Chapter Twelve : Oops, I Did it Again (and again)

With a fussy newborn and a cranky child at home, things were not exactly calm on the Hasslich home-front. Seraphina was in rare form, sulking and lashing out at her mother, and completely ignoring her father whenever he came to visit. It was out of character for Seraphina, but with her next birthday looming, Grainna shrugged and chalked it up to prepubescent mood swings.

Grainna had poured the few simoleons she’d scraped together into a small addition for the house, and so once again she dove head first into her career. Not only did she REALLY need the cash, but it was important to her to be able to paint a beautiful portrait of her firstborn once Seraphina aged up.

And so, for the next few days, Grainna spent most of her spare time painting on her easel in the yard.


Naturally, it was during one of these painting sessions that Grainna was distracted by an attractive candidate taking a walk by the pond behind her house.

Impulsive as ever, Grainna immediately dropped her paintbrush and ran over to say hello.


He said his name was Michael Bachelor, and though he seemed a little….overwhelmed….by her unique beauty, he was extremely receptive to Grainna’s not-so-subtle advances.



Her attempts to take things slow had never really worked out for her in the past anyway, so after some heavy flirting, Grainna decided to throw caution to the wind and invite Michael in for a “drink.”

Of course, they both knew what that really meant:


Michael was extremely handsome, and while Grainna emerged from bed feeling fully satisfied, the experience had confirmed for her that her heart belonged to Geoff alone. Even if this romp with Michael didn’t result in pregnancy, she already knew things wouldn’t go any further.


Michael: Well, that was fun. Again??

Grainna: It was fun. But the truth is my heart already belongs to someone else…

Michael: No offense, Greta–

Grainna: My name’s Grainna —

Michael: Okay, then – no offense, GRAINNA, but I’m not interested in you in that way anyway.

Grainna was a little taken aback by his bluntness, especially when she was trying to let the guy down easy.

Grainna: Well I guess that’s that, then. You got your casual woohoo, I got a shot at my next heir. Everybody’s happy, right?

Michael: Sure, so I’ll see you – wait, WHAT? What do you mean, your next heir?

Grainna: Oh yeah, about that. I’m the founder of a legacy and it’s very possible that you just made yourself the baby daddy to an eligible heir. Isn’t that GREAT?

Michael: No. No way, absolutely not. I CANNOT be your baby daddy. I have a family! A wife, kids, the whole shebang!


Grainna could not believe this was happening again! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!

Grainna: But you said you were a bachelor!

Michael: I said my NAME was Michael Bachelor! And anyway, that’s not even my real name! I just said it was, in case you knew my wife!

Grainna: You’re a pig.

Michael: Call me whatever you want, my family situation is already way too plummed up for me to get involved with you and your legacy. If you’re pregnant, you’re on your own.

And before Grainna could even ask his real name, he stalked angrily out the door.

Not that it really mattered, anyway. With any luck, she was already pregnant with her third and final baby girl…..

The next day, Grainna waited until Seraphina had gone off to school and then went to take the pregnancy test.

Her emotions were mixed. On one hand, if she was pregnant, the father was Not-Michael-Bachelor – whoever he really was. But, on the other hand, if she was pregnant, and if if turned out to be another girl, Grainna would consider her duty to her legacy complete. She would finally be free to follow her heart. And maybe, if the stars aligned, she would have a second chance with Geoffrey….

She closed her eyes and peed like a champion. The pink plus sign appeared, and Grainna smiled.



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2 responses to “Chapter Twelve : Oops, I Did it Again (and again)

  1. I see. Legacy now, love later! I do so hope she gets her love one way or another, after all, he’s getting older.


  2. Interesting approach babies then husband. But isn’t that a bit harsh? Dina hasn’t been around, what does the town think of her?


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