Keeping Up With The Hasslich’s (Part III)

It’s been a bit longer since my last update, but I’m finally back and it’s time for the third installment of Keeping Up With The Hasslich’s! The Hasslich clan just keeps on growing, so here is our latest update on the distant relatives of Aurora & Co. Fair warning, there are a lot of relatives, so this is bound to get a little pic-heavy!


We’ll start this time with Esmeralda’s line, since it’s the smallest to date.

Last time we checked in with Dayton Hasslich (only son of Esmeralda’s granddaughter, Betsy), he had stolen Mackenzie Pancakes right out under Roxas’s nose! Here is Dayton marrying Mackenzie in a casual ceremony:


You already know that Dayton and Mackenzie had a daughter, Kierra, who is Coralie’s best friend. But Dayton and Mackenzie also had two other daughters, twins named Emerson and Scarlett.

This is Scarlett. She’s a noncommittal, childish genius, and with the Joke Star aspiration, she’s also gregarious. Scarlett has had her fair share of suitors, but she turns them down without a second thought. She’s too busy brainstorming her next clever comedy routine to waste time on relationships.


The twins do have a lot in common, including their aspiration and their gregarious nature! But where Scarlett is noncommittal, Emerson is a hopeless romantic. Unfortunately, she is also a loner, which seems to be getting in the way of her finding her soulmate. When she first met her crush, Paolo Rocca, Emerson knew it was love at first sight. Rocco was athletic and charismatic, and she was helpless to his charms.


But things didn’t pan out quite as she planned. Every time she opened her mouth, she stuck her foot right back in it. Her jokes fell flat, her flirty laugh sounded awkward, and Rocco was not responsive to her advances. Emerson had no choice but to skulk home in embarrassment, where she hid under her covers until she developed a plan. She would make him fall in love with her yet!


Meanwhile, the oldest Pancakes-Hasslich sister had embarked on an adventure of her own – motherhood! This is Kierra with her daughter, Brielle Pancakes-Hasslich. Brielle was the product of a MC-Command Center-initiated pregnancy, which chose none other than Kierra’s distant cousin Sebastian Hasslich for the father. I briefly considered deleting Brielle from the game, but she’s just so cute I had to keep her! And anyway, Sebastian and Kierra are something like 5th cousins on the family tree, so I think technically it’s legal? Probably best not to think too much about it. In my imagination, Kierra and Sebastian (who thought he was quite the ladies man, if you remember) had (a lot) too much to drink, and the rest is history.


While Brielle has her mom’s coloring, she actually reminds me a lot of Sebastian. It should be interesting to see how she turns out as a teen!


So while all of these lovely ladies are descended from Esmeralda through her granddaughter Betsy, you might also remember Betsy’s twin brother, Desmond. Desmond’s live-in girlfriend was the lovely Reagan Oliva (who rejected Desmond’s marriage proposal). Last time we saw Desmond and Reagan, Reagan was pregnant.


She gave birth to a baby boy named Peter, who as an adult is the spitting image of his father.


Peter had a hard time meeting the right girl, but eventually he met Mikaela Harden (who is actually cousin to Coralie – Mikaela’s mother is Lamont’s sister!). Luckily for Peter, Mikaela was so charmed by his creativity that she was able overlook his lazy slob ways.


Things quickly got physical, and Mikaela found herself pregnant.


Peter wasted no time. He loved Mikaela and after a string of rejections, he wasn’t about to let her get away.


But just like his father before him, Peter’s proposal was rejected. It looks like marriage is just not in the cards for the men in this family. Naturally, Peter was mortified, and I was worried he might keel over and die, but he just spent some time crying in bed and then he and Mikaela went back to woohoo like nothing ever happened. For the moment, Peter is just happy to have a girlfriend and a baby on the way.


Next we’ll check in with Clarissa’s line, which is only slightly bigger than Esmeralda’s line at this point. Last time we checked in with this branch, Orchid Landgraab had married an alien and given birth to her two green daughters, Rosemary and Sage.

As an adult, Rosemary lived up to her name and fell for a gardener named Trevor Solomon.


Trevor was quite the ladies’ man, and when Rosemary fell into bed with him, she thought she was the only one.


Rosemary was head over heels in love, and she decided that as a modern woman, it was up to her to turn her dreams for the future into reality.


But what Rosemary didn’t know was that Trevor was not only an evil genius, but he was the furthest thing from a one woman man. She soon found that her little one would have not one but THREE half-siblings, all from different mothers. Needless to say, Rosemary did not gain a husband in Trevor, but she did gain TRIPLETS! Here are her three beautiful children:

There’s Stefania, who you’ve already met. She is a gloomy geek who loves the outdoors…


Her brother Spencer – a noncommittal and creative snob…


And last but not least, Maxwell – the squeamish, gloomy, and insane black sheep of the family…


While her sister fell for a bad boy, Sage made sure that she was the bad girl! Sage was mean, hot-headed, and creative, and she had zero intention of repeating her sister’s mistakes. She did want children, though, so she put her love ’em and leave ’em mantra to good use with this guy, whose name I can’t remember because I accidentally deleted him from my townies (oops).


