Chapter Forty Three : The Art of Letting Go

Emmeline wanted to be mature – really, she did. But her dreams had been dashed and she couldn’t hide her disappointment. After the announcement, Zara followed her up the stairs, and though Emmeline knew her sister meant well, she shooed her away. Emmeline just wanted to be alone.

Unfortunately, Ron had no intention of leaving his daughter alone in her heartache. He approached her carefully, not wanting to scare her, but Emmeline was used to living in a haunted house by now.


Emmeline: Hey, Dad. I was wondering when you’d pop in.

Ron: I needed to make sure you were okay, sweetie. I know how much you wanted to be the heir. But this is actually a good thing, you know?

Emmeline turned on him.


Emmeline: HOW is this a good thing?! It’s all I ever wanted, and crazy pants Andalie gets to be the heir and I’m just the stupid spare!!!!

Emmeline’s temper flared. She’d known it was only a matter of time until the anger hit, but she was glad she had held it together long enough to offer Andalie her congratulations. In the end, she did want to be a good sister. Still, it felt good to vent to her father.

Ron: I know you don’t understand this yet, but now that you’re not the heir, you get to live your life freely. You don’t see what a blessing that is right now, but it’s a luxury your mother never had. That’s why I didn’t get to meet her until we were older, and why our time together was so short. But you – Emmeline, you can do whatever you want with your life. You can fall in love, or not fall in love, have children, or not have children. You can travel the world, become an astronaut, or a writer – your fate is up to you. I know you wanted to be the heir – but you are so young and there will be so many other things in life you’ll want to do. And because you’re not the heir, you’ll actually be able to do them.

Emmeline softened.

Emmeline: I really never thought of it that way, but I guess that’s kinda true. It still stings, though, Dad. I don’t know whether to be sad or pissed off. I don’t know if I want to stay in bed for a week or kick the trashcan!

Ron: Just try not to let it ruin your relationship with your sisters, okay? Maybe try meditation or something. Nothing good will come of lashing out at the people who love you.

Ron disappeared, content to know he’s been able to help his daughter in some way. Emmeline sighed. She knew her dad was right, but she could already feel the rage bubbling up inside her again.

Maybe Ron was right! Emmeline was feeling better already.


The next morning, Emmeline found herself in the Hall of Founders once again. Meditation was the only thing keeping her from lashing out Andalie or her mother. But just as she reached a state of true relaxation, she was interrupted by a deep voice, booming in the room above her.

Emmeline rushed upstairs.


Seraphina: Don’t cry, Emmie, it’s going to be okay, I promise!

Emmeline called for help and heard heavy, frantic footsteps as her sisters came running.

Andalie fell to her knees before the Reaper, begging for just a few more days with her mother.

Andalie: Please, no! Not yet! I’m not ready, we still need her! Just a little more time!


But it was useless. Seraphina’s time had come. The time for final goodbyes was now.

Seraphina: I love you girls so much more than you know. Don’t worry about me – and don’t miss me too much! You’ll be seeing me around! Now, take care of one another. The legacy is a group effort…


The girls gathered around as their mother prepared to cross over.

Zara dried her tears and sat beside her mother, holding her hand. Seraphina had always been strong for them, and now it was time for her to be strong for Seraphina.

Seraphina: Don’t forget how important you are –

She was looking straight at Emmeline.

Seraphina: All of you.

And then, with the Reaper, she was gone.



Rest in Peace, Seraphina Hasslich
. You will be missed.




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5 responses to “Chapter Forty Three : The Art of Letting Go

  1. Am I the only one who noticed there is already an urn under sera’s picture when Emmeline is meditating?

    Great update. Glad emmie can hold it together so far


  2. Oh so sad. I’m intrigued, so I’m backing up to the beginning as soon as I have some extra time. Hopefully Emmeline will find that her father is right about not being heir. Also, thanks for dropping by my blog 🙂


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