Chapter Five : Hey Baby Hey Baby Hey

Between the grogginess, nausea, and this raging headache, Grainna struggled to remember what had happened the night before. She couldn’t remember leaving Ellie Q’s, getting home, going to bed…. She didn’t even remember saying goodbye to Dina! Had she even paid her tab?

I guess this what a hangover feels like….


Well, this was a first. Back in Sunset Valley, Grainna rarely got invited out and up until the night she first met Dina, the most juice she’d ever had was a glass of red with her parents on Snowflake Day. No wonder it had gotten the better of her….

But there wasn’t much time to dwell on the events of the previous night, because today was Grainna’s first day at her new job. She quickly showered and dressed, and as she trudged out the door, she vaguely noticed, out of the corner of her eye…. A black sock, lying crumpled in the hallway by the bookcase.


That’s strange. I don’t own any black socks.

But Grainna was in a hurry, so she chalked it up to hangover brain and promised to clean the house when she got home from work – she really [i]had[/i] been slacking on the housekeeping lately.

Her first day at work was uneventful but pleasant and she managed to be in a decent mood by the time she got home. Thankfully, the hangover fog had lifted and the headache was gone. She was still feeling just a little queasy though, so she had a light dinner before starting the housecleaning.


She was just finishing up, dusting the bookshelves, when she looked down and saw that black crumpled “sock.” She knew it couldn’t ACTUALLY be sock, because she didn’t OWN black socks, and why would someone else’s sock be crumpled up on her floor? She bent down to pick it up.

OH. It WAS a sock. It was a MAN’s sock.

And then the night started coming back to her, in bits and pieces.

The dancing.
The drinks.
The flirting.
The kissing.
The…….more than kissing. Much, much more than kissing….

And Don. It had to be Don – didn’t it?

The face still eluded her, but who else would it have been? After all, Dina HAD warned her – Oh plum. DINA. She could never, EVER tell Dina.

Grainna suddenly felt sick to her stomach. She ran to the bathroom and vomited. She felt awful. She didn’t know whether it was still the hangover or a physical reaction to her own behavior, or…..

The possibility dawned on her. What if she was… pregnant? This nausea couldn’t actually be morning sickness? Could it?

She watched the little pink plus sign appear on the pregnancy test and a million conflicting emotions overtook her.


On one hand, she was having a baby!! This was exactly what she wanted – a family, the beginning of her legacy, maybe even an eligible heir….

……But at what cost? How could she have done this to Dina, who’d been so good to her and welcomed her into her life? How could she do this to the only friend she’d ever had?


What have I done??



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2 responses to “Chapter Five : Hey Baby Hey Baby Hey

  1. Ah regret, the free prize found at the bottom of every vodka bottle. (Sorry I had to quote Sheldon!)

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  2. I just want to pet her. Poor sad girl. It’ll be okay. I hope.

    Liked by 1 person

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