Chapter Sixty : Dark Side Of The Moon

Just because Emmeline was now an elder didn’t mean she had any intention of slowing down. Enrique knew better than to expect his new wife to “settle down” – Emmeline had never been one to stand still for long, and Enrique relished his new role as house-husband. As a neat-freak, he was happy to take over the household chores and give his wife the freedom to explore space as she pleased.


Emmeline hadn’t been to space since Addie was conceived. The rocket ship sat neglected in the back yard, and while Emmeline yearned to return to the stars, her first act of freedom occurred firmly on solid ground.

She’d been reviewing the rocket user’s manual in the living room when she saw a familiar face through the window. He was only walking down the street, minding his own business, but Emmeline’s temper erupted at the mere sight of him. She darted out the front door and chased him down.


Emmeline: How dare you show your face around here, you cad! As if Andalie would take you back, even if she was still alive!

Dean bristled.

Dean: Give me a break! I don’t want anything to do with your ugly sister! – wait…. did you just say Andalie died?

It was the first time Dean had ever gotten her name right.

Emmeline: The mother of your child was eaten by a cow plant and you didn’t even know? Show some respect!

Dean recognized the volatile look in her eyes – he braced himself for what was coming.



Emmeline: That’s for abandoning your son. Milo wouldn’t hurt a fly, but his feisty auntie is a different story. Now get lost!

Confident from her victory over Dean, Emmeline decided that now was as good a time as any to take her trusty rocket ship for a spin.

It turns out that she probably should have spent a little more time with that manual after all….


But Emmeline emerged from the wreckage unharmed.


She’d discovered something important out there, something she urgently needed to tell Sylvie. She brushed herself off and jumped into action – but it turned out she wouldn’t have to go looking for Sylvie after all. Emmeline put her hands on her knees and took several calming breaths while she waited for her panicked niece to reach her.

Sylvie: Aunt Emmeline! You’re okay, thank the Watcher, you’re okay! I thought for sure you were dead! But you’re okay!

Emmeline: I’m fine, honey, but there’s something I need to tell you. Let’s go inside…


Emmeline: I need you to listen carefully, Sylvie! The rocket ship didn’t just crash all on it’s own, do you understand me? There was an outside force…. I was onto something, something someone doesn’t want me to know. A powerful someone. See –

Sylvie laughed doubtfully.

Sylvie: This sounds like some crazy conspiracy theory, Aunt Emmeline…

Emmeline: I know how it sounds, but you know as well as I do that there’s something else out there…. Look – usually when I’m on an expedition I use my radio to communicate with Command. But this time, the person on the other end wasn’t Command. It was a woman, a voice I’ve never heard before. She asked my name, and I told her. She seemed…shocked. She said her name was Elphie. Elphie Hasslich.


Sylvie: Elphie Hasslich?! Isn’t that our “long lost distant relative” whose legacy vanished without a trace? That’s just a family myth, Aunt Emme! Folklore, you know?

Emmeline: That’s what I thought too, Sylvie – but I just don’t know anymore. She sounded so genuine…. and scared too…she said our legacy is in danger, but then there was another voice, a different language, and that’s when I crashed – !

Sylvie: But if even Elphie Hasslich was real, there’s no way she’d still be alive! Elphie’s legacy happened before Grainna was even born!


Emmeline: I don’t have an explanation for you, Sylvie. It’s why I’m asking for your help. I’d like you to do some research – you have the science lab at your disposal. I’ve heard rumors about another dimension – they call it Sixam. If the rumors are to believed, you can get there through a portal…. And If you can build one, maybe we can get the answers we need to save the legacy.


Sylvie was skeptical, but if her experience in the science field had taught her anything, it was that nothing was impossible. If there was a chance the legacy was at risk, she would do anything in her power to prevent disaster.

And so, she set to work…




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3 responses to “Chapter Sixty : Dark Side Of The Moon

  1. Oooh, I’m so intrigued! Is this part of the legacy you had previous to Grainna?


    • Yes – my first prettacy founder was named Elphie Hasslich and I’d gotten 3 or 4 generations in when all my ghosts and non-main line branches got culled! I was so bummed that I started over with Grainna, but decided to work Elphie’s mysterious vanishing into the story – things are finally starting to unfold!

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  2. It’s really cool how you’ve tied the story back to the legacy that got you to start it. I can’t wait to see what happens next! 🙂


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