Chapter Fifty Nine : Shake It Off

Time passed slowly, and Grainna’s legacy hung in limbo as Aurora inched closer and closer to adulthood. For the first time in Hasslich history, there was a lull in legacy activity…and the family breathed a collective sigh of relief. For a brief moment in time, there were no decisions to be made, no pressure, and no worry for the future.

Addie left childhood behind and became a teenager, complete with the requisite teenage attitude. In addition to being neat, Addie had also become rather mean and resentful of her status as the only non-eligible heir in the household.





In the wake of the heir announcement, Sylvie had felt a weight lift off her shoulders. As an official Hasslich spare, she was free to pursue her burgeoning scientist career and to explore a real, full-fledged relationship with Abe. Of course, if Abe was even interested, that is. While Sylvie was sure she’d felt an undeniable chemistry between them that night in the hot tub, Abe had yet to make a move.

And so the next time Abe came by the house, Sylvie took matters into her own hands. It wasn’t easy, but she gathered the courage to tell him how she felt.



Abe seemed surprised at first, but luckily he responded more than positively. The two went on several dates, and before long, they’d made the jump from “just friends” to a committed relationship. They were in love, and Sylvie was happier than she’d ever been.


Of course, Sylvie wasn’t the only Hasslich cousin with love on the brain. As a romantic, Roxas was also eager to try his hand at romance, and he wasted no time jumping in. When he met Mackenzie Pancakes at school, he was taken by her laid-back demeanor and pile of long dark hair. And so, he invited her to join him for a walk around the neighborhood – and when she agreed, Roxas jumped for joy – his first real date!

Later that night, he waited excitedly at their designated meeting spot, but when Roxas first caught sight of Mackenzie, his heart dropped with discouragement. She certainly didn’t look dressed for a date – had he been too vague about his intentions? Or didn’t she care to dress for the occasion? Maybe Mackenzie didn’t like him that way after all…


But Mackenzie was friendly and talkative, and Roxas soon became sure that he wasn’t the only one who felt sparks.


In the end, the night came to a close with a hug and a kiss on the cheek – but Roxas was sure that there was much, much more to come.


After Andalie’s death, Enrique had moved into the house in order to help Emmeline keep the family afloat. And as the days ticked by, so did their adulthood – and when they spun into elderhood, Enrique and Emmeline did so hand in hand.


With their golden years before them, Emmeline realized that now was her last chance to marry the man of her dreams. The children were all teenagers and the legacy rested firmly on the shoulders of the next heir – and Emmeline was free, at last, to follow her heart. And as she and Enrique began to make arrangements for their special day, Emmeline was reminded of the story of her own parents’ wedding – of Ron and Sera’s happy ending, of the gift they’d been given in their final years, of love that transcended youth and reason. Emmeline knew then, without a doubt, that she wanted to marry Enrique in the very same church where her mother had married her father so many years ago.






But of course, all good things must come to an end, and the day soon arrived for Aurora to become an adult and take on her responsibility as the Generation 4 Hasslich Heir!


Since Aurora’s young adult birthday fell on the same day that Sylvie was to become an adult, the celebration lasted long into the night!


It was only when Andalie showed up that the party finally died down…


Andalie: I can’t believe your aunt named you the heir! It was supposed to be your sister!

Aurora: Well, Mom, I guess it’s just too bad you went and got yourself eaten by a cowplant, then isn’t it?

Andalie’s comments stung, but Aurora resolved to shake it off. This was a good day, and she knew she couldn’t take Andalie’s comments seriously…

I’ll show her, she thought to herself. I’ll be a better heir and a better mother, than she ever was!



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9 responses to “Chapter Fifty Nine : Shake It Off

  1. Loved this! Emmeline & Enrique were reminding me of Ron & Sera even before they had the wedding at the same church, so that was just the perfect touch!


  2. Not such a fan of the not Maxis-match CC here, it doesn’t fit your look in my opinion, but great episode!


  3. Do you have a mod? Or do you play the other families to get all of these kids???

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