Chapter Thirteen : Growing Older But Not Up

Grainna’s third pregnancy passed quickly and uneventfully. She spent most of her time painting and going to work, concentrating on improving her technique. And three days later…



Esmeralda Hasslich joined the family! Grainna couldn’t believe her luck in having a third baby girl, a third eligible heir. Not only did she now have three heirs to choose from, but she could consider her duty to her legacy complete! Who knows where life would take her now?

Esmeralda was the only one of the bunch to have escaped the blue skin, but only time would tell how kind her genetics had been to her.

With a new baby demanding tons of attention, the household was a hub of excitement. As always, space was going to be an issue in the tiny house, but Grainna had more immediate matters to attend to.

Today was Seraphina’s birthday, with Grainna’s the very next day, and Clarissa following two days later.

So Grainna baked a cake, and when Seraphina returned home from school, it was time to blow out the candles!

Here she is as a teenager:




She definitely has the Hasslich lips and eyes, and Seraphina had grown up into a lovely (read: slightly scary-looking) teenager. She was still shy and reserved, but she had also developed a creative streak and a passion for the outdoors.

Like her mother, Seraphina loved to paint. In fact, all she really wanted out of life was to become an extraordinary artist. Shy as she was, Seraphina had no interest in the limelight, but she dreamed of creating a famous masterpiece that would be revered the world over.


Grainna had always known that this day would come, and now that Seraphina was a teenager, it was time to have “the talk.” Seraphina was in the middle of baking a cake for Grainna’s birthday, and Grainna figured it was the perfect time to broach the subject, what with Seraphina so immersed in the bottom of this bowl and all.


Grainna: There is something important I need to talk to you about, Seraphina. I’ve been waiting until you were old enough to understand, and now that you’re a teenager, I think you’re mature enough to handle it.

Seraphina: The talk, mom? Really? We SO don’t have to do this.


Grainna: This isn’t THAT kind of talk. Just listen, okay? When I was your age, I was very lonely. I had my parents, but I was bullied and ostracized at school because of the way I looked. So when I grew up, I moved here to Willow Creek to start over. I didn’t want to be alone anymore so I decided I would found a legacy. I wanted to be surrounded by family for the rest of my days! But I didn’t want my children to suffer like I did, so I made it my mission to only have children with the most attractive men I could find-

Seraphina: And you picked…..DAD??!

Grainna: Look, I never said it was a perfect system – but if I hadn’t picked your dad we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now, would we?

Seraphina rolled her eyes in true teenager form.

Grainna: Anyway – I chose the most attractive men that I could find, in hopes that someday, one of my descendants would be as beautiful on the outside as ALL of the Hasslich women are on the inside. My legacy is very important to me, and one day, I will choose one of my children as my heir. The heir will inherit our home and our money, but being heir doesn’t come without a price: it will be the heir’s duty to produce the most beautiful daughters possible. That can make falling in love, and even pursuing a career, very difficult if not completely impossible. The heir can only have one child by any one man, so commitment would likely be off the table.

Seraphina: But all I want to do is paint! What if I don’t want to be the heir?


Grainna: Well, maybe you won’t have to. There are two other eligible heirs. All you have to do is hope that Esmeralda or Clarissa turns out better than you! In the end though, it’s up to me and The Watcher to decide. After all – My legacy, my rules!


Grainna, in her everlasting impatience, turned around, blew out her candles, and officially entered into adulthood!



Two days later……


Clarissa has aged up into this little cutie patootie! I know it’s not the greatest picture (I forgot to take any in CAS before she aged up), but she acquired the outgoing trait, and so far it looks like she got some good genetics from her dad.


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