Chapter Fifty Seven : Coo Coo C’Choo, Mrs. Robinson

As the heir announcement loomed on the horizon, Andalie spent more and more time among her plant-friends, seeking advice on the difficult choice ahead of her.


Andalie: I don’t know what to do, George! Sylvie is going to be a young adult tomorrow, and I don’t want to wait too long to make the announcement. But, neither of my daughters really seems to care about the legacy. They both seem so….indifferent. Neither of them will even talk about it, so how do I know which is the right choice?

George was frustratingly silent. Usually Andalie liked that about him – he forced her to reflect and come to her own conclusions. He was very smart like that, and Andalie thought he would have made a good psychologist, if he wasn’t a cowplant of course. But today what she really needed was an answer.

Time marched on as Andalie’s uncertainty grew, and the next day passed in the blink of an eye.

Sylvie’s birthday was upon them.

Sylvie wasn’t much of a cook, but her love of food had only multiplied, and she never did outgrow her goofball tendencies. Young adulthood had also brought out a certain level of materialism and a passion for learning – she wanted to be a nerd brain, and was also a very quick learner as a result.

Here she is in CAS:



In celebration of Sylvie’s birthday, Aurora mixed her big sister a drink. She had developed a passion for mixology, and hoped to someday become the most famous bartender in Willow Creek! She had been practicing a lot lately, but as a minor, Aurora had little experience with juice-aholic drinks. Sylvie’s first day as a young adult was the perfect occasion for Aurora to experiment with something a little stronger.



Sylvie: This stuff is fantastic, Rory! If this is what it means to be an adult, then I have no complaints.

Aurora: I’m so glad you like it – kind of hard to know if it’s good when I can’t have any!

Sylvie: I’m sure mom wouldn’t mind if you had just a sip. Here, taste..

She handed the drink off to her sister, who brought the glass to her lips. Aurora smiled.

Aurora: Plum, I’m good!

Sylvie laughed, but quickly fell silent, suddenly serious and thoughtful.

Sylvie: So you know that Mom’s going to pick an heir, now, right?

Aurora: I know. I’m nervous.

Sylvie: Nervous? I didn’t know you wanted to be the heir…

Aurora: It’s not that – I’m not nervous about being the heir, or not being the heir for that matter. I’m nervous about…. us, I guess. You’ve heard all the stories about the heir announcements – the drama between mom and Aunt Emmeline, and how Grandma Sera and her sisters ALL didn’t want to be the heir? I just don’t want us to fight or be mad at each other…

Sylvie laughed.

Sylvie: I don’t think there’s anything to worry about, okay? Nothing – not even the legacy – could drive a wedge between us! And besides, I couldn’t care less about being the heir! I mean, it’s fine if I am, I guess, it’s not like I have anything to lose, but I really don’t mind either way.

Aurora: I feel exactly the same way! I’ll be happy enough to be the heir, but I wouldn’t be disappointed if I wasn’t.

Sylvie: One thing’s for sure…. I’m not wasting any time getting a job, whether I’m the heir or not. Aunt Emmeline keeps talking about something … strange… she saw in space, and I just have this hunch….

She trailed off, and Aurora looked at her expectantly.

Sylvie: Let’s just say I have some scientific research to do. But first, I want to have a little fun….

As Sylvie leaned over and whispered her plan in her sister’s ear, Aurora’s eyes widened, and her face broke into a wide, mischievous, grin.




It was early morning by the time their hot tub rendezvous came to an end, but Sylvie was nothing short of encouraged. Tonight was a step in the right direction, and Sylvie was sure that she’d sensed a certain flirtatious vibe from Abe. He squeezed her hand as he said goodbye, and playfully tugged her hair as he left. Sylvie sank deeper into the hot, swirling water, satisfied that she’d given him something to think about when he was alone at night.

What Sylvie didn’t know was that she wasn’t the only Hasslich woman who’d noticed Abe’s dashing good looks and flirtatious demeanor.


Andalie had been starved for attention since being rejected by Dean and Nash, and Abe’s handsome face quickly sparked her interest. Of course she knew all about her daughter’s long-standing crush on the younger man, but as she flirted shamelessly, Sylvie’s feelings were the last thing on her mind. Abe was a grown man now, and though Andalie recognized the significant age difference, she felt sure that her feelings were returned.

Abe left, and the day passed, though Andalie hardly noticed. That night, she sneaked out to the garden to talk to George. She hadn’t slept, her thoughts totally consumed by the charming Abe Lothario.


Andalie: I love him, George, and I know he loves me! He just can’t say it because of Sylvie! We’re meant to be! Soul mates! Star-crossed lovers! I have to find a way to be with him….!

As per usual, George stared at her silently.

This again? he thought to himself. Three days ago she wanted to be a better mother! Today she’s stealing her daughter’s boyfriend? And will she ever SHUT UP?

But Andalie rambled on, consumed by her self-involved delusion.

Andalie: It’s not like Sylvie could have him anyway, if she was the – that’s it! Sylvie will be the heir, and then Abe and I can be together! I’ll propose and we’ll be married and – oooooh, cake!




George burped with satisfaction.

Andalie made a much better meal than she did a mother, anyway, and George figured he’d actually done her kids a service. Now everyone was happy – well, everyone but Andalie, he supposed. But George was satisfied with his meal, and Sylvie would never know that her mother cared so little for her feelings. Win-win, as far as George was concerned.



Rest in Peace, Andalie Hasslich.

But of course, Andalie hadn’t lived long enough to declare Sylvie the heir….leaving Emmeline, as the last remaining third generation sister, to make the decision on her own.




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7 responses to “Chapter Fifty Seven : Coo Coo C’Choo, Mrs. Robinson

  1. Woah that was a surprise 😮 but tbh I’m glad Andalie couldn’t stir any more drama


  2. Oh my, LOL! You go, George! And Emmeline must be the adult once more, hehe.


  3. I must agree with George here lol

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  4. Oops! There goes my favorite Sim! LOL!

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    • HA! I didn’t actually intend to kill Andalie by cowplant! She flirted with Abe autonomously and then her whims were focused on him constantly. George was there because Andalie needed a cowplant to finish the Freelance Botanist aspiration. All the family members kept getting eaten by him, and then spit back out, so I wasn’t too concerned when she went for the cake. Of course, I didn’t exactly stop her, either….

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