Chapter One : I’m Gonna Make This Place Your Home


Meet our founder – Grainna Hasslich. Not exactly a traditional beauty, but her green eyes and flowing locks do lend her a certain allure. Upon aging into a young adult, Grainna was faced with a difficult decision – attempt to make a life for herself in her hometown of Sunset Valley – where appearance means everything – or start over, somewhere new and unfamiliar, all alone?

But Grainna was an only child and had recently lost her parents to old age. No one in in Sunset Valley wanted to be associated with the strange-looking, blue-skinned girl and she knew none of the superficial men there would ever give her a second glance. She had no friends and was fiercely lonely – so she realized she had nothing to lose by leaving.

And so it was decided – Grainna Hasslich was leaving Sunset Valley behind for good. She didn’t have much money (her parents’ home in the Valley only sold for $20,000) and she didn’t have a job or even any skills to speak of – but she DID have a plan. Grainna was determined; she would found a legacy, create a successful lineage, and surround herself with family. Grainna was convinced that by founding a legacy, she would never be lonely again.

Grainna had heard that her great-great-great-great aunt Elphie had once started a legacy in Willow Creek. According to family lore, Elphie’s legacy had spanned many generations – but all of Elphie’s descendants had mysteriously vanished without a trace. Grainna’s mother insisted it was a mass alien abduction, but Grainna paid no attention – her mom had always been a little insane.

And so, alien abduction theories notwithstanding, Grainna gathered her courage and bought herself a tiny cottage in a nice neighborhood in Willow Creek.


The house was small, but Grainna didn’t need much. She intentionally left most of her things behind when she moved, not wanting to be reminded of her lonely former self. And so Grainna found she had plenty of space to store her sparse wardrobe and the framed photos of her mom and dad. Of course she knew that she would need to renovate as her plans for a legacy got underway, but there was plenty of land for that, and in the meantime the place was comfy and cozy – exactly what she needed.


On her first night in Willow Creek, Grainna thought it best not to let any grass grow under her feet. She’d passed a bar on her drive into town, so she decided that it was as good a place as any to start. She nervously walked in and sat down at the bar. How would these people react to her? Would they judge her on her looks, would they be just as superficial as the people back in Sunset Valley?


A pretty blonde sat down next to her, and Grainna braced herself for what would come next.

But the blonde turned to her and smiled: Hi, I’m Dina Caliente! I haven’t seen you around here before. Are you new to town?



Grainna: I just moved in today, actually. I bought the little cottage across from that big haunted mansion.

Dina: Oh! You must mean Ophelia Villa. I’m from Oasis Springs and don’t get out to Willow Creek very often, but everyone knows the Goth place. Don’t worry, they’re nice people, just a little odd.

Grainna was happy to hear it – she felt right at home with odd! She chatted away some more with Dina, who invited her to join her and her friends at a new club in town the next night. Grainna couldn’t believe her luck – her first night in Willow Creek and already she was making friends!



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11 responses to “Chapter One : I’m Gonna Make This Place Your Home

  1. Now that is a woman with a sad, sad face. Her expression seems to always say lonely.


  2. Hooray, you’re on WordPress now! My lazy butt thanks you. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. She looks so sad! I want to hug her. Hope her plans work out!


  4. She looks so sad and depressed. I cannot wait for her to find someone who makes her smile! I LOVE that cottage, and your words flow so smoothly! I am looking forward to reading this for book club!

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    • I wish I could remember what that build was! When I started I wasn’t necessarily planning a story, and just popped it in my world. Whoever the creator was did a great job of making a charming home in a small space.

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  5. Reblogged this on Adventures of Literature and commented:
    For those who enjoy Simlit, this prettacy is off to a beautiful start!

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  6. Am I the only one just starting this and already thinking that her first child is going to look like Sadness from Inside Out?

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  8. Simmer_Lewis

    Oh, I love it so far! I’m glad Dina was nice to her. ๐Ÿ™‚

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