Chapter Twenty Five : Under Pressure

Seraphina spent her first trimester in a bubble of excitement.


She felt healthy and strong, and hadn’t even experienced much morning sickness. Being pregnant, it turned out, was much easier than actually getting pregnant. Much more enjoyable, too, in Seraphina’s opinion. Eduardo was handsome and kind, but she’d somehow expected…..more…..from her first woohoo. Not that it mattered. She’d achieved her goal and now all that was left to do was wait and hope for a girl.

But what if it isn’t a girl? Seraphina knew she was running short on time. If this baby was a boy, she would need to get pregnant again immediately. She didn’t have time to waste, and so she needed to start lining up her next baby daddy NOW.

She thought back to the party, and immediately remembered Alexander Goth. Their conversation had flowed easily, and she had a feeling she had already piqued his interest. He was a Goth, after all, and the family did have a reputation for loving all things …. unique.

There was no time like the present. Seraphina was just about to pick up the phone to call him, when there was a knock on the front door. She didn’t even have time to change out of her sexy pajamas! Oh well. She figured he’d be seeing her in far less eventually anyway, so she answered the door without changing.

Once again, she gathered her courage. It was easier this time. Eduardo had been good practice, and she had a better grasp now on how to act around men, how to attract them and inspire romance.


Alexander was sweet and kind. He was an unassuming type of man, and as they spent more and more time together over the next few days. He was interested in her life and in her art, and a genuine friendship developed between the two.

Seraphina hadn’t had many friends in her life. She had her sisters, of course, but they were sort of built-in friends. Alexander sincerely liked her, and Seraphina realized she very much valued their friendship. She knew it would be underhanded to use her best friend as a donor without his knowledge. She just couldn’t go through with what she had planned, and she knew she would have to fess up.

She invited him over to talk. Again, she wore her sexy pajamas. She worried that it might give him the wrong impression, but at this point she was well into her third trimester and nothing else fit her anymore. Not to mention, it wasn’t anything he hadn’t seen the last time he’d been over.

Seraphina: Alex, there’s something I want to talk to you about. I realize how crazy this is all going to sound, but I consider you a close friend, and I need to be completely honest with you.


Alexander looked at her and nodded.

Alex: I’m listening.

Seraphina: You see, my mother was the founder of the Hasslich legacy. She named me her heir and entrusted me with the future of her life’s work. Hence, well….


Seraphina: This baby is my first chance at an heir. Of course I’ll love my child – boy or girl – but only a girl would be eligible for the title. So, if this is a boy…. Well, that would mean I’d need to try again. And of course it takes two to make a baby. My problem is twofold – one, I’m almost halfway through adulthood and I’m running out of time. And two – there’s a rule that prohibits me from having more than one child with any one man. So this baby’s father is out of the question.

Alexander: So…..what exactly are you saying?

Seraphina: Please, please don’t be mad. The real reason I became friends with you was because I intended for you to father my next child. Now I KNOW that sounds terrible, but before you say anything, I changed my mind once I got to know you and realized how much I value your friendship! That’s why I’m telling you now, I needed to come clean–

Alexander: Seraphina, stop! You…… wanted me to father your baby?

Seraphina: Yes, but I know —

Alexander: YES! The answer is yes!

Seraphina: ….. WHAT? But I just said….

Alexander: I know – I heard you. But really… I’m not offended. Not offended at all actually. Honestly….I’m flattered. And, well….. You’re not the only one with a legacy to uphold. My sister died without having any children, so if I want the Goth name to continue, it’s on me to make it happen. I’m not exactly in my prime anymore either, Seraphina, and I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have a child with than you.

Seraphina was dumbfounded. This unexpected turn of events was beyond her imagining. It was hard for her to hide her excitement, but still she had concerns.

Seraphina: Alex, we’re friends. You realize that in order to have a baby together, we would have to….woohoo. Don’t you think that would make things awkward? I don’t even think I’m all that good at it….

Alexander: I’ve always found you attractive, Seraphina. I’m sure we won’t have a problem. And we’re both nearly elders now. If anyone is mature enough to handle this, we are.

Seraphina: And what about what happens after? How could the baby be the Goth heir AND the Hasslich heir? Which last name will it have?

Alexander: If the baby is a boy, it can’t be the Hasslich heir no matter what, so by default he would be the Goth heir. If the baby is a girl, and she is chosen as the Hasslich heir, then she will also need to be the Goth heir. She would need to produce both a female heir for the Hasslich line as well as a male heir for the Goth line. And whether it’s a boy or a girl, the last name should be Hasslich-Goth.

Seraphina couldn’t believe this was happening. She could feel herself grinning ear to ear.

Seraphina: You’ve got yourself a deal.


Seraphina was on cloud nine, knowing that her second child was all but conceived. She had been sick with worry that the first baby would be a boy – and not just because of the legacy. She worried that her baby could somehow sense how badly she wanted a girl, and that a boy would feel unwanted based solely on his gender. But now she could rest easy with the knowledge that her firstborn was not her one and only chance.

But of course, nothing is ever easy, and just when she thought she could finally relax, Seraphina began to itch. And itch. And itch. And itch.


The doctor diagnosed her with Itchy Plumbob, which apparently was uncommon for pregnant women in their third trimester, but not hazardous to the pregnancy.

Regardless, Seraphina spent her entire third trimester completely miserable. She itched, she ached, and she was constantly fatigued. She could not wait to go into labor. But her firstborn was stubborn. Seraphina tried everything she could think of, but the baby was determined to stay put.

On the fifth day, Seraphina finally went into labor.


She asked Esmeralda to drive her to the hospital, and just a short time later, her first baby – an eligible heir, no less! – was welcomed into the world. She had the insane trait and blue skin a shade lighter than her mother’s.



Happy Birthday, Andalie Hasslich!

And don’t worry – Seraphina was cured of her Itchy Plumbob immediately after delivery!




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  1. You snuck in an update without me noticing! I really enjoyed reading it.


  2. I’m gonna leave off here for the night…I swear I was only going to read a chapter….oops. It’s just too fun a read for that. I’ll pop over to the forums tomorrow to continue catching up!

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