The Bachelor Experiment: Intro

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I need a break from my prettacy.  I love writing the Hasslich family, but I’m about ten (!) chapters behind in my writing – I have a lot of catching up to do!  For awhile now, I’ve been tossing around the idea of doing a Hasslich edition of the Bachelor/Bachelorette challenge.  It’s looking like this is probably going to happen someone within the next month, once the Generation 6 heir is decided.  Since I’ve never done a Bachelor challenge before, I thought it might be fun to run through it once before subjecting a Hasslich relative to my whims.  This is basically a dry run/experiment to figure out what works for my purposes and what doesn’t.

I downloaded the above lot from the gallery (Tropical Modern by Brookeyboo123), created my bachelor, and downloaded seven gorgeous contestants from the gallery.  I’ve set some rules for myself going forward, such as:  Eliminations will be every three sim days, and the contestant with the lowest relationship bar with the bachelor will be eliminated.  I am not to control the bachelor, OR the contestants EXCEPT to tell them “go here,” when directing them to a date or group event, or to fulfill whims that they’ve rolled.  If the bachelor OR any of the ladies ever rolls a whim for any other member of the household, that whim MUST be fulfilled.  Other whims can be fulfilled if it seems relevant for whatever reason, but I am not allowed to choose any other interactions for them.


This is our bachelor, Corey Mulligan.  Corey has the Big Happy Family aspiration, and is a childish, domestic, insider bro.

02-06-16_3-30-38 PM.png

The first of our contestants is Sienna Darden (downloaded from the gallery, by quietvamp13).  Sienna has the Leader of the Pack aspiration, and she is a neat, squeamish, gregarious perfectionist.

02-06-16_3-44-39 PM.png

Next up is Colleen Middleton (by EthaanBeaar).  Like Sienna, Collen has the Leader of the Pack aspiration.  She is a creative, gregarious, insider kleptomanic.  I wonder if she can steal Corey’s heart?!

02-06-16_12-29-14 PM

Sandy Tree (by Juipeli) is next.  I just think she’s cute as a button.  Like the other two girls, she has the Leader of the Pack aspiration.  Looks like I might have a bit of a popularity contest on my hands.  Sandy is a gregarious, insider, creative, perfectionist.

02-06-16_10-45-53 AM

Then there’s Paige Taylor (by wrap1956).  Paige has the Soulmate aspiration, and is cheerful, romantic, alluring, and neat.

02-06-16_3-59-06 PM.png

This is Jessamine Larken.  Jessamine is my own creation, listed under AllieK84.  I made her as a potential Amazon, and decided to give her a second purpose here.  She also has the Soulmate aspiration.  She is outgoing, romantic, and alluring, and she loves the outdoors.

02-06-16_3-46-24 PM

Next up is Namika Phan (by Annikalice).  Namika has the Bodybuilder aspiration.  She is cheerful, active, self-assured, and of course has a high metabolism.

02-06-16_4-19-30 PM.png

And our last contestant is Rosvka Ibramovich.  I’m having a hard time figuring out who the creator of this beauty is, but it’s definitely not me!  I’ll update later if/when I figure it out. Rosvka has the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration.  She is a creative, family-oriented, and squeamish muser.

02-06-16_4-16-17 PM

So there you have it.  It’s time to get started!






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5 responses to “The Bachelor Experiment: Intro

  1. Nice to see you decided to do some casual gameplay after all! 🙂 Excited to see how this pans out.


    • It is REALLY fun and I like that I don’t have to think too hard about it. I do think, though, that when I do a Bachelor/Bachelorette Hasslich Edition, the writing style will be a little different. Probably a little more developed/story-driven than this is, but not quite as in depth as the prettacy.

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