Chapter Fifty Six : Dreams & Nightmares

On the day of her elder birthday, Andalie awoke with a start. Her sleep had been restless and fraught with nightmares. She dreamed she was on fire, screaming out for help, as her family stood idly by, ignoring her peril and pain.


Andalie was exhausted, and and as she lie alone in bed, staring at the ceiling, she reflected on her life, her relationships, and her own internal struggles. Staring her very last birthday in the face, she struggled to come to terms with the sad fact of her own mortality.

And when she spun into elderhood later that day, Andalie found herself – unsurprisingly – alone. There was no cake, no celebration with her family, no streamers or singing. They’d forgotten her, just as she had forgotten them so many times before.

Only Milo noticed the change in his mother.


Andalie: Ouch, my back!

Milo: You okay, Mom? You look, um…. kind of different. But I’ve gotta run – Juliana’s family is expecting me for lunch. I’ll be back for dinner, though. In case you forgot, it’s Aurora’s birthday, and Roxas’s, too.

And without so much as a birthday hug, Milo skipped off to see his girlfriend.

She deserved this, she knew. But still, the loneliness stung. Andalie remembered her nightmare and choked back a sob. She had never intended to alienate her family or to hurt a man as good and kind as Nash. She knew now that there was no making up for those mistakes – but dwelling on the past would do her no good. Today wasn’t just about her; today was also Roxas’s birthday, and Aurora’s teenage birthday to boot.

While the past couldn’t be undone, Andalie thought that at least, for once in her life, she could put her family first – not to ingratiate herself or to seek forgiveness – but because she truly wanted to do something nice for the only people who had ever truly mattered.

And so Andalie set to work. She started by repairing the broken objects in their home, and then to baking a cake for Aurora. Afterward, she noticed that Sylvie was feeling a little under the weather, and offered to make her some herbal tea.


And when it came time for Aurora to blow out the candles, Andalie watched in awe as her youngest daughter became a teenager. Aurora, despite her absent, neglectful mother, had grown into an amazing young woman. Aurora was a perfectionist, always striving to be the very best, and had developed a passion for fitness, making her the first Hasslich to acquire the active trait. And though Andalie could take no credit for raising her, she felt nothing but pride in the person her daughter had become.


Being an active sim, Aurora skipped the cake and immediately hopped on the treadmill.


Here she is in CAS after a work out or two… She DEFINITELY got her dad’s nose…




Of course the legacy branch wasn’t the only side of the Hasslich family with a birthday today – Roxas had also grown up, into a striking little boy with the good looks of his mother.



And speaking of his mother, Emmeline found that Roxas’s newfound childhood independence afforded her a level of freedom she’d missed when he was just a baby, demanding her attention at every turn. And she celebrated the best way she knew how…




Two days later, Emmeline found herself smack in the middle of her second trimester. It turns out that upgrading a rocket is no easy feat when there’s a baby on the way!



Meanwhile, Andalie had a new pet. His name was George.




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7 responses to “Chapter Fifty Six : Dreams & Nightmares

  1. Aurora looks like a girl i used to work with… Minus the blue skin of course, but she got the same nose! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Andalie is one of my all-time favorite Sims.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Andalie drove me nuts, lol. She was the most erratic sim I’ve ever had! I felt sorry for her during this chapter, though. I like to try to let my sims define themselves by letting them act autonomously and fulfilling their whims. Andalie spent so much time fixated on the men in her life that her relationship bars with her family were pretty pitiful.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I really loved her. You did such a great job writing her the way she was! Those obsessions! It was so funny. It’s interesting to me that often the Sim that’s the hardest for the Simmer is the one that some readers end up loving the most! I really adored that crazy eratic Andalie!


  3. George!!! I love cowplants….


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