Chapter Forty Seven : Born This Way

When Andalie finally went into labor, she asked Zara to take her to the hospital. Unsurprisingly, Zara was less than enthusiastic.

Zara: Do you really think I’m the right person for this?

Andalie: I think you’re the worst person for this! But you’re my only option, Z. Please? You know I can’t ask Shae, and I’m not pulling Emmeline out of school on her last day.

Zara sighed. She truly wanted to be a good, supportive sister – and she had wished for this after all. If this was her sacrifice for the legacy, so be it. Compared to the responsibility Andalie shouldered, this was small potatoes. She mentally thanked her mother for not naming her the heir, and went to get her jacket.



As Andalie readied herself for the delivery, she was perturbed to find that her doctor was decidedly not her sister-in-law. Isla had promised to deliver the baby, but she was nowhere in sight. The on-call doctor explained that there had “extenuating circumstances,” and Andalie was still wondering what the could mean when the nurse walked into the room.


Shae’s jaw dropped to the floor, his face suddenly pale.

Shae: Andalie! Uh, you didn’t tell me you were coming!

Andalie gritted her teeth as the procedure began.

Andalie: Just do your job, Shae. Nobody expects you to be a doting father or anything, okay?

Shae visibly relaxed and Andalie rolled her eyes.

Meanwhile, Zara paced frantically in the hallway. What were they doing to Andalie? Was her sister okay? Who was that strange doctor? Where was Isla? Did she just see Shae walk in there? Was the baby okay? The suspense was killing her, and without hesitation, she did something she never thought possible – she walked into the delivery room. Voluntarily.

Zara: Andalie? Are you ok?

Andalie: Zara!? What the…? What are you doing in here?!

Zara walked over and grabbed her sister’s hand, her grip firm and reassuring.

Zara: I guess I just couldn’t stand the thought of you going through this alone. So….here I am.

And so, with a little help from the most unlikely source, the first member of the fourth Hasslich generation was born.


Happy birthday, Sylvie Hasslich!



When the sisters returned from the hospital, Zara surprised Andalie once again.

Zara: You rest, Andalie. I’ll take Sylvie upstairs….you know, she’s actually kinda cute….

Zara disappeared into the house, cuddling the newborn in her arms. Not a minute later Andalie heard a deafening screech from the second floor – and it wasn’t the baby.

Zara: Ewwwwww!!!! ANDALIE! She pooped!!! She POOPED!

Andalie laughed out loud, and started to make her way inside, when she felt an almost imperceptible tap on her shoulder.

Andalie turned, and faced her mother.


Seraphina: Congratulations, honey! I knew you could do it!

Andalie: Thanks, mom. But there’s still work to be done, and to be honest, I’m worried I won’t find a man to make a spare….

Seraphina: You’ll be fine, Andalie. Just stick to your plan.

With that, Seraphina dissolved into thin air, leaving Andalie with nothing to do but head inside and rescue Zara from changing a dirty diaper.



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2 responses to “Chapter Forty Seven : Born This Way

  1. Awww so glad it’s a girl ^^


  2. Aw, this family is pretty great. Even Zara! 🙂


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