Chapter Seven : Do You Want to Know a Secret?

The very next morning, Grainna rushed to the library to do some research.


She scoured the internet and was shocked to find a Simpedia entry devoted entirely to Geoffrey Landgrabb. Billionaire….Oasis Springs…. Old money. Married to Nancy, father to Malcolm, the next Landgrabb heir.

Well – this wasn’t ideal. Just when Grainna thought she was off the hook for the Don thing, she had something new to feel guilty about. A married man!? – who was she becoming!? Grainna decided then and there – no more juice. She was officially off the sauce. She’d set out to found a legacy, not destroy families.

And besides – she would really need to be on top of her game in choosing her future baby daddies. Based on the website’s picture of Geoffrey, he wasn’t exactly a stunner. She would need to choose her genetics more carefully next time.


Subject: It’s a secret!!

Dear Geoffrey,

I can’t say I actually remember you, but you probably remember me (I’m blue and am told I stand out in a crowd). I’ve been informed that we recently spent an evening together after meeting at Ellie Q’s bar.

This may come as a shock, but I am pregnant and you’re the father. Well, I think you’re the father, anyway. I guess I’m about 78% sure, which is basically the same thing as knowing for sure, right?

I am going to raise the baby on my own. You see, I’m starting a legacy and always planned to raise my children alone anyway. I will never ask you for a single simoleon, and I will keep your secret as long as I live. I know you are a married man and I have no desire to destroy your family, but I believe you have a right to know about your child.

Beyond this, you will not hear from me again.

Grainna Z. Hasslich

PS – I have your black sock.


Grainna wondered when she had suddenly acquired a middle initial, but shrugged and hit send. Since she was already at the library, she decided it was a good time to pay her bills and research a little art theory.


Just as she was about to get up to leave, she noticed a new email in her inbox:


Subject: Re: It’s a secret!!

Dearest Grainna,

How could I forget you? Our night together was so special, but I am a married man. The fault is mine – my marriage isn’t exactly a happy one and I never told you about my wife.

As for the baby, I will do what I can to help, but secrecy is of the utmost importance. I hope you understand.


PS – I was wondering where that got to.


Well – that actually went better than Grainna had hoped. No drama, and Geoffrey would keep his distance.

Now all there was left to do was wait, and pray to the Watcher for a girl.

So she went home, and she waited…. and waited some more.


Until, two days later —


Grainna knew better than to go to the hospital for the birth. The doctor would inevitably ask for the father’s name for the birth certificate, and Grainna intended to keep her promise to Geoffrey. The nurses might ask too many questions, or worse – she could run into Nancy or Malcom!

No – a home birth was the only option. Having her first child at home, alone, was a little scary and a little lonely – but Grainna had faith in herself. She prayed to the Watcher to give her strength, and soon enough, Grainna has given birth to her first (blue) eligible heir!


Welcome to the world, Seraphina Hasslich!


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  1. Tea came out of my nose at “PS — I have your black sock.” Bwahahaha!

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