Chapter Sixty One : Just My Imagination

When Roxas spun into young adulthood a few days later, his very first thoughts were of the beautiful Mackenzie Pancakes. They’d gone back and forth as teenagers, always walking that thin line between friends and lovers.

But now that they were older, Roxas knew that it was time to take their relationship to the next level – to finally put a label on their growing love, to commit to one another, and to move forward together as a couple.

Roxas tied his shoes and walked over the Pancakes residence. When he knocked in the door, Mackenzie answered, but the expression on her face was less than inviting. In fact, she looked worried…nervous even.


Roxas: Hey Mackenzie!

He went in for a hug, but Mackenzie hung back – the word “recoil” popped into Roxas’ head. She was intentionally averting her gaze, eyes darting side to side in high alert.

Mackenzie: Now really isn’t a great time, Roxas. You should probably go…

Suddenly a familiar figure filled the doorway beside Mackenzie.


Dayton? What was his cousin doing at Mackenzie’s house?

Dayton’s face lit up as he pulled Roxas in for a bear hug.


Dayton: Roxas!? Long time no see, cousin! I’m so glad you stopped by – How’s your mom? I hear Aurora is the new heir… How’s she holding up? Come in, buddy, let’s have a drink and catch up!

Dayton ushered Roxas inside as if he owned the place, leaving a shocked Mackenzie behind on the doorstep.


Dayton: Sorry we didn’t invite you to the wedding, man – we eloped, actually, I mean you know when you know right? Why wait?

Roxas blanched, realization finally dawning on him.

Roxas: The….wedding?

Dayton: Oh yeah, I guess I should have formally introduced you to my wife! That’s Mackenzie you just met… the woman of my dreams, that one!

At that moment a little girl walked into the room, and Roxas felt his head spin. He vaguely heard Dayton introduce the child as his daughter – their daughter – Kierra. Kara? Something like that…


Roxas: You know, Dayton, I’m suddenly not feeling so well. I should probably go….

Dayton wished him well and said goodbye, enthusiastically suggesting a family reunion in the near future.

Roxas trudged off in a trance.


He was only halfway down the block when Mackenzie caught up with him.

Mackenzie: Roxas? Roxas!! I’m sorry. Really I am – it just happened so fast, I guess I should have told you…it was a complete whirlwind!

Roxas: Told me? Gee, you think? And all this time I thought it was me and you! I always thought it would be me and you! And here you are playing house with my cousin….!


He sadly shook his head.

Mackenzie: Come on, Roxas, we were never anything serious. You can’t really expect…

Roxas: I was in love with you, Mackenzie! You led me on, you let me believe! But you never never wanted me… You just liked the attention was all! You used me!


Roxas turned in his heel and walked away without looking back. There would be no looking back – only forward.



Meanwhile, Aurora was also looking toward the future – specifically, a red-haired, green-eyed, extremely handsome future.


His name was Lamont Harden, and Aurora quickly deemed him a genetics goldmine. She wasted no time and luckily, Lamont was ready and willing for a casual woohoo.




Afterwards, Aurora wanted nothing more than to run off and take a pregnancy test, but Lamont pulled her in close.

Lamont: You’re really something, Aurora. I’ve never had woohoo like that before! I think I’m in love with you!

Aurora shook her head and expertly escaped his embrace.

Aurora: Ummm…I’ll be right back, okay? I need to use the bathroom.


When Aurora told Lamont the big news, he immediately pulled her in for a long, passionate kiss.


Lamont: A baby?! This is perfect! You’ll marry me right? We’ll be a family, and we’ll have awesome woohoo for the rest of our lives!

Lamont wasn’t really in love with her, Aurora knew that much, but she was flattered that he was so impressed with her woohoo technique, especially since this was the first time she’d ever woohooed at all! But Aurora wasn’t interested in marriage – she knew she wanted to be a mother – the BEST mother – to as many children as possible. But she didn’t need a husband for that.

Aurora: I’m sorry, Lamont. I hope you’ll take an active role in our child’s life, but I’m not exactly in the market for a husband, or even a boyfriend for that matter. I had a nice time with you tonight, and I’ll keep you posted on the pregnancy.

She showed him the door and he exited shaking his head sadly, muttering something about “amazing woohoo.” Aurora closed the door behind him and smiled, resting her hands on her tummy.

Boy or girl, it doesn’t matter, she thought to herself. I promise to be the best mom I can be, my little one.




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5 responses to “Chapter Sixty One : Just My Imagination

  1. I felt so badly for Roxas! Life moves so fast for sims, his love already had a child. That short life span, it’ll get you every time!


  2. Poor Roxas… I’m not such a fan of Lamont, it looks like he has no lips ๐Ÿ˜€


  3. Do you have MC Command Mod? Do you play rotation style? I’m wondering how all these other relationships and kids are getting started up…

    Liked by 1 person

    • In the beginning (first three generations at least) I did it rotationally, which is the way I normally play (really looking forward to starting a Windenburg rotational, on that note!). Then the no culling mod I was using stopped working and I installed MC Command center instead to avoid that. Since I had it installed anyway, I turned on story progression. I still check in on the other Hasslich families from time to time, though. I like knowing what they’re all up to.


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