Chapter Eighteen : Can’t Fight This Feeling

Days passed and the Hasslich household was finally returning to normal.

Seraphina was nearly a young adult, and as the oldest, had an innate desire to please her mother. She knew it was important to Grainna to see one of her children get an A in school, and so she devoted herself to her studies, determined to get that A before her next birthday.


In her spare time, she continued her artistic pursuits.


Seraphina still had reservations concerning all this whole legacy business, and so she pointedly avoided anything related to boys or romance.

Her sister, on the other hand, was completely and utterly lovesick. Try as she might, Clarissa couldn’t stop thinking about Roy. She couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep – well, she couldn’t sleep. Clarissa could ALWAYS eat…

She’d hoped it was just a passing crush, but the attraction grew stronger with every day – and it was becoming harder and harder to hide her feelings from Roy.

Whenever he called, she nearly jumped out of her blue skin with excitement.


Roy: I wanted to see if you could come spend the weekend in Oasis Springs with me. Malcolm said it’s okay, and we have plenty of space. You can stay in the guest room!

Clarissa worked hard to keep the sheer excitement out of her voice. Nancy had died shortly after Geoffrey, leaving Malcolm and Roy extremely busy sorting out the estate – so this would be the first time Clarissa had seen him in awhile.

Of course she had to ask her mother’s permission before spending the weekend at a boy’s house in another town with only a young adult as a chaperone, but Grainna had known Roy since he was just a little boy – she trusted everything him just as much as she had trusted his father.

The night before she left, Clarissa was working on her homework with Seraphina. She wanted all her school work done and out of the way so that she could enjoy the rest of the weekend entirely carefree.


Seraphina: Clarissa, I want you to be very careful.

Clarissa: I will! Don’t worry so much. I’ll call Mom as soon as I get there.

Seraphina: That isn’t what I mean. I see the way you light up when you talk about him! I know you already know about the legacy, I just don’t want you to get too attached. You could get your heart broken, [i]and[/i] lose your best friend all at the same time….

Clarissa: Sometimes I hate how well you know me. I do have feelings for Roy, but there’s nothing to worry about. He only sees me as a friend…


When Clarissa arrived at Affluista Mansion, Roy ran outside to greet her.


Her heart raced at the mere sight of him. She was going to have to get this crush under control, and fast.


Clarissa was blown away by the beautiful home he lived in and was super excited to spend a few days in the lap of luxury. But Roy had other plans.:



Clarissa really wasn’t into the whole working out thing. She really was more of a cake-eating competition kinda girl.


She tried hard to keep up, wanting to impress Roy, but she knew it was time to give up after she witnessed Grimmy trying to kill this poor girl on the treadmill.


She figured the hot tub was more her speed anyway….



Meanwhile, life goes on back in Willow Creek……


Esmeralda had been stuck sleeping on the couch for most of her childhood, so when her birthday rolled around, all she was really hoping to get was a bed of her own.

Her wild streak has only grown with age. She has the cheerful trait (which is convenient, since she didn’t actually get that bed…)and has the belief that life is nothing but one big party! ….Looks like Grainna is going to have her hands full with this one.

Here she is in CAS:




Seraphina has also aged up. She graduated high school with an A, thereby fulfilling Grainna’s dream of having a smart AND beautiful daughter.


Happy Birthday, Seraphina!


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  1. Gosh. How will you pick an heir? They’re all awesome!

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