Chapter Two : I’ve Got Friends in High Places

The next morning, Grainna woke up to a knock on the door. She was feeling a little groggy from the drinks the previous night, but she quickly changed and went to answer. She couldn’t believe her eyes – she had visitors!


The visitors introduced themselves as Mortimer and Bella Goth. So these were the odd neighbors Dina had talked about! Grainna invited them to hang out for awhile, and was again surprised that these people were being so kind to her. She thought Mortimer seemed like kind of a downer, and Bella seemed pretty nosy. I mean – the woman asked a MILLION questions!!

Bella: What’s your name? Where are you from? Do you like fruitcake? What’s your favorite color? Is it fun being blue? Are you an alien?

Grainna: Ummmm. Grainna Hasslich, Sunset Valley, I don’t know, orange, I guess….?, and no. I’m not an alien.


Grainna was not amused, but she wasn’t exactly in the position to be turning down friends, so she tried to play it cool. And before she knew it, she and Bella were actually getting along pretty well.


Bella: Hasslich? Are you related to Elphie Hasslich? I thought all the Hasslich descendants had disappeared!

Grainna: I’m a very distant relative.

Bella: Oh, I see. How fascinating, to be linked to a mass disappearance! But anyway – what do you do for a living, Grainna?

Grainna: Uh…… I’m sort of unemployed at the moment.

Grainna blushed. She didn’t mention that she’d actually NEVER had a job before.

Bella: Well if you need a job, I might be able to help with that. My family has a little pull in this town. Do you have any idea what you’d like to do? What are your skills?

Grainna paused to think. She had always been kind of creative, and she knew she had a knack for finding the beauty in world–especially in the strange, the different, and the “ugly.”

Grainna: I think I would really like to be a painter. Maybe even own my own gallery one day! But, uh…. The truth is I don’t actually have any skills…..

Bella: That’s not a problem. Everyone has to start somewhere! You’ll have to start at the bottom, of course, but my friend Betty is an artist and she needs an assistant to clean her studio. Why don’t you give her a call?

Bella gave Grainna the phone number before she headed home with Mortimer. As soon as they were out of sight, Grainna reached for her cell and dialed the number.


After a short phone interview with Betty, Grainna was hired as a palatte cleaner. Her very first job! With a little luck and a lot of practice, Grainna hoped to quickly move up the ladder, and to one day be talented enough to paint beautiful portraits of the, um, BEAUTIFUL legacy she hoped to someday create. One point for Grainna.




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2 responses to “Chapter Two : I’ve Got Friends in High Places

  1. Aw, I love Bella helping her find her first job. Neat idea!


  2. I love how this is shaping up! And I also adore how your chapter titles are song lyrics thus far!


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