Chapter Fourteen : You’ve Got A Friend In Me

Grainna had a few days off from work, so she decided to put all her hard work to use and begin her portrait of Seraphina.


Meanwhile, Clarissa was playing make believe in the front yard when she saw a boy about her age walking down the street. Clarissa didn’t really know any kids her age yet, and since she was naturally outgoing, she called out to him to come over.

Clarissa: Hey kid! Wanna come over and play?


The boy waved and jogged over.

They introduced themselves, and before long – in the easy way that only kids have – they became the best of friends. They cloudgazed together, bonded over shared passion for Biliblock, and goofed off for awhile.


Clarissa: So how come I never saw you at school before? Are you new?

Roy: No, I go to a different school than you because I live in Oasis Springs.

Clarissa: Really? What are you doing all the way over here then?

Roy: My mom sent me to stay with the Goth’s this weekend. She said she and my dad have to “talk about some things.

Clarissa: How long do you get to stay in Willow Creek?

Roy: Only for the weekend. My dad is picking me up tomorrow night.


Clarissa: Oh. Well we’re best friends now, right? How will we get to see each other after you go home?

Clarissa was very excited to have a very best friend – he couldn’t be going home already!

Roy: I don’t know – maybe my mom and dad will have to talk about things again soon? But in the meantime, at least we can play Biliblock together online.

They exchanged their Biliblock user names and hugged goodbye, promising to stay in touch.


Later that night, Clarissa excitedly sat down at the computer and logged into her Biliblock account. She searched the user name Roy had given her and the name popped up on her screen – LandgrabbChamp2. She clicked, and the game began.



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3 responses to “Chapter Fourteen : You’ve Got A Friend In Me

  1. Like mother like daughter? Somehow I knew he would be a Landgrabb child.


  2. Soooo much drama…*wipes brow*


  3. Heeheeeheee. A Landgrab, eh? And the girls are so cute!

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