Chapter Twenty Two : Change My Way of Living

Generation Two begins. Here is Seraphina in CAS.




Seraphina hadn’t been lying when she said she was excited to carry on the Hasslich legacy – but if she was going to do this, she decided she was going to to it her way. So she approached her mother to discuss a few changes.


Seraphina: Mom, I don’t want you to think I’m not excited about this, because I am. But before I start producing possible heirs, I want to create a more stable home environment. I need to save more money and I want to completely renovate the house. Not that I don’t love this house, but I want my children to grow up with more than I had. I don’t want them to have to share a bed or sleep on the couch, and if I can afford it I want them to have their own rooms. If I’m going to do this thing, I’m going to need a house that’s big enough that I can get some peace and quiet every once in awhile.

Grainna agreed. She knew her daughters’ childhoods had been a little rough, but that was the price she paid for starting a legacy. Now they had the opportunity to make life better for the next generation, and Grainna supported Seraphina’s plan completely.

So Grainna retired from her low-paying artist job and dedicated herself to selling her paintings. Seraphina, with her aspiration to become a renowned painter, had spent her teenage years at the easel, and by now she was actually very talented. She knew she could make more money selling her paintings than she could at a traditional job, and so and mother and daughter worked tirelessly, side by side until their savings account began to grow. It turned out that they were both quite marketable, and before they knew it, they had enough money saved to put Seraphina’s plan into action.


It certainly wasn’t a mansion, but it was a huge step up for the Hasslich family, who now had three separate bedrooms and three bathrooms. They didn’t quite have enough to furnish all of the rooms, but that would come in time.


After the big heir announcement, Clarissa had immediately shared the good news with Roy. They had been dating ever since and things had been going along swimmingly. With the knowledge of Roy’s unconditional love, Clarissa had ditched the frilly pink dress and had even taken up eating cake again. Roy had been adamant that she change her hair back to her natural black, but Clarissa decided that she kind of liked it and resolved to keep it just a little bit longer. Much to her surprise, Clarissa realized that she actually had developed a passion for fitness. It was the one part of her makeover that had remained a part of her everyday life. All in all, Clarissa had never been happier.


And so, when Roy called and invited her for a weekend getaway in Granite Falls, Clarissa jumped at the chance.

Roy’s family certainly didn’t hurt for money, and so he rented a luxurious lakehouse for the two of them, where they enjoyed being alone together in the outdoors.




On their last day of vacation, Roy asked Clarissa to go for a long romantic hike in the woods. Being that she was all athletic and outdoorsy now, she agreed.



Eventually they reached a beautiful, secluded alcove, riddled with waterfalls and gorgeous vegetation. They walked over to get a better view and took a picture to commemorate the moment.


Clarissa looked away to put her camera back in her backpack. When she turned back around, what she saw brought tears to her eyes.


And of course, without hesitation or a second thought, she said yes.



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