corey to come after her.  Only then will she join the others.

But Paige waits.  And she waits.  And she waits…

02-07-16_9-05-31 PM

to no avail.  Paige bristles.  She deserves better than this, but she won’t lose to these brainless bimbos.  She has a competition to win.

02-07-16_9-11-16 PM


02-07-16_9-19-02 PM

Paige saunters up to the empty easel like she meant to be late.  She rolls her eyes at Namika’s icy glare, and takes a moment to scope out the competition.  Amateurs, the lot of them – nothing to worry about.  Paige scoffs – Colleen even has to copy off of Namika.  Not an original thought in that head, that’s for sure.

02-07-16_9-13-07 PM

One by one, the contestants begin to finish their paintings, and I take the opportunity to fulfill the whims they’ve rolled for Corey.

Colleen tells a funny story….

02-07-16_9-15-49 PM

Jessamine tells a joke…

02-07-16_9-16-42 PM

And Sandy gets friendly.

02-07-16_9-18-29 PM

Corey is definitely not thinking friendly thoughts when he watches Sandy walk away!  He gets the woohoo rocket ship thought bubble, and I just know his dirty mind is running away with him.

02-07-16_9-19-31 PM

But this is a best painting contest, not a best butt contest, and so Corey assesses the artwork.  This has to be fair, so the most valuable painting will be the winner.

Colleen’s done an okay job with her teapot painting, and it’s worth $94.  But Corey saw her copy from Namika, and while that’s not exactly against the rules, it certainly isn’t in the spirit of the competition.  Colleen’s painting tells Corey more about Namika than it does about Colleen, and leaves Corey wondering – if Colleen is so willing to steal ideas, what else is she willing to steal?

02-07-16_9-13-25 PM

Jessamine was in a flirty mood at the time I designated for the contest, and I decided she should paint accordingly.  I think this method worked well.  In future contests, any contestant whose current mood has an associated action will be instructed to use that action (i.e., an energized contestant in treadmill contest will use “energized workout”).

02-07-16_9-13-35 PM

Jessamine did an okay job with her painting, and it’s worth $120.  Corey laughs when he sees that she’s labeled the cats as “you” and “me,” and he blushes a little at the implication.

Corey moves on to Namika’s painting next – the original teapot.  He looks for metaphors and allusions, and decides that Namika is the cardinal – wild and free.  While the painting is merely okay, it is worth $107, and Corey decides he likes its message.  He has a soft spot for a free spirit.

02-07-16_9-11-41 PM

Next in line is Paige’s okay landscape painting, worth $88.  Corey looks up and sees that Paige has painted the view from her easel.  The painting lacks creativity and originality, and Corey is less enthralled with Paige’s painting than he is with Paige herself.

02-07-16_9-20-21 PM

Sandy’s painting, however, is more whimsical.  Corey isn’t sure if it’s a snail or an alien, but he likes how it highlights Sandy’s playful side.  The painting is worth $97 and is of okay quality.

02-07-16_9-17-39 PM

The last painting is Roskva’s, and Corey is highly impressed.  She’s done okay work, but at $134, Roskva’s painting is the clear winner.  Corey thinks her use of color and light are highly symbolic.  Just don’t ask him why.

02-07-16_9-20-01 PM

Corey proclaims Roskva the winner, and Colleen offers her roommate her congratulations.

02-07-16_9-22-55 PM

But it’s only when Roskva walks away that Colleen lets her true feelings show.  From the look on her face, I’d say she has plans for that painting.  Destruction or thievery, I’ll never tell.

02-07-16_9-23-03 PM


For the rest of the day, the contestants are left to their own devices.  I decide to up the ante, and I direct Corey to initiate one flirt interaction with each of the ladies.

02-07-16_9-40-29 PM

02-07-16_9-35-53 PM


02-07-16_9-34-02 PM

02-07-16_9-37-11 PM

02-07-16_9-30-32 PM

02-07-16_9-31-49 PM

The women are all receptive to his advances, but Jessamine (our resident drama-queen-attention-monger) falls apart at the sight of Corey flirting with Paige.   How predictable.  Keep it together, girl.

At this point, Corey rolls a whim to skinny dip.  I think he’s hoping for Jessamine and/or Paige to follow along, but they’re not having any of it. I won’t deny him this small indulgence, though, and so I direct him to skinny dip on his own.

02-07-16_9-26-19 PM

Namika is dancing nearby, and it’s clear she notices Corey, because his face appears in her thought bubble.  Just this morning, she blushed at the sight of his boxers, but Namika is  feeling frisky tonight. She gets a good eye full. Namika knows exactly what his hot dog looks like now!

When Corey finishes skinny dipping, he heads straight back to the living room to find Jessamine and Paige.  What he doesn’t do is put his clothes on.

02-07-16_9-27-06 PM

Maybe he’s been drinking juice behind my back, because his inhibitions sure are low.  He walks his bare butt through the house and basically does the Naked Man for Jessamine.

02-07-16_9-27-32 PM

02-07-16_9-27-58 PM

Jessamine seems uncomfortable, and needless to say, she’s unimpressed with his shenanigans.  Paige, on the other hand, is happy to indulge him and his hot dog.

02-07-16_9-29-14 PM


But Corey’s stomach is growing, and there’s a cheeseburger somewhere calling his name.  All this flirting sure has worked up an appetite.

So Corey goes outside to fire up his handy dandy grill…

02-07-16_9-42-23 PM

and promptly starts a fire.

02-07-16_9-44-13 PM

Luckily, our bachelor is brave and quick, and he sees this as an opportunity to demonstrate his heroism.

02-07-16_9-44-57 PM

Roskva’s squeamish side takes over, and she lets everyone know how disgusted she is by fire.  But still, she’s glad for Corey’s safety.  She rolls a whim to be friendly with him, and since since she gets the “house” thought bubble, I have her “boast about family” to fulfill the whim.

02-07-16_9-46-40 PM

Roskva thinks this is going well.  Corey wants a family, and she has one!  A perfect match, she thinks.

But this is when Corey rolls a whim to flirt with Jessamine.  This is the first time that anyone in the mansion has rolled a romantic whim that is aimed at a specific housemate.

Feeling confident from extinguishing the fire, Corey also rolls a (non-specific) whim to use a bold pick-up line.  Since both whims pop up at the same time, I send Corey to use a bold pick-up line on Jessamine.

02-07-16_9-48-59 PM

It goes swimmingly, as expected.

But elsewhere in the mansion, Roskva is deciding what to wear for her one-on-one date  tomorrow.  She rolls a whim : “Have First Kiss With Corey.”

Considering she doesn’t have a romance bar with him yet, this is rather ambitious.  But, as they say – where there’s a will, there’s a way.





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4 responses to “The Bachelor Experiment : Day Four

  1. Wow! A first kiss whim already, and with no romance bar? That’s surprising.

    Another great update! Couldn’t stop giggling at all the hot dog talk.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was shocked! I don’t even know how I can get that whim fulfilled without breaking my own rules. I’m wondering though – maybe Roskva has a romance bar with Corey and I just didn’t notice.? He doesn’t have one for her (yet), but I’m actually not sure if I checked from her panel.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Is Roskva a romantic or family oriented? I’ve seen whims like that before with both those traits, they seem to get ahead of themselves, lol! And I get the lopsided romance bar a lot in my games, it’s always interesting checking from one person to another. This story is going so well — it’s really fun and enjoyable!!


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