The Bachelor Experiment : Day One

I drop everyone on the lot, and they all immediately run off to do their own thing. So much for socializing. Sienna makes a beeline to the computer, Namika heads to the bathroom, and Colleen whips out her phone and starts texting no one, apparently, because the only people she knows are the the bachelor and the other contestants, right?

02-06-16_10-48-53 AM

Only Paige, Jessamine, and Sandy hang out long enough to make small talk. Unfortunately Paige starts off on the wrong foot with Jessamine. Apparently she’s feeling a bit snippy already. She mocks Jessamine right off the bat, and Jessamine naturally looks less than thrilled.

02-06-16_10-46-55 AM

But Sandy comes to the rescue and seems to smooth things over for them. Things get back on track, because, seriously – just look at that face!

02-06-16_10-51-44 AM

Corey makes his way out to the lawn, but he only hangs off to the side, watching the ladies like a weirdo. I think he likes what he sees, but he doesn’t seem to be making a move on his own.

02-06-16_10-50-12 AM

So I decide to send him off to introduce himself to all of the ladies. Of course, technically, he already knows them all (I forgot to set all of their relationships to zero. Note for next time.). Since he can’t use “Friendly Introduction,” I choose for him to use the “Get to Know” interaction instead.

He seeks out Sandy first, and things go well enough. He must make a joke, because she laughs, but by the look on her face, I don’t know if she’s laughing at him or with him. They would continue to chat, but I cancel the interaction. I’m directing Corey to make one identical friendly interaction with each lady, but I feel like allowing any resulting interactions would be cheating. I want to keep things fair here.

02-06-16_10-56-01 AM

So Corey moves on, and luckily, he gets a better reaction from Namika. I think he looks relieved that someone actually finds him funny. After he “gets to know” her, I cancel the interaction and send him on his way.

02-06-16_10-57-43 AM

Corey finds Colleen next, and as they’re chatting, he sidles onto the piano bench, trying to impress her. Too bad he doesn’t know how to play the piano, because Colleen gets a music thought bubble and I imagine she’s asking him to play her something. Now’s a good time to cancel their interaction. I wouldn’t want my bachelor to make a fool of himself already.

02-06-16_11-07-46 AM

Corey heads over to Sierra. I initiate “Get to Know” once, but she seems to ignore him. She’s too engrossed in her game to give him the time of day. I consider initiating the interaction again, but decide it might border on cheating, so I send Corey on his way and hope he’ll have a chance to talk to Sierra later. In the meantime, I remove all the computers from the lot.

02-06-16_11-25-51 AM

Corey heads to the next room, where he finds both Jessamine and Rosvka. He seems pretty happy to have these two beautiful blondes competing for him. I choose for him to “get to know” Jessamine first.

02-06-16_11-01-53 AM

It goes well, and then I cancel the interaction to give Rosvka her fair shot. I have no idea what happens next, because suddenly Jessamine is crying and throwing a tantrum (see the tears she’s shaking away?). Dramatic much? I guess she wasn’t too happy about being passed over for Rosvka. But Corey and Rovska don’t seem to notice, and they carry out their interaction happily until I cancel it for them.

02-06-16_11-00-53 AM

Corey heads outside now, where he finds the last contestant, Paige. She doesn’t seem too happy that she was left for last – there’s something about Paige that reminds me of a spoiled Southern belle. She’s definitely not used to playing second fiddle.

02-06-16_11-10-17 AM

But Paige goes after what she wants, and she is absolutely determined to get our bachelor’s attention. She quickly changes into her bathing suit – can’t hurt to show a little skin – and just as she predicted, Corey can’t take his eyes off of her.

But when Sandy senses the chemistry between the pair, she makes it a point to break up their party of two. Maybe sweet Sandy has a little more sass than I thought.

02-06-16_11-12-11 AM

Paige is obviously not pleased, but things are about to get even hairier because this is when I notice that Jessamine (who is currently wandering around the mansion somewhere unsupervised) has become flirty. She’s noticed the parade of bikinis around Corey, and we already know how she feels about being the center of attention. Jessamine has rolled a whim to swan dive into the pool…

02-06-16_11-21-33 AM

Which she does, with her hat on. Because a swan dive in a sun hat is a surefire way to turn Corey’s head.

02-06-16_11-21-40 AM

Unfortunately, no one seems to notice – they’re all too caught up in their love triangle drama to pay Jessamine any attention. Paige still has Corey twisted around her little finger, and Sandy’s temper is beginning to flare.

02-06-16_12-15-19 PM

She decides she’s had enough, and she gets up to leave. Neither of them even glance her way as she stands up and storms off.

02-06-16_12-22-27 PM

Sandy kicks over the trash can in a moment of anger. Sweet Sandy my plum! I didn’t know she had it in her!

02-06-16_12-21-07 PM

Meanwhile, back at the pool, Paige and Corey are interrupted once again, when Namika enters the scene.

Paige is obviously not pleased.

02-06-16_12-17-14 PM

She’s had enough of these inferior little girls getting in her way, and so she decides to leave them to it. Not like Namika is anything to worry about anyway.

02-06-16_12-18-02 PM

Namika is thrilled, because this means she gets some time alone with Corey. She talks animatedly, and he listens attentively…for about five minutes. Then comes out the phone. Corey clearly isn’t listening to anything she’s saying.

02-06-16_12-18-56 PM

Fed up with his nonsense, Namika stands up and leaves as well. Corey is too fixated on his cell phone to even notice. When he finally looks up and sees he’s alone, he gets up and heads back toward the house.

He’s steps away from the front door, when he is intercepted by Colleen, who has rolled a whim to cloudgaze with Corey.

02-06-16_12-31-06 PM

He’s happy to oblige, and they engage in some hardcore bonding.

02-06-16_12-31-31 PM

My plan was to end the first night with a dance party, but it’s getting late and everyone’s needs are plummeting, so I decide to leave it until Night Two and just leave them all to their own devices.  A few of the girls head off to bed early, but Corey gathers around the TV with Sierra, Namika, and Rosvka.  I’m hoping he’ll use the time to his advantage, since he has barely spoken to Sierra and Rosvka.  They sit there hopefully, waiting for Corey to unglue his phone from his hand.

02-06-16_12-25-47 PM

But the phone proves too interesting for Corey, and the girls settle for conversation amongst themselves.

Is Corey really this immature (he is childish, after all), or is he just really that uninterested in these three girls?

Until next time…






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3 responses to “The Bachelor Experiment : Day One

  1. I love reading about bachelor challenges. There’s always so much drama hehe. Looks like Paige might be ahead of the others in terms of having Corey’s attention. She’s a crafty one, being the first to bust out the swimsuit.


  2. This looks like it’ll be so much fun! I’m already loving watching the little interactions between them all!


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