Chapter Three : Secrets

Later that afternoon, Grainna was pleasantly surprised to see Dina coming up the walk to the house. As she went out to greet her, Grainna couldn’t help but notice that Dina looked a little tense.


Dina: Hey Grainna! I’m so glad I found the right house. I forgot to get your number last night and I wanted to make sure you were still coming out with us tonight.

Grainna confirmed that she was coming and asked what time and what she should wear. With all the details ironed out, Dina was about to leave when she paused and turned to Grainna.


Dina: Actually, Grainna…. There’s another reason I came by. I wanted to warn you about my friend Don. He’s coming out with us tonight, and I thought you should know that he can be very…..charming, and he is extremely handsome. But he has quite the reputation, and he’s really only ever after one thing – so I didn’t want you to be taken in by him if he starts getting flirty with you.


Grainna was flattered that Dina would think this Casanova would be interested in her, but she laughed out loud at the thought of her heart being broken. Grainna wasn’t interested in love or relationships – she wanted family, a legacy. If she didn’t suspect that Dina might actually have a crush on this Don, Grainna might have considered him for her first baby daddy. He sounded like the perfect candidate – good genetics, ready and willing to woohoo, and not likely to ask for any kind of commitment. But, it seemed obvious to Grainna that Dina was harboring a secret crush, and Grainna was definitely not willing to jeopardize their budding friendship – not even for good baby daddy genes.

Grainna: Thanks, Dina, but there’s really nothing to worry about. All I want is to have some fun and make some new friends – romance is definitely NOT on the agenda for me tonight!


Dina: Tonight’s going to be a great time, Grainna. I’m so pumped!



And with a hip bump, Dina headed home and left Grainna to figure out what she was going to wear for her first big night out!


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