Chapter Fifty Five : On Bended Knee

The days that followed Roxas’ birth were a whirlwind of activity.


Sylvie had met Abe Lothario at school, and they quickly discovered that they had a relative in common – like Emmeline, Abe was a grandson of Don Lothario, making the two of them half-cousins. But Sylvie was relieved to know that she and Abe were not related themselves. Abe treated her as a strictly platonic friend, but Sylvie’s feelings for him had rapidly intensified into a massive crush of the can’t-eat-can’t-sleep variety.


Sylvie knew she’d been friend-zoned, and each night when she looked in the mirror, she sighed sadly, wishing for fuller lips and a “normal” skin tone. Abe was out of her league, she told herself, over and over again. But whatever Sylvie lacked in looks, she knew she more than made up for with her sense of humor and quick wit. And she wasn’t ready to give up.

Luckily, Milo was faring far better in the romance department. He had met Juliana at the park, and their relationship escalated quickly from there.


Juliana lived in Oasis Springs and went to a different high school, but she came by the house almost every weekend. They had become exclusive after only two dates, and with his aspiration for a successful lineage, it wasn’t long before he was envisioning a future with his new girlfriend, complete with a traditional white wedding and house full of kids. And so, despite the protestations of his family, who thought that he was moving way too fast, Milo saved up the money from his part-time job and bought Juliana a promise ring.


Meanwhile, Emmeline had embarked on her very first space mission, and returned home safely. Since then, she had been telling everyone that she’d seen something strangely familiar out there, but was frustrated to find that no one seemed to take her seriously – not even Enrique.


But Enrique’s desire to marry Emmeline had only intensified with the birth of their child, and while he knew that Emmeline was still needed in her family home, he began to grow impatient. He wanted a family of his own, to live in the same house as his wife and to be involved in his son’s everyday life. He and Emmeline had agreed that Roxas would split his time between the two households until they married, but Enrique wanted every day, with both Roxas and with Emmeline.

Enrique had spent most of his savings on the rocket ship he’d bought for Emmeline, and so he had little leftover for a ring. But he scraped together what he could, and when he was ready, he dropped to one knee before her.


Enrique: Emmeline, I love you more than you could even imagine. You’ve given me our son, and I fall more in love with you with every day that passes. I know you’re not ready to marry me yet, and that’s okay – I would wait for you forever. But I don’t want to be just your boyfriend anymore. We don’t have to set a date yet or start planning or any of that… I just want to put this ring on your finger and call you my fiancé.

Of course, Emmeline accepted with tears in her eyes.

Emmeline: But Enrique, by the time we can even get married I’ll probably be old and gray! Don’t you want a young and beautiful bride?

Enrique: You’re missing the point, Emmeline. You’ll always be young at heart, and to me, you always have been and always will be beautiful.


Andalie had been feeling a bit down ever since Dean rejected her marriage proposal, and with so much love in the air around her, she couldn’t help but feel lonely. She had tried calling Nash, but apparently he’d been very busy, because no matter how many messages she left, he still hadn’t called her back. So Andalie surrounded herself with her beloved plants, and while she appreciated their advice, talking to them didn’t do much good.

The fiasco with Dean weighed heavily on her heart, but at least, she thought, she learned something important. She learned to cherish the people who were always there for her, to make time for the people who treated her with kindness and respect, and to respect herself enough to walk away from anyone who couldn’t see her worth.


She was talking to her plants about this very realization, when the snapdragon plant said something that gave Andalie an idea. After all, this was a superb snapdragon plant, and so Andalie was inclined to take its advice seriously.

So the very next morning, she left the house in search of Nash. Come plum or high water, she was going to find him, and make him see just how important he was to her.

When she finally found him, dropped down to one knee (this was becoming a bit of a habit, apparently).


Andalie: Nash, I know it’s taken me way too long to realize this, but I want to spend the rest of my life with you!

Nash took one look at her, turned around, and walked the other way. Andalie was confused and shocked – she was sure that this time, her proposal would be accepted! Nash was clearly a better man, a more loving man, than Dean, and she knew that he loved her. This was not the reaction she’d expected.

She chased him down, not willing to let him go so easily when she finally knew what she wanted.


Andalie: What’s the matter? Didn’t you hear me?! I said will you marry me! I can get down on my knee again if you want, but this time make sure you don’t forget to say yes before you walk away again, okay?

Nash: Don’t you get it, Andalie? I’m not saying yes. I’m saying no. I saw you flirting with Dean at the park last week. You always swore that you had no feelings for the fathers of your other children, you said I was the only one you cared about! But obviously that’s not true. Not only did you cheat on me, but you lied to me, too! This is over, Andalie.


Andalie: What?! You saw us? It…it didn’t mean anything! I never cared about Dean! Okay, well maybe I cared a little, but when I proposed and he said no, then I realized that you’re the only one! I’m sorry! Please forgive me, Nash!

Nash: You…. PROPOSED to DEAN?!

Nash shook his head sadly.

Nash: This is even worse than I thought, Andalie. I do love you – I’ve always loved you – but you’ve ruined us. I deserve better than this. I don’t want to be the guy you settle for, and I don’t want a woman who lies to me and cheats on me. It’s just too late. Don’t call me again.

And with that, he was gone.


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