The Bachelor Experiment : Day Two

On the morning of Day Two, Corey wakes up with a whim to Be Friendly with Jessamine. Likewise, she’s rolled a whim to Be Funny with him – but the other women have also rolled whims for Corey, and it turns out that time with the bachelor is a hot commodity in these early hours.

Corey gets out of bed and changes, and I have him seek out Jessamine.  Since Corey is the bachelor, I think it makes sense for his whims to be top priority.  When he finds her, Jessamine is still wearing her sunny yellow pajamas, and Corey gets the heart boxers thought bubble.  Either he’s thinking of stripping down with her, or he’s just glad that her pj’s are nothing more than glorified underwear.

02-06-16_6-54-55 PM.png


But Corey is in for a real treat today, because Jessamine’s not the only one running around without her pants on.

Rosvka has also rolled a whim to Be Funny with Corey, and she finds him next.  Corey barely noticed her yesterday, and so this morning she’s pulling out all the stops – garter belt and all.

02-06-16_7-05-13 PM.png



So Corey is more than happy to indulge her when she cracks her joke, but he’s surprised to find that her punchline elicits a genuine belly laugh.

02-06-16_7-05-22 PM


Rosvka is hot and funny, something he hadn’t realized until now.  If he could keep his nose out of his phone for five seconds, maybe he would know that already!

But Corey is distracted when Paige saunters into the room.

02-06-16_5-00-52 PM


She’s woken up in a flirty mood, and rolled a whim to Be Friendly with Corey.  Like Jessamine and Rosvka, Paige also thinks that pants are unnecessary.

02-06-16_7-00-52 PM


These two seem really comfortable with one another, and they stand so close when they talk.  Paige tells a racy joke, and though he doesn’t laugh the same way as he did with Rosvka, the look on his face is proof that he’s smitten with Paige.

And Paige knows just how to keep a man’s attention, and so she turns and walks away, giving him a good look at her backside, and leaving him wanting more.

02-06-16_7-01-30 PM

02-06-16_7-01-11 PM



Regardless, Corey also makes time for the other ladies, especially Sandy and Colleen, who who both rolled whims to Be Funny with him.

In the end, Corey knows that Elimination is only one day away and he needs to start thinking about who he’ll let go.  Ultimately, he decides to invite Colleen and Sierra – the girl he knows best and the girl he knows least – on a group date.

Rosvka waves goodbye to Colleen as she changes for her date, and wishes her luck.  Colleen is indignant.  She knows that she and Corey have something special – her relationship with him is stronger than anyone else in the house!

02-06-16_7-36-49 PM.png


But Colleen doesn’t know that Corey has actually invited her because he isn’t quite sure how he feels about her.  He gets along great with Colleen, and their cloudgazing talk brought them closer together.  But Corey hasn’t rolled any whims for Colleen, and he hasn’t gotten that flirty feeling around her.  He needs to see if his feelings go further than friendship.

The three of them arrive at the Windenberg park, and Sierra immediately runs off to play chess with a gardener.  She has made little effort to get to know Corey, and this is no exception.  This doesn’t bode well.

02-06-16_7-19-08 PM


Meanwhile, while Corey stops off for a bathroom break, Colleen notices a little girl playing on the jungle gym.  Colleen knows that Corey loves kids and wants a big, happy family someday.  She thinks this could be a good opportunity to impress him, and so she approaches the girl.

Of course Corey doesn’t notice because he’s standing outside the bathroom with his nose in his phone.

02-06-16_7-18-08 PM


At last, Corey looks up and he smiles to see Colleen laughing with the girl.  He watches them for a moment, and gets the “house” thought bubble.  I wonder if he’s thinking about making a home with Colleen someday.  He walks over and joins Colleen on the bench, where they play astronaut with the girl (she’s the astronaut, they’re the aliens), and chat with each other between asteroid storms.

02-06-16_7-21-41 PM


Corey leans in a bit, and I start to wonder if he’s getting ready to make a move…

02-06-16_7-21-27 PM


but at that moment, Sierra decides to join them.

02-06-16_7-26-05 PM


Colleen is not happy.  Why are they staring at each other like that?

She loses her cool and turns on Sierra.  Personally, I think she has a point.  I mean, get it together, Sierra.  Are you here for the bachelor or the gardener?

02-06-16_7-26-14 PM


Corey sits back uncomfortably and hopes it blows over, but Sierra doesn’t take kindly to Colleen’s accusations.  They’ve been here – what? thirty six hours? – and this redheaded floozie thinks she owns Corey Mulligan?  Sierra strikes back, and finally, Corey cuts in, smoothing things over.  Something about ghosts.  Maybe he doesn’t want them to kill each other.

02-06-16_7-27-07 PM


The date ends, but Corey is no closer to his decision.  Since Sierra spent the majority of the date playing chess with the gardener, Corey didn’t have time to gain many relationship points with her.  On the other hand, his friendship with Colleen grew even stronger, but there were no romantic developments.

That night, I give Corey another shot to get to know the girls.  I finally initiate the dance party that was supposed to happen on Night One.

02-06-16_7-54-24 PM.png


Corey chats with several of the girls as they dance, but Sierra hangs off to the side, not joining the crowd.  Her mood flips in and out of angry several times, and I assume she’s not happy to have to socialize with Colleen.  Eventually Sierra removes herself from the situation entirely, taking up a seat at the bar, but she is shocked when Colleen joins her.

02-06-16_7-58-33 PM


They exchange pleasantries, and I’m surprised that Sierra manages to be polite.  But Colleen is a no-nonsense type, and she tells Sierra that if she’s more interested in gardeners than in bachelors, then she should just go home and give the rest of them a chance.  Sierra doesn’t get the chance to respond, because Colleen is gone in a flash, her empty seat now filled by Corey.

I’m happy to see him making an effort with her, but once again, Sierra’s attention is elsewhere.  She’s talking with the ladies on the dance floor and seems oblivious to his presence.


Paige, on the other hand, is not oblivious.  She shoots him a look to kill.  He already spent all day with Sierra, and now he’s giving her one-on-one time again tonight?  Paige is just not having it.  Surprisingly, she gives in to her low energy bar and heads off to bed, followed by a few of the other girls.

02-06-16_8-04-41 PM


At this point, Corey rolls a whim to challenge someone to foosball.  The only ladies left standing are Jessamine and Sandy, and since Corey currently has a stronger relationship with Jessamine, I have him challenge Sandy.

02-06-16_8-06-49 PM


He beats her and it turns out she’s not a very graceful loser.  But, she looks good in a bikini, and Corey thinks that’s a plus.

It’s 4am by the time Corey, Sandy, and Jessamine (who’s been dancing alone all this time) head off for bed.  But Colleen, being an early riser, is just getting up.  She hears the music still playing, and follows it outside, only to find the dance floor empty.

The bar, however, is not empty at all.  Her eyes light up at the sight of fancy cocktails, and she takes a seat on a bar stool.  She is going to need some liquid courage for Elimination Day.

02-06-16_8-13-43 PM





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  1. Hahaha “this red-headed floozie.” Bachelor challenges open up so many opportunities for cattiness, and I am all about cattiness. Fun part! I like the way you’re including their thought and speech bubbles 🙂

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