Sage was not very impressed with him, but she figured he would do, and soon enough she found herself with a set of teenage twins of her own.

First is her son, a self-assured snob named Phillip. He’s sporting that Hasslich chin proudly!


And of course, his twin sister, the beautiful (one of the prettiest Hasslich descendants so far, I think) Alivia. Alivia is childish and creative.


All of the cousins are currently living together at Affluista Mansion, along with Sage, who is an elder now, and without Rosemary, who has recently passed away.


Last but not least, here is a look at the other branches of Seraphina’s line, starting with Elliott’s granddaughter, Phoebe Hasslich-Goth.


Phoebe wound up with a man by the name of Minkz Baez. They had a pretty standard courtship, at least for a Hasslich woman. Minkz was a sweetheart, and when a particularly enthusiastic afternoon woohoo resulted in a pregnancy, Minkz took her by surprise and popped the question. They were completely in love, and they both knew it would have happened eventually anyway. Under the circumstances, there was no point in waiting!


She accepted, of course, and just like her cousins Sage and Rosemary, her pregnancy resulted in a multiple birth! Minkz and Phoebe now live at Ophelia Villa with their twin teenage boys:

Zachariah B. Hasslich-Goth and Jared B. Hasslich Goth. Here they are taking a selfie together. Of all the Hasslich descendants, these two still look the most like Grainna, I think. (also, Palani cameo in the background!).


As for Emmeline’s branch, you already know that Roxas found his happy ending with Beth Elstree.


You can read about their adventures – including their wedding, honeymoon, and expanding family – over at Sabreene’s Elstree Prettacy!

Of course, you also know that Addie found her happy ending with Brennan Summerfield from The Summerfield Legacy. Addie and Brennan wound up having (you guessed it!) MULTIPLES! There must be something in the water…

Here are Addie and Brennan’s twin girls, Morgan and Ada, on their teenage birthday:

Morgan aged up first. She is an outgoing glutton.



And Ada followed, growing into a cheerful slob. c



Of course, the twins are not Addie’s only children, which brings us to Beau.


Beau struggled after moving out of the house. Living with Sebastian was no walk in the park, what with the revolving door of women that his cousin brought home to their apartment. Beau’s sanity broke the morning that he caught Kierra sneaking out the back door, and he took to wandering around the local parks like a homeless man.

But Beau and Sebastian were not the only Hasslich’s that lived in their building. In fact, Axel and his wife Peyton had moved in shortly after their wedding, followed by Peyton’s sister, Danna, who had wanted to stay close to her little sister. It was Danna who noticed the change in Beau – it was Danna who took and interest in him, and Danna, who ultimately brought him back from the brink of insanity.




So now Beau and his pregnant fiance live next door to Axel and Peyton, and once Beau and Danna tie the knot, he and Axel will officially be brothers-in-law as well as cousins!


Here are a few photos of Axel’s family, which now includes their TWIN boys, Rez (top photo) and Tanner (bottom photo).



While Beau and Sebastian did eventually make amends after the Kierra incident (they ARE the inseparable cousins, after all!), Sebastian has since moved out of their apartment (which is just fine with Beau, since now he and Danna can have it all to themselves!). After all of his carousing, Sebastian finally settled down when he met Alysia Barbour.



Sebastian and Alysia now live in Oasis Springs with their young daughter, Rachelle.




Finally, we’ll check in with the other branches of Andalie’s line – Milo and Sylvie.

Sylvie and Abe, of course, had started this whole multiple births business back when they had their twin boys, Auggie and Isaac.

Isaac now is happily coupled up with his girlfriend, Krystal Somberg.


Auggie, on the other hand…. well, he’s perfecting his diving skills.


And as for Milo’s line, you already know what Tabitha is up to!


But I’ll leave the rest of that story for next time!







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5 responses to “Keeping Up With The Hasslich’s (Part III)

  1. I love these episodes so much. I always have to read them a few times, to really take a good look at everyone. I think Addie’s daughter Morgan turned out so pretty! And an outgoing glutton like Beth! So many different interesting looks! (And some very pretty ones too!) Rachelle looks cute as a kid, I wonder how she’ll age!

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    • My favorite thing about keeping all the lines in tact is seeing how differently the genetics have been passed down from one line to the other! Addie’s kids all have Grainna’s eyes, Esmeralda’s great-grandson has Grainna’s mouth, and the Landgraab branch still has the chin. It’s a lot of work keeping them from dying out, but it’s worth it 🙂

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  2. Wait… Which one is Auggie?


  3. How do you keep up with them all?! Love these chapters, they add so much depth to the legacy.


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