Chapter Four : Grainna Gets Her Groove Back

By the time evening rolled around, Grainna had picked out a super fashionable new outfit and had gathered enough courage to go to meet Dina’s friends. She really wanted to make a good impression, and maybe even start scouting for her first baby daddy. When she showed up at Ellie Q’s, she was full of nervous energy. Things seemed to be going so well in Willow Creek, and she hoped her luck would continue tonight.

Scanning the crowd, Grainna spotted Dina right away. They said hello and Dina introduced her to a group of people whose names Grainna immediately forgot. The only ones she could remember were the redhead, Nina, and of course, the notorious Don Lothario.


Grainna and Dina went to chat and get some drinks. They were becoming fast friends, and Grainna learned that Dina shared a home not only with her sister but with her mother and Don as well. They continued to get to know one another, and discovered that they had more in common than either of them had realized.


Eventually Dina got up to use the bathroom, and Don took the opportunity to personally welcome Grainna to the neighborhood.


Don: You’re such a unique beauty, Grainna. I’d love to show you the town sometime.

Knowing what she knew, Grainna wanted to be repulsed by him, but Dina had been right – Don was charming, and very, very handsome. He was extremely hard to resist, but she didn’t want to hurt Dina, and so she resolved to keep her distance from him.

The music was playing and the juice was flowing and before she knew it, Grainna had had a few too many. Without even realizing, she crossed the line from tipsy to completely juiced – and the rest of the night whirled by in a delightfully hazy blur.


At one point, Grainna even thought she saw the Grim Reaper dancing in their midst!


She was definitely more juiced than she thought!


Later that night………..


And then in the morning…….

Grainna: What happened last night?? And why do I feel so nauseous?




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5 responses to “Chapter Four : Grainna Gets Her Groove Back

  1. Uh oh, but who was it? It could have been anyone!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This one is even funner the second time around. 🙂

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  3. Lol that is funny….I wonder…Don or the frowning tense guy?


  4. It would be hilarious if was someone she didn’t know….but I’m guessing Don.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Such a shame it can’t be Grim… I can somehow imagine those two hitting it off with each other as they were both getting down on the dance floor!

    Liked by 1 person

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