Chapter Six : Shock to the System

Grainna had no idea what to do next. Should she call Don? She didn’t even have his phone number. Should she see a doctor? Should she eat some strawberries? What about work? She only started this job yesterday, and already she was going to have to ask Betty for maternity leave! Grainna was feeling wholly unprepared. This pregnancy had happened so much sooner than she’d planned, and she was barely making ends meet to begin with.


And of course, she still didn’t know what to do about Dina. She knew she’d never be able to hide the pregnancy (let alone a BABY) from her, but Grainna wondered if she could skirt around the matter of the baby’s paternity. After all, there was no reason Dina needed to know who the father was…..

But the guilt and stress was eating away at her, so Grainna decided to face the music and invite Dina over for a visit. She at least needed to tell her some of the truth, if not the WHOLE truth. So she nervously picked up the phone and dialed Dina. Let’s get this over with…


Grainna waited anxiously for Dina to show up. When she spotted her coming up the walk, Grainna went outside to meet her.

Grainna: Before you say anything, I have to tell you something. Dina…. I’m pregnant.

Grainna held her breath, waiting for a response, gauging Dina’s reaction for clues as to how much she already knew.

But Dina’s broad smile and excited giggle stunned Grainna into silence. This was not the reaction she expected, but Grainna was relieved.

Dina: Congratulations! What wonderful news, Grainna! Is there anything I can do to help? When are you due? How about a baby shower?


Grainna thought she couldn’t feel any worse than she already did, but she was wrong. Keeping the truth from Dina just made her feel even guiltier – she was going to have to come clean, no matter the consequences.

Grainna: I’m in the second trimester now, so, um…..sometime tomorrow. But, uh, Dina – there’s something else. It’s about the father, and I don’t think you’re going to like it. I can see you have feelings for Don –

Dina: Am I REALLY that transparent!?? I never wanted anyone to know…. But – I don’t see what this has to do with Don? I mean, you left with Geoffrey Landgrabb the other night!

Grainna: Geoffrey…. WHO? Who is Geoffrey Landgrabb? I – I thought…. I can’t remember what happened after the bar that night…..about Don – and you said- I was so juiced – and I thought….. I thought he must be the father….!

Dina blushed, and smiled guiltily.

Dina: Don’s not the father, Grainna. Don, uh…. Don spent the night with me that night. Not that it meant anything. But, you – well you flirted with Geoffrey all night long and I watched you walk out with him. You were holding hands and walked off towards your place…!!

Well – this certainly came as a shock.




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5 responses to “Chapter Six : Shock to the System

  1. Lol! This was a fun little mystery. I enjoyed wondering if it was Don or not. I’m glad she at least knows the name of the father now.


  2. LOL LOL LOL I see some awkward relations with Nancy…

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  3. Ooo, a married man! *cue dramatic sound effects*

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