Chapter Eight : Oops, I Did it Again

During her pregnancy, Grainna had spent most of her money renovating the second bedroom into a nursery for Seraphina. Broke and behind on the bills, she spent the next few days focusing on improving her work performance and painting skills.


Grainna wanted Seraphina to have a decent childhood – which meant making sure their water and electricity never got turned off, and being able to afford a bed for Seraphina once she aged up into a child. Simoleons were tight, and so Grainna wanted to take her time and build a bit of a nest egg before searching for her next baby daddy.

Of course, life doesn’t often go as planned.

Grainna was out for a run one morning when she spotted a hunky brunette walking by.


Naturally, she saw this as an opportunity and just had to go introduce herself. She thanked the Watcher that she never went anywhere unprepared, and quickly ducked behind a tree to change into her everyday clothes – She wanted to make a good impression with the hunk.

His name was J Huntington III, which Grainna thought sounded a little pompous, but she let it slide — This wasn’t about personality.


Of course, Grainna knew that true beauty is inner beauty, but she also knew how hard life could be when the outside isn’t as pretty as the inside. She wanted an easier life for her children than she had herself growing up, and Grainna feared that she had already failed her first daughter – her own genetics combined with Geoffrey’s would not be kind to her darling Seraphina.

So while her first pregnancy had been spontaneous, if not entirely careless, Grainna vowed that her second child would be fathered by a carefully chosen baby daddy. She would take her time, go slow, make sure she was making an informed, logical decision…..



What????! I took my time! I talked to him for ten whole minutes!! I know EVERYTHING about him!! Like… He has dimples…and muscles….and I mean – those abs!

They disappeared into the bedroom, and then…



Turns out Grainna’s not exactly the patient type.

She was so excited about the possibility of passing his hunky genetics on to the next generation that she immediately went to the bathroom to take a pregnancy test.

Fortunately, it was positive! Grainna gave herself a mental high five for a job well done and decided it was only right to share the big news with J.


His reaction was less than stellar, and Grainna was vexed to learn at this late hour that J was actually quite the commitment-phobe. Not that it really mattered, in the end – he was far too full of himself for Grainna’s taste. But she HAD enjoyed her time with him and in three days, she would have another beautiful-ish bundle of joy to show for it.


After J left (translation: after Grainna shooed him out of the house), it was finally time for Seraphina’s birthday!


Where the plum did that red hair come from??



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2 responses to “Chapter Eight : Oops, I Did it Again

  1. The red hair is beautiful! I’ve had a hard time with my sims passing on blue hair, or any of the unusual colors. Am having a great time reading this from the beginning. You’re a good story teller.

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