Chapter Ninety : What’s My Age Again?

Time flies, and soon Leo’s teenage birthday was upon them. Leo had been reclusive as a child, spending more time with his laptop and chemistry set than he did with his family or friends. And so when he spun into adolescence and gained the outgoing trait, no one was more surprised than his own mother.

12-27-15_4-39-53 PM

12-27-15_4-42-30 PM

Here is Leo in CAS. He now has the evil and outgoing traits, along with business savvy from his Fabulously Wealthy aspiration.

12-27-15_4-46-28 PM

12-27-15_4-46-32 PM

But Leo wasn’t the only Hasslich with an upcoming birthday. It was finally time for Lola to come of age, and to officially step into her role as co-heir. In typical Lola fashion, she was far too busy to slow down for some lame birthday party.

12-27-15_7-30-30 PM

12-27-15_7-30-55 PM

Lola is now a geek, a slob, and a music lover with the aspiration to become a musical genius.

Lola felt carefree and full of excitement as she bounded into young adulthood. Thanks to the recent birth of her niece Jessalyn, Lola was free to experience her life just as she pleased – and that meant lots of time to pursue her hobbies, meet new people, and enjoy her newfound freedom with no pesky legacy obligations to hold her back.

For the most part, that meant working on her DJ skills…

12-27-15_7-41-10 PM

Rummaging through public trash bins…

01-23-16_3-26-23 PM

And of course, practicing the guitar…

01-22-16_9-54-25 PM

Sadly, Lola quickly found that the guitar was a far cry from her beloved cello. Lola was shocked to find that the music industry’s demand for cello players was astoundingly low. But Lola was not the type to give up on her dream, so her agent advised her to learn the guitar. Lola sighed heavily when she first picked up the instrument – it was so insubstantial and so incredibly unoriginal. She missed the heavy vibration of the cello, and she missed the feel of the bow in her hand.  But Lola was determined to climb her way to the top, even if that meant starting out as a lowly amateur playing an overdone guitar solo.

Work took up a lot of her time, but when Lola wasn’t lost in her music, she was often out on the town in Windenberg.  A social creature, Lola loved people, and would talk the ear off of anyone who would listen.  She sweet-talked her way into the Spin Masters…


01-10-16_3-40-45 PM

Befriended a cute barista…

01-10-16_3-03-03 PM

And invited a sexy gym rat over for drinks…

01-11-16_8-08-41 PM

But Lola wasn’t partial to men – she wasn’t partial to anybody, for that matter.  Not that she was non-committal (she wasn’t!), but Lola enjoyed having fun, and found she was attracted not to men or to women, but to people who were kind, who made her laugh, and who challenged her to think.

And so while Marcus Flex didn’t exactly challenge her to think, he did make her laugh.

01-10-16_4-34-49 PM

(The muscles didn’t hurt, either.)

So when Marcus ask her on a date, Lola happily accepted.

And when he winked and led her into a nearby rosebush, Lola grinned and hopped in.

01-10-16_4-43-33 PM

01-10-16_4-44-08 PM

01-10-16_4-45-34 PM

And when, a few days later, she met Marina Goldsmith in the park, Lola wasted no time in making a move.  Marina was beautiful and smart, and she made her laugh and made her think.

01-23-16_3-41-30 PM

01-23-16_3-40-10 PM


But Lola wasn’t one to let the grass grow under her feet.

While it was fun and exciting with Marcus (and their time together had been more than satisfactory), Lola knew their relationship was never meant to go any further than a romp in a rosebush.

And as for Marina – well, Marina was a slob just like her, and as an art lover, she shared the same passion and creative drive that propelled Lola forward in her career.

But Lola was young, and there would be plenty of time for love and relationships.  She had the rest of her life to be a grown-up, to commit to one person, to get married, have babies, and become otherwise old. Someday she would settle down, she thought. But “someday” still seemed a long time off.  For now, Lola considered herself a nomad – traveling the world, seeing all the sights – but never putting down roots.  Never staying in one place for too long.


Lola searched through the bathroom drawers in a panic.  She knew it must be in here, there had to be one left!  They were Coralie’s, of course, but she was sure her sister wouldn’t mind her poaching one. Finally, Lola wrapped her hand around the box of pregnancy tests.  She shook it open, and sure enough – there was just one left.  She exhaled in relief.

It was just a little nausea, right?  Nothing to be worried about.  She’d been careful with Marcus, they’d been responsible and used all the necessary precautions.  This was just for peace of mind, she told herself.  There was no real chance she was pregnant.

Except…..she was.

01-10-16_4-58-11 PM














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9 responses to “Chapter Ninety : What’s My Age Again?

  1. I’m laughing at Leo being evil and outgoing! I have a cheerful, evil sim in my game, and she always makes me laugh! Also, he’s so goodlooking! The father must’ve had some strong genes!! Lola is such a fun character! I already had an idea of her personality, but the more she goes on, the more and more I love her. She’s so much her own person!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lola’s great. I love Coralie but to me she plays so much like her mother that it’s almost like playing Aurora all over again – but Lola has a really distinct personality. In some ways she reminds me of Andalie, without the insane trait.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh yeah, I can totally see that. And without the insane trait, she doesn’t get so hung up on the wrong person! (at least, not so far as I’ve seen!) It’ll be interesting to see how she handles motherhood!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Lola is so cool. I love that she really stands out as her own person and doesn’t let anyone change who she is. Excited to see what kind of baby she and Marcus will have!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It might be my computer – but almost all the pictures aren’t showing up on this chapter…I’ll restart the browser and try again.


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