Chapter Forty Eight : Crazy in Love

The time had come for Emmeline to become an adult, and she was absolutely, 100%, beyond ready. Even as a child, Emmeline had always felt like an adult, and she was excited to officially inhabit a body that matched her mentality. Adulthood meant liberation and independence. It meant that her family would finally take her seriously, and that she was free to make her mark on the world in whatever way she pleased. It was time for Emmeline to forge a path of her own.

And so when the family gathered round to watch her blow out the candles, Emmeline jumped into young adulthood with both feet.


Even her mother turned up to celebrate with her!


Here is Emmeline in CAS. She is a good, hot-headed bookworm.



Emmeline’s first act of adulthood was to find a job. Luckily, her cousin Bryant used his pull as a Landgraab to set her up in an entry level astronautical position. She had a long way to go, of course, but before long she would be taking the universe by storm!


In the meantime, Andalie was on a mission of her own. It was finally time to put her plan into action. But while Nash was still the end game, he had nothing to do with the present plan. In fact, it was quite the opposite – It was time to make a spare, and Andalie needed to decide on a daddy.

Andalie met Dean Lee-Scott (grandson of Don Lothario/Liberty Lee and Travis Scott/Summer Holiday) while out for a stroll. Of course she already had a little black book full of names of potential baby daddies, but something about Dean drew her in immediately.

Andalie: Your eyes are so….blue! How fascinating! How……dreamy!


Dean sized her up with an expression that could be nothing other than disgust.

Dean: Oh. You must be a …Hasslich.

Andalie knew he was being rude – she could tell from the tone of his voice that it wasn’t meant as a compliment. But there was just something about him….and she was entranced. She felt an odd compulsion to impress him.

Andalie: I’m not just ANY Hasslich! I’m the third generation heir!

Dean scoffed.

Dean: Three generations in and you’re the cream of the crop? That’s some stubborn genetics right there.

For a moment, she was hurt – but then it hit her – of course! She’d read about this once when she was researching pick up lines! He was negging her! That must be it!

Dean: I mean, I heard your family was busted, but you’re something else. Not even my genetics could help that.


Andalie felt herself go weak at the knees. He was so edgy, so sexy! A veritable bad boy! No one had made her feel this way since….wait, what was that guy’s name again? Ned? Nate….? It didn’t matter. Not like she could speak anyway.

Andalie twirled her hair, giggling maniacally.

Andalie: Well….why don’t we find out sometime?

Dean: Eh. Yeah, sure. I might hit that. If you liquor me up. And blindfold me.

Andalie worked hard to keep her cool. He was edgy AND into kinky woohoo….. The possibilities sent her imagination into overdrive.

And so the next night Andalie took him up on his offer. She told herself it was all in the name of the legacy, that it was all according to plan – Dean was just a stepping stone on the path back to …. Wait… what’s his name??!

Dean showed up looking pretty juiced, but Andalie was too excited to notice.


But when she invited him into the hot tub, he turned on her with a red-hot temper.

Dean: Flarn, woman! I told you I need a blindfold! I’m only doing this for bragging rights, but that doesn’t mean I wanna look at you!

Andalie’s heart fluttered. Why did his temper turn her on like this? She must be insane to find this attractive… (Oh, right…..)

But despite his outburst, Dean followed when Andalie led him by the hand out to the back deck. Andalie couldn’t keep her eyes off of him, but as things heated up in the hot tub, Dean squeezed his eyes shut tight. He sure wasn’t kidding about that blindfold.


Afterwards, Andalie snuggled into his shoulder, but Dean shook her off.

That’s ok, she thought. I’m onto your little game of hard to get! I know you can’t resist me!

She ran off to the bathroom to take the pregnancy test.


Success! Dean would be ecstatic, she was sure.


Unfortunately, Dean was not receptive to the idea of fatherhood.

Dean: GROSS! I didn’t sign up for this! I don’t want any ugly looking kid of yours!

He ran inside. Andalie blinked in surprise – she didn’t know a sim could actually move that fast.

Confused, Andalie sighed and sank into the lounge chair. Oh well….at least she had a shot at a spare now. And after the baby was born, she could finally try to get Nash back.

NASH! That was his name! Without Dean in proximity, she could think clearly again. NASH was the one she wanted! The sweet guy who took care of her when her mom died, who did the dishes and respected her! THAT was the guy she was after!

But if Nash was the man of her dreams…. Why was she still thinking about Dean??



Dean hadn’t evacuated the premises quite as quickly as Andalie had thought.


Dean: You’re Andrea’s sister?

Zara: Her name is Andalie.

Dean: Well it turns out I have a taste for that Hasslich strange. What do you say you and me head upstairs?

Zara shook her head. What was it with these guys?!



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  1. Poor Andalie… But it was a funny read!


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