Chapter Forty Five : Naked As We Came

Andalie was more than disappointed by the way things ended with Nash, but after talking it over with her sisters, she realized it was for the best. Her personal connection to him was too intense, and he was too kind of a guy for her to not get attached. And as the heir, her focus had to be on the legacy and the legacy alone. Andalie couldn’t afford to be distracted by the first pretty face that came along.

And so when Andalie picked up the phone to call potential baby daddy número dos, she chose someone she had no emotional connection to at all.


Shae Bales was handsome, with attractive features that could be passed on to her baby, and that was all Andalie needed to know.

A little flirting, a little banter…


And before she could think twice, she was inviting him into her bed…



Shea definitely had a good time, and wasn’t shy about saying so. Although Andalie was not too worried about impressing him, she had never woohoo’ed before and was very happy to hear that Shea was completely satisfied.

He was ready for round two, and gave her a come-hither look…


But Andalie couldn’t wait to take the pregnancy test – the possibility of a pregnancy, and an eligible heir, was just too exciting to resist the temptation.


The little pink plus sign appeared, and Andalie laughed hysterically, unable to contain her emotion (and her relief). She jumped up and ran to tell Shae…who probably could’ve taken it better. Andalie could have sworn his hair turned gray right before her eyes!


But it made no difference to Andalie, who assured him that she would take sole responsibility for the child. Thankful for his baby-producing services, she invited him to make himself at home while she ran to the town pharmacy for pre-natal vitamins. 

Shae happily took her up on her offer, and when Zara returned from her new job as Live Chat Support Agent, he was still hanging around in the kitchen.

Zara: I’m sorry – who are you?

Shae: Oh, ah – I’m a friend of Andalie’s. But the real question is… Who are you?

He winked at her, and Zara cringed. She didn’t have to be told to know exactly what kind of “friend” he was to Andalie.

Zara felt him staring as she prepared her dinner. When she turned, he smiled flirtatiously.

I don’t have time for this, she thought.


Zara: You’re just not my type, buddy. Ok?

Shae: I’m sorry. I don’t mean to stare – it’s just that you don’t look anything like Andalie or your cousin Martina!

Zara shot him a sidelong glance.

Zara: How do you know Martina?

Shae: Ah, well – Martina and I sort of have a thing going on…

Zara: A THING? So what the plum are you doing with my sister?!

Shae: Giving her a baby, actually. I know how important that is to your family so, ah… If you could just be thankful for that and not mention this to Martina…?

Zara: FAT CHANCE! Get out of my house, will you?

She picked up her phone and dialed Martina’s number. She eyed Shae as it rang.

Zara: I don’t suspect you’ll be hearing from Martina OR Andalie anytime soon.

Zara stomped out to the back porch to call her cousin, and Shae scrambled to reach the front door – but a flash of bright blue made him stop in his tracks.


Emmeline, nose in a book, had come out of the shower and straight to kitchen without so much as looking up. Shae coughed, and Emmeline screeched, running for cover.

Shae smirked as he headed for the front door. These Hasslich women were just throwing themselves at him!

But Zara’s voice, frightening in it’s ferocity, boomed from somewhere that Shae couldn’t quite identify.


Shae scurried – How did she DO that?



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3 responses to “Chapter Forty Five : Naked As We Came

  1. Lol! But glad Andalie got a shot at an heiress ^^

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hahaha, this household is a handful!


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