Keeping Up With The Hasslich’s Part II

First of all, I really want to thank you for reading my little story here. I’ve had a lot less time recently to update, but still this family and this story has wormed its way into my heart in a way I never anticipated. I so enjoyed the first edition of Keeping Up With The Hasslich’s, and so I’ve been looking forward to sharing what’s been going on with the extended family since then.

Warning, this is a long and picture heavy post!

So, without further ado….

Clarissa’s Line

Last time we saw Clarissa’s daughter Martina, she was dancing up a storm in a silly hat, but she had still not met anyone special. She really wanted to settle down and have a family, but wasn’t having much luck. She had heard about certain reality dating show and decided to try out – but first, she went to the spa and came back with a totally new look, courtesy of a breast lift, nose job, and a couple other procedures that shall not be named.



The jury’s still out as to whether she won a slot on the show, but I’m still holding out hope for Martina.

Meanwhile, Martina’s twin brother, Bryant, had met and married a sim by the name of Violetta. Bryant and Violetta have both passed, but they had a daughter named Orchid Landgraab. I believe the last picture I posted of her was as a child, so here is Orchid as a teen – she definitely got the classic Hasslich chin, but otherwise she’s pretty cute.




Orchid eventually aged up to an adult, at which point she met Darrel Chen.


Orchid and Darrel had a whirlwind love affair, which resulted in an impromptu wedding…


It was during the wedding that Orchid noticed a tell-tale pink aura surrounding her new husband. It turned out that Darrel was actually an alien! Here he is flirting with Orchid in his true form:


The surprising discovery didn’t phase Orchid, as she loved Darrel very much and actually thought that aliens were pretty cool. So cool, in fact, that she wanted nothing more than to make lots of alien babies with her alien husband.


They wound up having two daughters, neither of which is full alien.


Here is a photo of Bryant with one of his granddaughters:


This is Rosemary, their oldest, who just became a young adult. She is neat and romantic, but has a pretty nasty mean streak.




This is Rosemary’s younger sister, Sage. Sage is a teenager now. She is mean like her sister, but is also extremely hot-headed. I’m thinking that Orchid’s hatred of children had a negative effect on both of her daughters!




Esmeralda’s Line

Last time we checked in with Esmeralda’s line, her son Oliver had married Sharon, who gave birth to the couple’s twins, Betsy and Desmond. We last saw the twins as children.

This is Betsy as an adult. She’s really cute, and luckily looks a lot like Sharon, but the nose is all Esmeralda.



Betsy was just barely a young adult when she got involved with Rex Rankin.



It was only a fling, and the relationship predictably didn’t last, but the dalliance left Betsy to raise her young son, Dayton, on her own. Dayton is now a cheerful and romantic young adult himself. He is also active, though you wouldn’t know it to look at him!



Meanwhile, Betsy’s twin brother Desmond had also grown up. Here he is, first, as an adult. He’s a pretty strange-looking guy, and his odd combo of traits (slob, bro, and loner) seem to fit the bill.



Desmond spend the majority of his adulthood helping his sister to raise Dayton, and the uncle and nephew now are actually best friends. But his intensive involvement in his nephew’s life left little time for Desmond to have a family of his own. It wasn’t until recently, with Des now in his elderhood, that he found himself facing fatherhood.

Desmond met Reagan Oliva, who is clearly much younger, and who seems to run hot and cold with poor Des. Perhaps it’s not a coincidence that Reagan is an enemy of of Desmond’s cousin Sylvie – I like to think Sylvie is looking out for him and sees Reagan for the gold-digger she is!



Regardless, Desmond was blinded by Reagan’s youth and beauty, and Reagan soon moved in. The “couple” is not married (Reagan turned him down), but they are expecting a child any day now!



Elliot’s Line

We’ve seen a lot of Elliot’s late wife, Isla, since she continues to deliver the Hasslich babies even in her current ghost state! Unfortunately, we haven’t seen as much of Elliot, so here is a photo of him as an elder visiting his favorite sister in their childhood home:


He also took it upon himself to go swimming during his visit, and I’ll admit I secretly hoped he would die from exhaustion while he was in there, just so I could keep his ghost around for Emmeline, since the two of them always had a super close relationship.

Anyway, you already know that Elliot and Isla had twin boys named William and Dante. William and Dante both grew up to look just like their dad, with the exception of their bright blue eye color, which they inherited from their pretty mom. These two are literally the only set of truly identical twins I’ve ever had born-in-game in TS4.



While William never settled down, his brother Dante quickly fell head over heels for the beautiful Laurel Harden.


Much like his dad, Dante jumped in just a little too fast, which initially put Laurel off and set them both up for an embarrassing moment.


But Dante was persistent, and soon he had won Laurel’s…..”heart”.



And when Laurel discovered that she was pregnant, she took matters into her own hands.



Laurel Harden is now Laurel Harden-Goth, and the couple’s daughter, Phoebe, is now a teenager. She is neat and insane, and while she looks a heck of a lot like her dad, she somehow also reminds me a bit of her great-great grandmother, Bella.




Milo’s Line

Considering Milo just moved out with Juliana, there’s not much to tell about his branch. So far, their baby was just born – they have a daughter named Tabitha, who is currently a child. So far I think she looks a little like Andalie.



Last but certainly not least…

Ron and Seraphina

Here are a few shots of my favorite couple! Their love surpasses even death, which I think is pretty awesome considering I don’t control them as ghosts AT ALL, and relationships seem to completely reset in the ghost state. Yet Sera and Ron are still going strong, completely of their own free will.



And of course, Grainna is still always hanging around, watching over her family and her legacy.



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  1. It’s so great that you still have the ghosts!


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